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Publication numberUS1621153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateMay 18, 1926
Publication numberUS 1621153 A, US 1621153A, US-A-1621153, US1621153 A, US1621153A
InventorsH. Bunnenberg
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Helene bunnenbebg
US 1621153 A
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March 1927' H, BUNNENBERG GAITER Filed May 18. 1926 147M for Patented Mar. 15, 1927.



Application filed May 18, 19526. Serial No. 109,335, and in Germany December 4, 1925.

This invention relates to gaiters in the shape of a soleless stocking the toe and heel points of which are bag-shaped and the central foot portion of which ins an elastic strap, slots being arranged at the hollow of the knee and above the heel said slots bc ingclosed by fasteners. At the upper edge of the gaiters flaps are arranged designed to attach the gaiter to the underwear.

An embodiment of the invention is shown, by way of example, in the accompanying drawing in which Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a gaiter.

2 is a rear elevation and Fig. 3 a plan View seen from below.

The gaiter a is made in the shape of a stocking from soft leather, so-called gloveleather. Any other convenient material as imitation leather, cloth or the like, eventually impregnated to make it water proof, might be used.

The foot 6 has no sole and has bag-like toe and heel portions 0 of the same material as the leg or of any other material and either cut in one piece with the leg; or sewn onto the leg. 'lwo opposite points of the sole-edges (Z are connected with one another by a transverse strap e of elastic material. Lines of perforations are arranged above the sole edges. On the central line along the back of the leg, said line being eventually a seam, vertical slits f, g are arranged the ed es of which are held together by fasteninn elements. The slit in the hollow of the knee is closed for instance by means of a tag h, the slit 9 being preferably closed by spring buttons 77. The one part of each spring button is preferably fixed on the Fig.

inner side of the one edge of the slit so that the spring buttons are hidden from View it the slit is closed. At the top edge Z: of the gaiter two flaps Z having each a button hole are fixed.

The gaiters are worn over the stockings for keeping the feet warm in cold or wet weather.

Owing to the bag-shaped toe and heel c, the transverse strap 6, the flaps Z on the one hand, and to the slits f and g on the other hand the gaiter fits tightly on the leg and looks smart and elegant especially if it is made from soft glove leather. The leg of the gaiters may be ornamented by coloured quilting seams, by painted. ornaments or the like. The perforations near the sole edges and in the bag-shaped toe and heel serve for ventilating.

The gaiters might reach only to under the knee to economize material and in this case the top edge is stiffened by an insertion of metal, leather, whalebone or other convenient material so that slipping down of the gaiter is prevented.

I claim:

Gaiters in the shape of a soleless leg having longitudinal slits at the rear in the hollow of the knee and above the heel and comprising bag-shaped heel and toe portions, a transverse strap or elastic material at the centre portion of the :toot, fastening devices for closing said slits. and llaps with button holes upwardly extending; from the top edge of the leg and designed to be attzurhed to the underwear.

In testimony whereof I allix my signature.


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U.S. Classification2/242, 36/2.00R
International ClassificationA41B11/12, A41B11/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41B11/12
European ClassificationA41B11/12