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Publication numberUS1621345 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 15, 1927
Filing dateJun 11, 1925
Priority dateJun 11, 1925
Publication numberUS 1621345 A, US 1621345A, US-A-1621345, US1621345 A, US1621345A
InventorsAnderson Newton M
Original AssigneeAnderson Newton M
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Mixing machine
US 1621345 A
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1927 N. M. ANDERSON MIXING MACHINE Filed June 11, 1925 March l5 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 1,621,345 N. M, ANDERSON: I

MIXING MACHINE Filed June 11, 3. 9 [.5 3 Sheets-Shasta March 15 1927.

y JY/ma/nson March 15 N. M. ANDERSON MIXING MACHINE s Sheeis-Sheet s 0 O o 0 \ll. l6 A /I O! o a bevel gear wheel 25. The ends of the shaft 24 are screw threaded and one end thereof enters the screw threaded opening 12 of the bottom 10 and its other end enters the screw threaded opening 26, in the gear wheel 25. To permit the shaft 24 tobe lubricated a grease cup 27 is carried by the bracket arm 19. ,A shaft 28"journaled in the bracket order to permit the drum to gravitate when releasedfrom an upwardly and forwardly inclined ora horizontal mixing position to .a downwardly and. forwardly inclined discharging position. The inclined mixing position of the drum 7 is shown in Figure 1 and its discharging position is shown by dotted lines in Figure 2. A- latch lever 31 provided with an angular lower end v32 and an angu lar upper end '33 is pivoted at its lower end to one of the side pieces 2. by a'bolt 34 and is provided with notches. 35 and 35. A keeper 36 is secured to the cross member 21 of the stirrup 6 by rivets 37 and is adapted .to' be received by one of the notches 35 or 35*. The. notches 35 and 35 permit the lever 31 to support the drum 7 in either its horizontal or in itsinclined mixing position. The ,lever 31 is yieldingly held in engagement with the keeper 36 by a spring 38 secured at one end to one of the arms 5 and 'at its other end to the lever;

A hand rest 39 is secured to the upper side ofthe bracket arm 20. "The side piece 2 to which the lever 31 i is pivoted limits the movement of the lever'31 under the influence of the spring .38. The hand crank 30 is adapted, as shown in Figures 2 and 10, to hold the drum? in an upwardly and rearwardly inclined loading position, and when the drum is in this positionthe hand crank 30 engagesapinAO caried by the top cross bar ,4. ,To permit it to be engaged with, the

' pin 40,the hand crank 30 is provided with a notch 11.

f It should be understood that. the drawings are merely illustrative and do not pretend to give exact proportions. Furthermore, the said drawings'are illustrative of a. preferred construction,- it being my expectation that various changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope ofthe invention. I

What isclaimed is: V i 1. A mixing machine c omprisinga stand, astirrup pivoted to the stand, means releasably holding the stirrup against movement,

a bracket secured to the stirrup and including angularly related arms, a shaft journaled in one of said arms, a drum secured to the shaft, a second shaft journaled in the other of said arms, meshing gears carried by said shafts, and a hand crank secured to saidsecond shaft.

'2. A mixing machine comprising a stand, a stirrup pivoted to the stand, a keeper secured to the stirrup, a spring pressed lever pivoted to the stand andhaving spaced notches to permit of its selective engagement with the keeper, a drum rotatablyconnected to the stirrup, and drum rotating means car- 4. A mixing machine comprising a stand, 1

a drumrotatably mounted on thestand and rockable thereon into loading and mixing positions, means for releasably holding the drum in mixing position, an element. carried by the stand, and means for rotating the drum-while in mixing position and adapted to cooperate with said element on the stand when the drum is in loading position to releasably hold it in such latter position.

, 5. A mixing machine comprising'a stand,- a drum rotatably supported by the stand and rockable thereon into loading and mixing positions, means for releasablyYhol-ding the drum in mixing position, 'an'element carried by the stand, and means i. forrotating the drum while in; mixing position and including a hand crank, said crank being provided with a notch to permit it. to be engaged with said element on the stand when the drum is in loadingposition to releasably hold the drum is such position; 2' i 6. A mixing machine comprising side.

pieces, atop cross bar connected to theside pieces, arms extendingupwardly from-the, side pieces, apin carried by thecros sbar, astirrup pivoted at its ends to the upper ends of the arms, a drum rotatablysup. ported by the stirrup, means coperating with one of the side pieces and stirrup to releas:

ably hold thedrum in mixingposition, .and

drum rotating means including a hand crank, said means being carried by the stirrupand said crank ibeing providedwith a, notch to permit it to be engaged with the pin to releasably-hold the drum 'inloading' position.

7. A mixing .machine comprising side pieces, barsconnecting the slde pieces, arms extending upwardly fromjthe side pieces, a

stirrup pivoted at its ends'to the upper ends of the arms, a drum rotatably carried by V the stirrup, drum rotating mea ns caried by the stirrup, .a;keeper secured to the stirrup,

a lever provided with angular upper and lower ends, an element pivoting thellower 6 angular end ofthe lever to one vo fjohe side pieces, said lever being provided adjacent .its angular upper end and in said endwith notches fgo permit of its selective. engage ment with the keeper, and a spring con neeted to one ofjfthe'arms andlever to hold 1 0 V .the latterin'engagement with the keeper.

, I In testimony whereof Iafiii my signature,


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