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Publication numberUS1621149 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateNov 10, 1924
Priority dateNov 10, 1924
Publication numberUS 1621149 A, US 1621149A, US-A-1621149, US1621149 A, US1621149A
InventorsWilliam R Blissitt
Original AssigneeWilliam R Blissitt
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Mattress and bed protector
US 1621149 A
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' 1 1927. March w. R. BLlsslT'r MATTRESS AND BEDPROTECTOR Filed Nov. 10, 1924 yPatented Mar.4 15,l 19,27.V



Application led November 10, 1924. Serial No. 749,065.

This inventionv relates to mattress and bed protectors and has special reference to a mattress and bed protector particularly adapted for use in sick rooms, hospitals and other like places.

One important provide an improve this character 'which may be readily ap lie to and removed from a mattress and w ich, when so' a plied, will thoroughly protect the mattress rom being soiled or stained. v

A second important object of the invention is to provide a device of this character wherein the upper part of the device, which comes just beneath the bottom sheet of the bed and is thus close to the atient, is so constructed as to avoid the chilling and other disagreeable eifects incident to having a rubber or rubberized fabric close to the'body.

Athird important object of the. invention is to rovide an improved construction o this c aracter is so arranged as to be freely detachable from the lower protector so that it'may be invention is to object of the device of and simple removed, when soiled, in the same manner as the bed'sheet and replaced in the same manner that a clean sheet is placed on the bed.

With the above and other objects in viewas will be hereinafter apparent, the vinvention consists in general, of certain novel de'- tails of construction and combinations of parts hereinafter fully described, illustratedy in the accompanying drawings and specifically claimed.

several views, and:

. Figure 1 is a perspective View showing a mattress with a device ready to be secured thereto. v f. A

Figurel 2 is a perspective view showing the different layers of the top or cover section of the device, the layers bein separated at one corner tov better disclose t e same.-

l Figure 3 is a perspective view similar to Figure 2 but showing a portion of the bottom or under protector. K

In the embodiment of the invention' herein illustrated there is shown a top protector or cover sheet 10 and abottom protector or under sheet 11. At each end one of these sheets is provided with straps 12 vcarryinfde signature.-

buckles 13 while the other sheet is rovi with the straps 14 perforated in t eusual manner `to co-operate with the buckles 13.

d to the while the wool comes next .to the wherein the upper protector In the accompanying drawings like char-l acters of reference indicate like parts in the prising a mattress,

' tonV fabric; the

It will thus be seenthat the upper sheet or cover sheet 10 can readily be detached from the under sheet, which lies between the mattress and springs,A and by the usual laterallyl foldin operation can be withdrawn `from beneat the patient so that 'a clean cover sheet may be placed in position and secured stretched.v l

This top sheet 10 consists of three layers, the layer 15 next to the mattress/being of rubber and yhaving a layer 16 of cotton fabric secured thereto, a top layer 17 of Wool beingv suitably held on the cotton layer 16. With this arrangement it will be seen that the'rubber lies next the mattress and vconsequently prevents any soiling of the latter,

and prevents sudden temperature c such as` chilling of the patients body.

f will be obvious that a sheet thus constructed may be readily washed.

Thev under sheet does not require 'to bel renewed'so frequently nor does it come close to the patient. This-sheet is made preferablyv in five layers. layers 18, are of and ,fourth layers Thus this undersheet is made heavy enough to resist 'wear and is thoroughly impervious to moisturel from either side.

rubber while the second 19 are of fibrous material.-

bottom sheet, being thus held platient y anges' The center and outside There has thus been provided av simple and eiiicient device of the kind described and for the purpose specified;

Having thus described the invention, is claimed'as new, is:

A device of the character described cointop and bottom protectors therefor with each protector comprising layers of material cemented together; the top protector consisting vof a sheet havwhat ing an upper layer of wool, a. lower layer of rubber and an intermediate layer of cotbottom protector comprising center 'and top, and bottom layers of rubber and layers of fibrous material between the center rubber layer and the top and bottom layer of rubber; the -four corners ofthe top and bottom protectors to detachbly secure said protector together -on' opposite sides of the mattress. In testimony whereotI hereunto affix my WILLIAM' R. B-Lifssrr'r.

and adjustable means at

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U.S. Classification5/500, 428/496, 5/484, 428/492, 5/949, 428/478.4
International ClassificationA47C21/06
Cooperative ClassificationY10S5/949, A47C21/06, A47C27/008, A47C31/105
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