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Publication numberUS1622463 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1927
Filing dateMay 26, 1926
Priority dateMay 26, 1926
Publication numberUS 1622463 A, US 1622463A, US-A-1622463, US1622463 A, US1622463A
InventorsLionel Marcus Charles
Original AssigneeLionel Marcus Charles
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Vanity case
US 1622463 A
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March I c. L. MARCUS VANITY CASE- Filed May 26. 1926.

flaw INVENTO Patented Mar. 29, 1927.

CHAR ES LIoNEL M ARc s, on NEW YoRK, n. Y. j

VANITY "cAsii. I

i Application n May 26,

This invention relates to vanity cases- An object of the invention is to provide a vanity case of ii'nproved construction having theparts thereof combined so that cos- Inctics and powder puffs may be compactly fitted therein, and yetpern'iit easy and convenient access thereto. Another object of the invention is to provide an improved vanitycasc comprising few parts which shall be exceedingly simple in construction, neat in, appearance, and practical and eflicient to a high-degree.

invention will in Other objects of this part be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.

The invention accordingly consists in the features of construction combination of ele-.

ments, and arrangement Joe-exemplified in the con structionherein 'after described, and of which the scopejof pplicatio n will be indicated i'nithe follow 1n 'claims. 1 I Y 1 l n the accompanyingdrawing, in which is shown one of the various possible illustrative embodiments of this invention,

Fig. '1 is a perspective yeiw-of acvanity case embodying the invention; 7

Fig. 2 is a plan viewof the vanity case showing th'same in'open position; and

Figs. 3 and taken on lines 33 in Fig. '2, and 4.4 in Fig.1, respectively.

Referring indetail to the drawing, 10'

I denotes a vanity case embodying the invention which is seen tocomprise two. substan tiallyidentical m mbers, .a' container or-receptacle 11,1md a cover 12 these members being joined together .5 a inge 13 of any suitable construction. .There is-also provided a suitable reflecting means,.such as mirror 14 which may be made in any'well. understood manner, and is here seen tocomprise a metallic sheet having highly polished. reflectin mirror surfaces 14*aridf14l, said mirror ei v adapted to swing betweenthe container 11 and. the cover 12 as shown in Fig. 3.11To' permit .the mirror .to swing a substantial. distance into the cover 12, it has an offset portion 15 adjacent the hinge the "purpose of which will hereinafter. more fully appear.

' In the form shown in the drawing, the container 11' is formed with a single compartment 16 adapted to holdtherein a cake of cosmetic, such as a compact face powder 17, the latter being firmly held by cementing com partment' 16. Said nients 18 and .18".

'pufl' 21 fittedthi-ircin serves to shield of parts which will guard 19 is made guard, rouge cake,

a powder put]? ,4 are cross-sect onal VIBWS .cess. to the cosmetics. rcase, the'nurror is swung into the. cover .12

; the powder ng secured to the hinge 13 and I whereby the lat [edgesof the cover, permits the contents to .be compactly held inpthe devicewhich may at the same time be easily" removed."

1926. Serial No. 111,676;

or' other suitable means to the bottom of said erabIy of such'height so as to "occupy substantially one-third ofthe vanity with a compartment 18 which is partitioned off by a guard member 19 into sub-compart- The. sub-compartment 1851s adaptedto retain a co'smet1c,sucl1 as a rmige cake 20 and the compartment 18) is size to have a rouge of proper shape and v as shown in Fig. 4. The guard member 19 tending about said sub-compartments ano the interior of the cover 12 so as to prevent dirt, and foreign matter from entering and accumulating about said cosmetic 20 'and' the rouge puff 21. Said of-any suitable metallic or nor'1-m'etallic" light, sheet material, such as aluminium, celluloid, or the like. The

made'to occupy substantially one-third the entire space'ofthe vanitycase. I

' The remaining third f'the contents of the vanity casebetween the mirror 1 1 and the face powder compact'17-is. preferably made theentire space of case 10 The cover 12 is formed FICE.

cosmetic 17 is pref-' has face portions l9 cxand puff. are preferably of suflicient shape and size to accommodate 21- vas sliown in Fig. 4. In using' the invention, the vanity case s .opened and-the mirror 14 is swung to the position shown in dotted lines in Fig. 3, thereby permitting easy and convenient ac- In closing the vanlty sons to abut the face portions 19 of the guard member 19,;thus providing space between the mirror and the cake 17 wherein 'pufi 22 *maybe gently compressed as shown in Fig.4.. Closure retaining meansof any suitable construction, such as a. haspfffastener .23may be provided for releasably holdifigthe cover 12-to thecontainer-11;.

It should be noted that by proportioning and arranging'the parts as described above,

a relatively thin and-compactlyfitted van-x itycase is provided whereinthe cosmetics accessories. utilize substantially the enand tire interior and yet are readily. accessible for convenientcuse, particularly, the arrange-'1.

ment and manner of hingin 'of th'e mirror ter is presse below the, top

It willthus be seen that there is providedbe made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embod1-1 ment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing is-to be interpreted as illustrative and'not n a limiting \SGIISB.

Having thus described my invention, I claimlas new and desire to secure-byLetters 1. vanity and a'cover, said container substantially identical-in each adapted to hold a cosmetic, a hinge joining the cover to the container, and a double faced mirror secured to the hinge for swinging movement between the container and cover, said mirror having anoffset portion topermit'the mirror'to be positioned a substantial d the'available space over creased as and for the and specified.

2.- A vanity'case comprising a container and a cover, a hinge joining the container is 1npurposes described the cover'to the contamena double faced mirror secured to the hinge for swinging movement between the container and cover, said cover having adapted to meet the conditions of practical As various possible embodiments might,

:compartment, reflecting means secure swing relative to said a flecting means case comprising a izontainerv andcover being 7 shape and size-and istance into the cover whereby apartitioning guard member adapted to retain a cosmetic, the face portion of said member'being disposed inwardly from the rim portion of saideover, said mirrorhaving an offset 'ortion to permit swinging the mirror into t e cover-to l'ie flat against said face portion. v

- 3. A vanity case comprising two members hinged together,

d to members and into one of said compartments, a cosmetic in said latter compartment, a partitioning guard membe]: disposed to occupy less than the entire depth'of said lattercompartment, said rebeingadapted to lie flat against said guard member when swung into said latter compartment.

4.A vanity case comprisin a container and cover, said container substantially identical in shape and size, cosmetics fitted tooccupy less than the entire depth of the container and the cover, a hinge joining the cover to the container and a relatively thin metallic, double faced mirror secured to the hinge for swinging movement relative to ,the container and cover, said mir I or having an integral ofiset portion to permit' ositioning thereof into said mirror and the cosmetic in said container, and a powder puff disposed in said space.

In testimon whereof I affix my signature.


said members each having a cover where y a space is provided between said and coverbeing

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