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Publication numberUS1622755 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 29, 1927
Filing dateJul 27, 1925
Priority dateAug 18, 1924
Publication numberUS 1622755 A, US 1622755A, US-A-1622755, US1622755 A, US1622755A
InventorsHales Asbridge Harry
Original AssigneeHales Asbridge Harry
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Cam-grinding machine
US 1622755 A
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March" 29, 1927.

.ggaznss H. H.l ASBRlDGE CAM GRINDNG MAGHNE Filed Julyl 27,

Manch 29, 1927.

2? 2 m 6? y l M. .W1 s uw 4 E Ema Gww DA. 'M7 T2 N Sly Amm. IJ R HGM M. HNF,...

March 29, 1927 H. H. ASBRIDGE CAM GRINDING MACHINE Filed July 27. 1925 4 Sheets--Sheecic Fig.4

@Patented Mar. 29, 192

izzgss :y2 nuire!) STATES PATENT OFFICE.



implication filed July 27, M25, Serial No. '46,41% and in Great Britain August XB, 1924.

This invention. relates to machines for tho grinding of the cams upon the cum sliuits of internal combustion und like engines.

The object of my present invention is to provide means for the more expeditious and economica grinding of the said cams which :ire integral with tlle com shafts und which have heretofore usually been ground one ut o time.

My invention comprises the combination with means suijiporting the cuni slm-ft, of u plurality of independently mounted rotat- `ing; grinding Wheels, each operating 'upon one com, the positions and the feed movements o'l" seid Wheels being' controlled by master caros or formare9 for adjusting 'the Ig'iosition of the grinding 'wheels zw;-l

ially with relation to the coms, und ineens 'for reciprocating the com shaft during grinding'.

My' invention further comprises :i grind-- ingr machine haring in combinution with o fixed liead., sliding1 heads mounted upon u reciprooetory tnlrlc and carrying anni. roti ing the com sllufu the come oi1 which :ire to bey ground, and n plurality of grinding Wheels each carried by an erm or its equivolent'ou'palole of oscillotorj movement: under the action o u muster com or oriiner, elicli of Suid arms being lx'lvotelly mounted upon l an adjustable slide.

My invention further comprises theJ rie tails of eonsiruction hereinafter f lcscriiied.

Referring; to tlm accompanying explainatory' drswingm-- Figure 1 is a plan View of o, 'niucliiue constructed in one convenient, form in accordance 'with my invention for grinding four cams simultaneously.

Figure il is an end elevation of the mnchine,

liiguro Il is u, trout elevation.

Figure 4; is n. detail View of the ixcd sind sliding; heads to lie hereinafter referred to,

Figure 5 is sin end elevation ol tlie sliding hond .showing itsuttuclnment to the machine lundcuamd ll'igure un end. View oi tftie fixed lined.

The .seme reference letters in tlio different views indicato tlic suine 'ilic lied fr, of the mucliino curl'ics 'on suit- :ililo slifloimys7 foui- .siinilm slides l), 'two at ouch sido ot the lied. l'luoii slide luis o spindle c therethrough liziving u, ''mml 'Wheel o3' :it ono end and :i ruck pinion. e tlie other oscillating erm .fi carries a slide il: havin el roller m thereon, the slide being udjustaile in the arm.

At the lower part of Jche bed. is mounted a` shaft. n, adopted to curry'the master cams or ormers o, upon which tlge rollers m bear. The number of muster cams corres onds with the numiber of cams to be groun the disposition ot' the master come on the master com shaft lieingr identical with the position of therame on tlie cam shaft "Doing operated upon, "Further, the grinding wheels 79 and tlio rollers m swing in lille same Vertical plane and in their operative positions, the grinding' wheel enses are practically verti willy nove the unes of the ulcrum pins g.

The muster cam slmft n is supported at its outer ond luy :i longitudinally adjustable in'nckc't, fj. i

acli roller m is maintained in Contact wit-li its master com or forn'ier 0 by reason oi tho weight; of the arm f'L so that; he contour of tlze muster com imports the necessary oecillntory movement to the erm. L and the fri'inrirign wheel or milling cutter thereon to produce the roquiredwzontour on' the com on the camshaft,

'.ilie machine lied lius thereon :L fixed head 7' (sce Figures flnnd (l) through which passes u spindle carrying at one ond the faceplate -und et the other ond a Worm wheel t. A table u is also mounted upon the bed a and is adapted to imve a reciprocntory movement imparted thereto us hereinafter described. Upon the tuiile u' are secured o. lieudstock u'. sind' a, tiziilstocl w. The camshaft 2 'to be nuchined is carried lietwccn tho licadst ck 'o und tailstock lo und rotated by the rivf ing' plate m on the former. The fuce plate s on iloe .timid licnd i rotates thedriving plete by moans of the pins u, which pass tfiroupgl; holes in the pinto a on the spindle curryingtl driving pitite The arrangement of die driving ins i/ ensures the postire rotation of the z anddriving; plate m by the face plate 8 during the reciproca- 'ion of the table u carrying the heads o and 1o, which I eall the. sliding heads.

The master cam shaft n and the eain sha-ft 2 are rotated in unison by means of worm gearing from a 1111111111011 vertical shaft 3. Seid shaft is rotated from ihe 3 sneed heit pulley l through hei'ol Wheels 7 (Figure 3). The Wheel Tis upon a sleeve around the shaft 3 which 1:2111 he clui'ched to 111e said l shaft hy means o'E 'l'he eiul'eh 8. Ai' iis louer end the shaft I3 Carries :1 11'111111 i) which meshes with the 11'111'111 wheel 10 1111 the ums- 11e1 `11111 shaft 11, and at iis upper end carries Worin li which 111eshes with i'he WO1-111 Wheel 1? before referred to on the fixed head 1'. The heh pulley shaft also rotates ihrough spur gearing l2. 1Qr` :1 11'111111 shaft 13A which drives a 11'111'111 wheel ifi; having :1 crank pin l5 "rhereon, 'lhe latter os=1illz1ies a Connecting' rod '113 coupled io an 111-111 17 pivoied :d 18 1'11 i'he 111111-hi11e hed. A link 19 connects Ji'he iahle y111e the :11111 l? and so Causes the 1e1ip1'oe11i'io11 of he lulde during ihe. workingv of the 111:11'hi11e lo 1111 ure even 'wear of the grinding1 wheels in the known 111111191'. The poini of eonnevition hetween ihe link 19 and the :11111 1T 111111 l1(l Varied io adjust ihe length oi stroke oi: (hey iahle u. ll' will he seen ihai ihe discoiuierion o'F the clutch 8 does 11111 interfere u'iih the reciproeuiion ol the 'ahle u.

Each oscillating arm 71. has ihereou :1 Screw threaded stop 2O (see Fig. Q) whinfh'ean be utilized to uithdraw the rollers w1 from the master 111111111 o1- iorniers Whilst the saddles are being adjusted, along the machine hed.

it will loe seen fhat the grinding wheel heads are made right and left handed so that the grinding; Wheels c1111 he brought close io each other 1'11 pairs. Each wheel or cutter is rotated by its 011111 belt pulley 2l.

ln the Construction illustrated.I after fou; of he cams on the @11111 shaft 9, have been lground or n'uuhined, "she saddles L are a1liusled in position and the ren'laining 11111: 1::1111s dealt with.

l 1fl11i111:- lfn :1 1:11111 grinding 111:1chi11e, in 1r11111l1i11alion` :1 led, hfu'izonially irzwersihle slides lolalid 11i' ihe opposiie sides of said hed., 1.1ili1 111011111 iior traversing said slides` arms each fuleriuned ahou a pivot 11n slide,

.gri11111111111- wheels heads each carried by an arm, and means for iiraversiiufr said-heads upon said :11ansn a master 1:11111 carrying' shaft located in the hase of the machine, rollers upon .said arms hearing upon the master l:1111s. a iahle longitudinally traversible 11111111 ,said hed. means upon said table for rotatably .supporting Jthe cara shaft, the earns of which are to he ground grindingT wheels 1111011 the grinding* heads i11 Vertical alignment with the rollers aforesaid, means i111pa1'i1111r longitudinal roeiproeai'ing111011111111311(A to said table, a fixed head 11111111 the machine hed, a drive shaf' journalied in said head, means connecting said shaft 'with the camshaft-s1111- portinoaueans for' rotating: the 1:11111 shaft and means for roi-ating the master 011111 shaft. and he cani shaft being ground in timed, relai'ion.

ln iesinlony whereof have signed 11137 naine to this speeiealsion.


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