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Publication numberUS1621092 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateJul 6, 1925
Priority dateJul 6, 1925
Publication numberUS 1621092 A, US 1621092A, US-A-1621092, US1621092 A, US1621092A
InventorsToffteen Olof A
Original AssigneeToffteen Olof A
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US 1621092 A
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March 15, 1927. 1,621,092 0. A. TOFFTEEN BURNER Filed July 6, 1925 Patented Mar. 15, 1927. 1




Application filed July 6, 1925. Serial No. 41,501.

This invention relates to an improved burner adapted for use in boilers, furnaces and fire boxes generally of stationar 1o a stationary burner adapted to be secured within the fire box of a boiler or furnace and further adapted to pre-heat the entering air by means of forced feed fuel delivered by means of a rotatable fuel distributer forming a part of said burner.

i It is also an ob ect of the invention to provide a stationary burner having a rotatable fuel feed device adapted to distribute coal dust or oil within the burner to pre-heated air entering the burner through predetermined paths. 7

It is a further object of this invention to provide a burner for use on a fire grate, said burner being constructed ofselected mate- I rials adapted to withstand the great heat to which the parts are subjected.

It is furthermore an object of the invention to provide an improved oxygenator adapted to permit entering air to follow a predetermined course to cause pie-heating of the air as it is carbureted with" coal dust or oil to cause a substantially complete combustion of the fuel and a consequent reduction of the escaping volatile matter thereby obviating the production of smoke.

It is an important object of this invention to provide a stationary burner for boiler and furnace fire boxes, said burneri constructed to deliver pre-heated air into the combustion chamber of the burner to permit the pre-heat-ed air to be carbureted with fuel delivered by a rotating fuel feed device and ,constructed of a selected great heat withstanding material as is also the inner casing of said burner.

Other and further important objects of this inventionlwill be apparent from the disclosures in the specification and the accompanying drawings.

Theinvention (in a preferred form is illustrated in the drawings and hereinafter more fully described.

Oh the drawings Figure 1 is a horizontal section taken through a burher embodying the principles.

of this invention; and

Figure 2 is a vertical section taken on line II-II of Figure 1.

As shown on the drawings:

The reference numeral 1 indicates a cast iron or steel bottom or base plate-provided with a circular flange or bead 2 and having a plurality of distributed air inlet apertures or ports 3. The base plate 1 is also provided with an ash or oil discharge opening 4. Positioned beneath the middle portion of the base plate 1 to support the same is a chambered housing or pedestal 5. Mounted within the pedestal 5 are two ball bearings 6 affording a bearing for a vertical hollow shaft 7. The upper end of the hollow shaft 7 projects through the base plate 1 and into a steel bearing sleeve or collar 8 resting upon the top end of the pedestal 5. Engaged on the hollow shaft 7 within the pedestal 5 is a bevel gear 9 which receives a drive from a bevel drive gear 10 meshing therewith. The bevel drive gear 10' is secured on one end of a shaft 11 journalled in a ball bearing 12 within an extension or arm 13 of the pedestal 5. Connected with the lower end of the pedestal 5- is a fuel supply pipe 14 connected with an oil or coal dust supply tank or bin respectively located in any convenient position. When oil is used as a fuel it may be fed into the lower open end of the pipe 7 by compressed air, gravity or by means of an atomizer. When pulverized coal is to be used as the fuel, the

coal du'st may be fed to the pipe 7 by an atomizer, compressed air or by the use of steam. The steel sleeve 8 projects upwardly through a central opening 15 formed in a defiector plate or baflie plate 16 constructed ofa steel alloy. The bafile plate 16 is formed with an integral peripheral groove 17 the outer margin of which terminates in an upwardly directed circular flange 18. The

groove 17 is provided with an opening 19 which registers with the discharge opening 4. Formed integrally in. the bafile plate groove 17 at spaced intervals are a plurality of notched ribs or seats 20 adapted to afford supports for an inner cylindrical casing or housing 21 comprising a plurality of interfitting sections constructed-of a particular material which is a carborundumproduct or a fused silicon carbide, said material adapted to be heated to approximately 4250 O. with-\ out causlng any signs of deterioration of the material. The inner casing 21 is provided of the head 2 is an outer casing or housing 24 formed of a special steel alloy or adapted to be made of carborundum. The outer casing .24 has the upper portion of conical shape to permit the upper edge to fit beneath the bead 23 of the inner casing 21.

Supported upon the upper-end of the sleeve 8 is a rotatable burner oi fuel distributer comprising a bottom plate or disk 25 and an upper plate or disk 26. The disks 25 and 26 are constructed of carborundum or fused silicon carbide and have a plurality of registering holes to permit the two disks to be secured together by means of bolts 27 or other suitable means. The abutting faces of the disks 25 and 26 are provided with angled grooves having enlarged outer recesses 28. A four way union 29 is secured in place between the disks 25 and 26 at the middle portions thereof. Secured in each arm of the union 29 is an elbow pipe 30 the outer end of which is directed slightly upwardly as illustrated in Figure 2 with the end of the pipe communicating with the recess 28. The elbow pipes are clamped between the distributer disks 25 and 26. The union 29 is also provided with a downwardly directed arni 31. which fits around the upper projecting end of the pipe. 7 within a boss 32 integrally formed on the bottom of the lower distributer disk while the pipe 14 may be connected with the fuel supply. The fuel, for example, oil,

may be ed by gravity, compressed air or by means of an atomizer into the lower chamber of the pedestal '5 thereby permits ting the fuel to pass through the pipe 7 into the distributer pipes 30. From the pipes 30 the fuel is directed-through the recesses 28 in an upwardly inclined direction against the inner walls of the inner casing 21. The revolving distributer causes the fuel to be distributed centrifugally to carburatethe air entering the inner casing ports 22 and the air which passes upwardly "through the ports 33 of the baflie plate 16.

Air entering through the base plate ports 3 also passes upwardly between the outer steel shell or housing 24 and the flange 18 of the baflie plate 16. The air passes over the top of said flange and is directed between the inner casing 21 and said flange beneath the rotatable distributer. It will be noted that air is thus permitted to enter the combustion chamber below and above the rotatable distributer to be carbureted with the fuel which is distributed by the revolving distributer 25-26. I

When the carbureted air is ignited the resulting flames act to heat the carborundum or fused silicon carbide inner casing 21 and the distributer disks 25 and 26 to an extremely high temperature. The casing 21 and the distributer 2526 readily absorb and retain the heat. The baffle plate 1.6 and the outer shell 24 are also heated by the combustion taking place within the chamber of the inner casing and thereby causes the air entering the base plate ports 3 to be preheated in the space afforded between the outer shell 24 and the inner casing 21 before said air passes through the ports 22 and through the space between the flange 18 and the inner casing 21. It will thus be noted that the preheated air. is delivered above and below the rotatablefuel distributer 2526 and when said air is carburet ed with the fuel issuing from the ends of the pipes 30 extremely hot flames are produced and are discharged through the top" of the burner. The degree of heat produced is so intense that the oxygen in the. air is preheated, thus permitting the same to readily unite with the fuel gases and the volatile carbon products to cause a substantially complete combustion of the fuel thereby obviating the production of smoke.

The base plate 1 and the outer shell 24 form an outer housing, while the baflie plate 16 and the inner shell 21 afford an inner housing within which the fuel distributer is rotatably mounted. The inner shell 21, the

distributer 25--26 and the outer shell 24 be constructed ofa special steel alloy similar to that used in the construction of the baffle plate 16 and the sleeve 8.

I. am aware that many changes may be made, and numerous details of construction may be varied through a wide range without departing from the principles of this invention, and I' therefore do not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon, otherwise'than necessitated by the prior art.

I claim as my invention:

1. A burner comprising a support, an apertured base plate thereon, a fuel distributer rotatably supported on said supmamas port, means in-said support connected to rotate said distributer, an apertured baffle plate on said base plate, an inner apertured casing supported on said bafile plate and surrounding said distributer, and an outer casing supported on said base plate and engaging said inner casing.

2. A burner comprising a support, an apertured base plate thereon, an outer casing supported on said base plate, an apertured baifle plate supported on said base plate, an n wardly directed flange formed on said be e plate, an apertured inner casing supported on said bafile plate and contacting said outer casing, said inner casing being positioned within said baffle plate flange and spaced therefrom, a fuel distributer in said inner casing, and means in said support connected to rotate said distributer.

3. A burner comprising an apertured outer housing, an apertured grooved baflle plate therein having an integral upwardly directed flange, seats formed on said baflle plate, an apertured inner casing sup orted on said seats and constructed of a car orundum product, said inner casing being spaced from said flange to afford an air passage between said flange and said inner casing, a fuel distributer within said inner casing covered with a carborundum product, and means connected with said distributer to rotate the same.

4. A burner comprising an apertured 7 outer housing, an apertured inner casing contacting the upper edge of said housing and otherwise spaced therefrom, a fuel distributer in said casing, and a covering of fused silicon carbide for said fuel distributer. v

A burner comprising an apertured outer housing, an' apertured inner casing constructed of a carborundum product, an

Y apertured and grooved bafile member supporting said casing, a flange on said member surrounding said casing and spaced therefrom, a sleeve projecting into said housing and through said baflie member, a fuel supply pipe projecting through said sleeve, a grooved fuel distributer supported on said sleeve and constructed of a carborundum product, and a plurality of fuel distributing pipes in said grooved distributerconnected to communicate with said fuel supply pipe. o

6. A burner comprising a hollow support, a fuel pipe journalled therein and projecting therefrom, means for rotating said fuel pipe, a fuel su ply pipe connected with said support for elivering fuel to said first mentioned fuel pipe, an apertured base.

member on said support, an outer casing seated on saidbase member, a sleeve resting on said support and'surrounding a portion of the pro ecting part of said first menneath said tioned fuel pipe, an apertured and grooved inner plate supported on'said base member, said inner plate having an integral flange spaced from the inner walls of said outer casing, a sectional inner casing supported on said inner plate and spaced from said flange, said inner casing being constructed of a carborundum product and having a plurality of air passages therein,ia union secured on the u per projecting end of said first mentioned fuel pipe, a plurality of fuel distributing ipes connected with said union, and a car orundum product covering said union and said distributing pipes.

7. A burner comprising a rotatable fuel distributer constructed of a carborundum product, fuel pipes embedded therein, fuel supply means connected with said pipes, an outer housing having air inlet openings therein beneath said distributor, an apertured inner (plate within said housing be istributer, a grooved portion integrally formed thereon, a flange'integralwith said grwved borundum product casing supported in said grooved portion of the inner plate and spaced from said flange to afl'ord an air passage, said casing having a plurality of. air passages therein above the level of. said distributer,

portion, and a car 8. A burner comprising an apertured housing, a fuel distributer movably mounted therein, roo'ved insulating plates fittin over the istributer to enclose the same, an a casing between said housing and said distributor, said casing having air openings therein adapted to supply air below and above said distributor.

9. A burner comprising a rotatable fuel distributer, an apertured casing surrounding the same, an apertured flanged late spaced from said casing and positione beneath said distributor and said casing, an' apertured outer housing enclosing the distributer and easing, means for rotating the distributer, and means adapted to deliver fuel through said distributor and into said casing to permit the fuel to be mixed with the air entering said casing from below and above said distributer.

10. A burner comprising an outer housing having the upper margin deflected inwardly, an air passage casing'therein contacted by said deflected margin of said outer housing, a grooved distributer covering in said casing constructed of a refracto material, a plurality of connected fuel dlStI'ibuting pipes seated in said groovfl covering, meansfor rotating the distributor ipes and said c'overin' and means for fee ing fuel through sai pipes into said casing.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribedmy name.

oaor 'rorrrnna'.


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