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Publication numberUS1620844 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateMar 27, 1924
Priority dateMar 27, 1924
Publication numberUS 1620844 A, US 1620844A, US-A-1620844, US1620844 A, US1620844A
InventorsMaurice Walker
Original AssigneeMaurice Walker
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Spindle carriage and clutch
US 1620844 A
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Marh 15, 19277.

M. WALKER SPINDLE CARRIIGE AND CLUTCH Filed March 27. 1924 f INVENTOR Maa/zw Wal/ker ffm Patented Mar.` 15, 1927.

, UNITE nannten wat sa, @este rena-1n.

' l SPINDLE Canalsat; 'Ann crudos. y

yQippneamn inea March 27, 19241. 'seriai-f'nefea'eea. l

'Ihis invention relates to the art of manufacturing artificial fabric of the kind that is made in long strips., In the manufacture of such fabric after and before various manipulation steps, the fabric is customarilyv wound up in a large roll on a steel spindle.

I-Ieretofore, it has been customaryto have clips formed on the frames ofthe treating Y machines to hold thesespindles during the winding and unwinding. vThis practice has necessitated lifting the heavy rolls `up on the clips and up out of the clips to transport the rollto another machine,

The object of the present invention is to doaway with the lifting of such rolls ventirely and facilitate their transportation from one machine tothe other. Y

In carrying out the object of this invention, the provision .of a roll-holding carriage or frame capable of transportation as an entirety from one part of the factory to the other andalso capableV of combining with the various. machines manipulating the fabric is contemplated.

Thev above will better be understood by reference to the illustrative embodiment ofV this invention described in theVv following specification in connection with the accomlpanying drawings which forma part hereof.

To 'this illustrative embodiment the claimsy 3 shown wound up into a roll-A upon a steel.

spindle 4. In the embodiment illustrated, the spindle 4f' is provided with axially spaced bearing portions 5 and Gand an outwardv extension '8 having suitable configuration to form part of a clutch. In'thepresent instance the square cross-sectionis employed.`

The spindle t with its roll A is normally supported upon crotch-shaped bearing cleats 9 and 10,' mounted upon the top and Vmidpositioned upon the end spring pieces 11 and 12 or" a portable carriage B. A. preferred front velevation of the parts construction for thiscarriage is that as indicated; a rectangular box-like frame of angle, iron comprising the top end vspring pieces 11 and 12 aforementioned framing lengthwise spring pieces 13 and 14:'at theV top, four corner uprightsl, extending upvWardly from a lower frame Z)V preferably symmetricallyV identical with the top construction, `but providedl with crosswise positioned foot channels 17 and18,`towhich four vcasters 19 are secured. VThis frame work b partially houses'thevroll A'besides mounting itl and protects itV against accidental injury when it is rolled from one part of the factory to the other on the casters V19. The vertical mounting of the bearings 9 and 10 should" be such to effect the ready engagement and dis-engagement of the clutch C, which comprises, as shown, the

female part 2() providing a socket 21 with.

a lateral* opening 22 and the aforementioned male party 8. Nevertheless, it is to be understood that the construction does not require, of necessity, the relativepositioning ofthe male and female parts, as shown in the drawl ings. Apart of the clutch C is Aformed on the end of a stub shaft D serving and being,

a suitably controlled power driven elementV for winding the strip 3 into the roll Positioning means for the carriage B preferably in the form of corner clips 23 and 24 vare-secured preferably to the floor as by bolts as indicated. lThese serve as guides for the carriage B which, Vwhen 'forced home, into these clips, automatically causes the proper positioning of .the ldis-engageable clutch part C. i Y

The stub shaft I) is driven in any suitable .y ,manner with any suitable ycontrolpmechanism. In the drawings,the sprocket 25 is shown likewise in suitable mounting for the y.

floor 28 are the means shown.

The inventive thought may have a varietyv of expressions asis contemplated'in what I claim and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent as follows i Y Apparatus for handling'long strips of fabric, a winding spindle having longitudinally spaced bearing-portions;V an intermediate fabric lwinding portion and .al free end porshaft D. V'Bearing brackets 26 mounted upon a pedestal 27 extending upwardlyfromrthe tion shaped asa detachable clutch-part; ag

Wheeled .carriage-frame having bearings for' mounting said bearin -portions of said spin- 'dle,'v said frame withfitswheels maintaining said bearings at an unvarying elevation above the floor npon which said frame is adapted to run; a drive Shaft on a level With and having a horizontally disengageable mating clutch part cooperably with said all'vvhereby a heavy roll of fabric may be rolled easily into and ont of a Winding funo- 10 tional relation with a machine Without being lifedV or lowered.,

In Witness whereof, I have Signed my naine to thisfspecication this 10th dayof November, 192


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