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Publication numberUS1619306 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 1, 1927
Filing dateApr 7, 1926
Priority dateApr 7, 1926
Publication numberUS 1619306 A, US 1619306A, US-A-1619306, US1619306 A, US1619306A
InventorsNorthup Harry R, Snyder Charles L
Original AssigneeNorthup Harry R, Snyder Charles L
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Humidor cigar holder
US 1619306 A
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Ma''ch 1. 1927.

H. R. NORTHUP ET AL HMIDOR CIGAR HOLDERy Filed April 7, 1925 Patented Mar. 1, 1927.




Application filed April 7,

The object ot our invention is to provide a humidor cigar holder ot' simple, durable and inexpensive construction.

A further object is to provide such a humidor adapted to receive a moisture containing absorbent element and having means for holding cigars away from direct Contact with the moisture absorbent element.

Vith these and other objects in view, our iniv-*entionconsists in the construction, arrangement and`combination of the various parts ot our liumidor cigar holder, whereby the objects contemplated are attained, as hereinafter more fully set forth, pointed out in our claim, and illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which: j

.Figure 1 is aside elevation ot a humidor embodying our invention, parts being broken away and parts being shown in vertical section.

Figur-e 2 is a detail, sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of Figure 1; and

Figure 3 is a detail, sectional view taken on vthe line 3-3 of Figure 1, looking in the direct-ionI indicated by the arrows on the section line.

In the accompanying drawings, we have. used the reference numeral 10 to indicate generally the casing, which has a bottom, side and end members and is about of the proper size to conta-in a row ot cigars, and to permit cigars of the ordinary length to project from its top. The bottom is-in the form ot' a rounded channelA 10a, as shown.

Around the top ot the. casing 10 is a bead or rib 10b tor reinforcing purposes.

7e provide a top or the like 11, comprising a downwardly opening casing member ot' similar' width and thickness, but of considerably less height.

The upper part of the top 1l is intended to receive a strip or layer or body of moisture absorbent material 12.

Received in the lower part of the top 11y 1926. serial No. 100,359.

central, longitudinal, downwardly projecting rib 14, and having on opposite sides of said rib, the rows of holes 15 for the escape ot' vapor or moisture.

The casing member 13 fits by frictional engagement into the top 11. The. lower part of the easing portion 13 can be slid into the upper part of the casing 10 and will enn Vgage the same 'rictionally Thus for short cigars, the casing 13 is adjusted downwardly in the top 11, so that a greater portion of it projects into the casing 10, so that when the parts are litted together, there will be but little play of the cigars up and down.

The rib 14 engages the adjacent ends ot the cigarsk and prevents they cigars from standing` too close to the holes 15 andk thus getting too damp.

In VFigure' 2, we have shown cigars 16 in the humidor holder.

Changes may be made in the details of the structure and arrangement of the parts o our improved device and in the materials Ature absorbent material at the top part ot said top member, and an intermediate member trictionally received 1n the lower part of the top member and projected therefrom and K adapted to be partially, trictionally received in the upper part ot the said lower member, and having in its upper end a plurality or' openings, and downwardly projecting means for engaging cigars and holding them away trom said openings.

Des Moines, Iowa, March 22, 1926.


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U.S. Classification312/31.1, 220/578
International ClassificationA24F25/00, A24F25/02
Cooperative ClassificationA24F25/02
European ClassificationA24F25/02