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Publication numberUS1618664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1927
Filing dateJan 12, 1924
Priority dateJan 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1618664 A, US 1618664A, US-A-1618664, US1618664 A, US1618664A
InventorsFrancis Kern Eugene
Original AssigneeW P Fuller & Co
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Color chart
US 1618664 A
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Feb. z2, 1927. 1,618,664

E. F. KERN coLoR CHART Filed Jan. 12, 1924 FULL Paints & Yarishcs nu cuan Patented Fei. 22, i927.

parte v''sra'frs rag-.TENT "FFHCE- EUGENE rnanorsinitn, or sari'raiinoseo, caerse-Birra, issiencn fro w. r'. FULLER a oo., or een rniincrsco, ontrronnia, sonaron-.errors or osrirronriiii.

coton onlinr.

`application. sied. Lramiary 12, i924. serial Nmssasse.

' amination of the index color has designated the color or sub-group for Vfurther investigation,k and whereby the durability of the paint or cloth sample, or whatever it is, may be determined by comparing the exposedl and unexposed portions. Also a certain grouping of the various partially exposed color seriesis preceded each by a short but coin-v prehensive title bearing on the same member concealed a more complete title, and on kthe under side of each color plate member various information pertinent to the art to whichk the display relates; also a successive numb-ering of the displays all visible at once, and a general index precedingthe entire series for locating anything on any of the display members; and in all the above a mechanical structure which will carry out the invention in a permanent, attractive way yet not be prohibitive in its manufacturing cost.V

I attain the objectives aboveV enumerated in the display chart arrangement shown inl the following drawings, and in which: Fig-` ure l is a front view of my chart as it would appear hanging up; Figure 2 is a longitudinal section of any part of. the chart, enlarged and Ishowing the construction of the joints of the vdisplayy cards; Figures 3 and 4 show in perspective ther chart leavesY opened at different points to reveal the inatterv normally covered by the overlapping flaps. -v

In Figure l it will be seen that the chart consistsprimarily of a series of overlapping lia ps supported on a baseY having means for suspending it. heavy cardboardY sheet, and is designate/i (l) and is suspended by an eyeletfor string (2) at its upper'end.

-Upon the face of the `card is a vertical row of overlapping leaves or Vcards ar- Y ranged one above the other to expose the rlilhe base is'- preferably a v lower margin of the cards andhinged at the upper edges to 'normally hang substantially flat upon oneanother. i

, Figure 2 shows vthe constructionrofthe hinge joint, `each card having a scored extension (4) glued to the basev sheet (l) and each pair of cards avcommon'cloth or other hinge strip (5) glued to their outer faces and also to theouter surface of the .scored extensionV of the preceding card, thus providing a reinforcinghinge for each card adapting themA to be swung either up for down, as from position (3') to (3).Vv I

The upper card (6) is the only one fully exposed and bears on its :outer face the name of the manufacturer and title of the display and on its under surface a general index of both sides of all the cards. i

The subsequent cards are consecutively numbered along one corner as shown at l(7) 'and contain displays of anything, say'color patches, arranged in groups or classes, each class being preceded by a title (8).

The title (8)k is a quick reference title, the titles'to all classes being visible at once. On the saine card above thefreference title is .a more complete title and description as Vvshown at (9)7in'Figure 3. Below each ref- Yerence title von the exposed margins of the subsequent cards are displayed the indexing samples (10) of the paint, or` other material to which thechart relates, and Vbelow eaclrindexing .sample is an individual title (11) or name ofthe color of the sample immediately above it. n

The exposedl indexing samples (10) are V'each the lower end of a larger sample of the paint which extends upward, the ex-` tended vportion being concealed .and pr'otected by the next cardl above.`

Figure 4v shows the'chartfopened at oneV of the color or paint displays and revealsv the extending panels (l2) of the samples.

Preferably on the under side of each card is given certainA information relative to the class ofl display associated withthe'particular card or to the generaldisplay on all the cards. i y

This informationV is indicated at (13) in Figures 3 and 4, and. is covered in the alphabetical index on the under side of the 4upper card (6) Whichfis indicated at (14)v in Figure 4.' Y Y n p Having thus described my invention it will be seen to consist of a unique display eardespeeially suited to paint displays or the like and in which the objectives sought are attained in a Way which presents the en tire line, classes, titles and subtitles all at one time, yet holds in reserve, )')roteeted against the elements, more complete displays of all the exhibited items and also more complete titles and descriptions, together with speeilie or general information pertinent. to the line and all covered by a `common index.

I claim:

A sample display card comprising anoblong base `board adapted to be `connected to a vertical support, a series of transversely disposed symmetrical leaves upon one suraee of the base said leaves being' relatively narrow and arranged one upon the other and symmetrically `disposed so as to substantially cover one face ot" t-lie base where by their lower marginal portions are exs posed when the base is arranged in opera* tive position, the marginal portions oil said leaves opposite to tlle exposed marginal portions being crease-hinged and rigidly secured to the adjacent stu-face ot the base, and hinge members formed of flexible material and interposed between and rigidly secured to opposed faces of adjacent leaves. EUGENE FRANCIS KERN.

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U.S. Classification206/81
International ClassificationG01J3/52, G01J3/46
Cooperative ClassificationG01J3/52
European ClassificationG01J3/52