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Publication numberUS1621273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateSep 5, 1925
Priority dateSep 5, 1925
Publication numberUS 1621273 A, US 1621273A, US-A-1621273, US1621273 A, US1621273A
InventorsRead Walter C
Original AssigneeRead Walter C
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US 1621273 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

March 1927' w. c. READ BROOM Filed Sept. 5, 1,925

as r

Patented Mar. 15, 1327.

WALTER Canaan, or BLOOIVIFIELD, .Nnw sensual;


Applicationfiledvseptemberfi 1925. Serial No; 545.657.

This invention relates to that type of broomsshaving ahandle and a transverse brush-like head, which head is frequently made very'longfor: light work was to enable a great deal of surfaceto'be swept'quickly; Qbviously with a long-head the strain causeehby theends of the-brushwstrilring obstructions. tends to loosen, the brush head upon itshandle, and various devices have 1 been employed inipracticertoscounteract this tendency and securca firmsolid tachment ofitheehead to thehandle. V

lihe objects of :this inventionare to secure improved-meansfor securing-the handle of a broom; tothe-head thereof and bracing it with respect to said head, so as-to secure a firmiandzrigid-connection which will not work loose and thus enable the broom to be used with maximum eflicienoy; to secure a construction which shall be simple and easily applied, without necessarily employing any tools; to secure a construction which can be applied to any ordinary type of broom and can thus be manufactured and sold independent of the brooms and to secure other advantages and results as may be brought out by the following description.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, in which like numerals of reference indicate 30 the same parts in the several views,

Figure 1 is a perspective view illustrating in a general way the use of my invention upon a broom;

Figure 2 isa section taken transversely of the brush head and longitudinally of the handle, and

Figure 3 is a rear vlew-of my improved attachment.

In the specific embodiment of the invention shown in said drawings, 1 indicates a longitudinal head of a broom and 2 a handle for the broom which I have shown with a tapered end 3. adapted to be inserted in either one of sockets 4 and 5 at opposite sides of the broom head, although the handle may be in serted into the broom head in any ordinary and wcllknownlmanner.'

ihly improved device comprises a downwardly flaring sheet metal body portion 6 having at its lower edge a longitudinal angular seat 7 to fit against the lateral under edge of the block 8 of the broom head, as clearly shown in Figure 2, and providing at its upper part a hollowed stem-like portion 9 to lie against the under surface of the handle 2, said stem-like portion preferably continuing into; the. flattened 5 lower, par-tiof; the body portion 6 asa strengthening rib- 10. @nly; the extreme-upperendportion of the hollowed stem 9v rests against thelbroom handie 2, and at the lower pointwherethe body portion, 6 normally stands-awayfrom; the: broom handle somewhat saidbody portionis apertured-ionopposite sideslof the ribi10 'to receive-the arms ofa staple-'ll extending around the broom handle; through the'ajpertures. A single piece of,heavywireJZh-as; its ends coiled as at 13, l3'to provide washers to, slip over the ends of the arms-:-. of-the staple 11 so that the portionofsaidiw-ire 7 connecting said washersrestsmpon the rib ,10. VJing nuts 14,14 area-provided to screw-onto; the ends of the staple 11 outsidesaidswasher portions 13, 13, and obviously by screwing these down the entire body portion 6 ispressed into the angle between the broom handle and block 8 with its extremities engaging the same Preferably the broom handle seat of the body portion 6 is provided with spurs 15, r 15 which press into the wood of the handle and prevent said handle from twisting, and it will be understood that by reason of the curvature of the body portion 5, as seen in Figure 2, so that the part intermediate its ends, where the clamping means is located," normally lies away from the broom handle, a somewhat resilient pressure of the body portion 6 against the handle and brush head is secured. Since said body portion is made of heavy sheet metal, this results in a very firm and solid clamping action, and the ends of the brush head can resist blows and pressure without loosening its connection tothe handle 2.

Preferably the washer'portions 13, 13 0f the member 12 are coiled in opposite directions so that the middle portion of. the wire between them engages the rib 10 on astraight line between the arms 16, 16 of the staple 11. This member 12 has enough resiliency to augment the resilient clamping pressure mentioned above. 7

My improved device can be applied to most brooms on the market, and is intended to be manufactured and sold independently thereof so that a user of abroom not provided with my device can purchase one and put it on. In applying the device, it isslid down over the handle of the broom into proper" position and tightened in place, or the broom handle may be removed from the head and pushed through the staple 11, after which Y the handle isagain inserted in the brush head and the clamping device adjusted and tightened in place. i ,7 7,

Obviously, various structural modifications may be made by those skilled in the art in carrying out my invention, without departing from the spirit and scope thereof, andctherefore I do not desire to be understood as'limiting myself except as required by the following claims when construed in the light of the prior art. I

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

1. An attachment for bracing a broom handle with respect to its head, comprising a'sheet metal member having at its top a longitudinal hollowed portion to lie against the broom-handle and hold said member-in alinement therewith, said member increasing in Width toward its otherend and having 2. An attachment for bracinga broom handle with respect to its head, comprising a sheet metal member having one end folded into an angular seat to engage the lower edge of the broom-head block, said member tapering toward its other end and having thereat a hollowed central longitudinal seat for the broom-handle which seat is continued as a median strengthening rib midway of the side edges of the membernearly to said broom-head seat and means'between said top and bottom for clamping said body portion into the angular space between said handle and head.

3. An attachment for bracing a broom handle with respect to its head, comprising a member having at its lower edgea seat for the broom-head block and having atitsupper end a hollowed seat for the broom handle, the inner surface of said seat being provided with a projection to prevent turning of the member with respect to said handle, and means for clamping said memher into the angular space between said handle and head.


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U.S. Classification15/143.1
International ClassificationB25G3/12, B25G3/00
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European ClassificationB25G3/12