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Publication numberUS1618900 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 22, 1927
Filing dateMay 7, 1926
Priority dateMay 7, 1926
Publication numberUS 1618900 A, US 1618900A, US-A-1618900, US1618900 A, US1618900A
InventorsCharles Wolkerstorfer
Original AssigneeCharles Wolkerstorfer
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Drilling device
US 1618900 A
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v1618,900 Feb-22"1927 c. woLKl-:RsToRr-ER l DRILLING DEVICE Filed May "7. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheetv 2 INVENTOR W' ATTORNEY the drill.

Patented' Feb. 22, 1927.




Application led May 7, 1926.

follow the pattern or die as it is being ro tated. v

This invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the 4combination and arrangement of the several parts, vto be hereinafter full)7 described, il-A lustrated in the accompanying drawings and specifically pointed out in the appended claim. f

In describing my invention in detail, reference will be had tov the accompanying drawings wherein like characters denote like. or corresponding parts throughout. the several views, and in which Figure 1 is a sectional view through the device, withv parts in elevation.

Figure 2 is a'view showing the various parts of the device disassembled.

' Figure 3 is a section-on line 3-3 of Figure 1. y

Figure 4 is a section on line 4-4 ot Figure 1.

Figure 5 is aplan view of a drill for making a hexagonal hole.

Figure 6 is a. view of the die for use with this bit.

Figure 7 is a plan view of a bit for makin y asquare hole. l y

Tigu're 8 is a View of the die for use with this bit.

In these views, lindicates a casing which is of cylindrical shape with its lower end partly closed but leaving a central opening 2. A cylindrical member 3 fits in the upper portion of the casing and is held in place by the set screw 4. This member is provided with a. socket. 5 for receiving the shank 6 of The bottom of tie member 3 is provided with a diametrically` arranged groove 7. A disk 8 has a diametrically arranged rib 9 engaging the groove 7 and it has a rib 10 on its bottom face which is ar.

ranged at right angles to the rib 9 and this rib 10 engages a groove 11 formed in the head 12 of the chuck 13 which receives the shank 14 of the bit 15. A set screw 16 holds Serial No. 107.431.

the bit in the chuck andthis screw also holds a. collar 17 on the lower part of the chuck, this collar covering the opening 2.and preventing chips and the like from entering the device.

Figure 5 shows a bit 15 for making hexagonal holes and Figure 6 shows at 18 a die for use with this bit.

.Fgure 7 is a plan view of thebit 15 and lFigre 8 shows at 18 a die used with this )it As shown in Figure 1, one of the wings ot the bit 15 is made longer than the other, as shown at 19. y

From'the foregoing, it will be seen that as the device is rotated, the bit can followthe walls of the hole in the pattern or die through the sliding connection between'the chuck and member 3 afforded by the disk 8.

`With this invention, square and hexagonal holes' can be quickly vmade by a brace or similar tool for giving the device a rotary Inotion.

It is thought from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features of my invention will be readily apparent.

' I desire it to be understood lthat I may make changes in they construction and in the combination and arrangement of the several parts, provided that such changes fall within the scope of the appended claim.

What I claim is A device. of the class described comprising a casing having an opening in its bottom, a

cylindrical member. fitting 1n the casing and.

mounted in thecasing and having a. rib on Y its upper 'face engaging the groove, a rib on the lower face of the disk and arranged at right angles to the first rib, a headed chuck having its body passing through the hole inv the bottom of the casing,- with its head resting upon the said bottom of the casing, said head having a groove therein for recelving the lower rib on the disk, a bit carried by the chuck and a collar on the lower part of the chuck and detachably connected thereto and engaging the bottom of the casing.

In testimony whereof I affix m signature.


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U.S. Classification408/233, 408/238
International ClassificationB23Q5/04, B23Q5/00
Cooperative ClassificationB23Q5/046
European ClassificationB23Q5/04D4