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Publication numberUS1623919 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 5, 1927
Filing dateJun 16, 1926
Priority dateJun 16, 1926
Publication numberUS 1623919 A, US 1623919A, US-A-1623919, US1623919 A, US1623919A
InventorsLouis Hagen
Original AssigneeLouis Hagen
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Supporting attachment for clotheslines
US 1623919 A
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April 5 .1927. 1,623,919




Application filed June 16, 1928. Serial No. 116,450.

This invention relates to supporting dethe present invention preferably consists of vices d h ti l reference t a clip a length of resilient'wire or other suitable for supporting garment hangers or the lik material which is bent up to provide a U- 4 from a clothesline, shaped clip having a bight which includes a lot has be n noted, especially on ndle a pair of parallel spaced legs 11 projecting ll li th t a t. h r st upwardly from the bight the free terminals either be tied or otherwise secured thereto 12 of the legs being bent reversely downfor preventing sliding of the same longituward, with outwardly and downwardly didinally thereon, verging extremities 13, which, together with W Th present invention aims, as its printhe legs 11, constitute relatively wide encipal object, to provid a. ean f r co ne ttrance mouths 14; for facilitating the engageing and supporting a garment hanger from ment of the device with the clothesline. The a clothesline, so as to eliminate the necessity medial portion of the bight is formed with 5 of tying or employing makeshift m ns for a central depending offset 15 which is parsecuring a garment hanger to the line. ticularly adapted to accommodate the hook The invention furthermore comprehends C of the garment hanger B. lVhen applied a supporting attachment for clotheslines to the line as particularly illustrated in Figwhich is extremely simple in its construction, ure 3, a lateral kink D is produced in the inexpensive to manufacture and which is line to positively preclude longitudinal LU highly efficient in practice. movement of the clip thereon.

Vvith the above recited andother objects From the foregoing it will thus be seen in view, reference is had to the following that a supporting attachment which is esspecification and accompanying drawings in pecially adapted for supporting garment which there is exhibited one example or emhangers from clotheslines has been devised, bodiment of the invention which is in no and which will overcome the necessity of way intended as a limitation upon the scope employing a makeshift means for securing of the appended claim as it is to be clearly the hook of a garment hanger to a clothesunderstood that variations and modifications line to prevent longitudinal movement which properly fall within the scope of said thereon.

30 claim may be resorted to when found ex- \Vhat I claim is:

pedient. A supporting device of the character set In the drawingsforth comprising a length of resilient mate- Figure 1 is a perspective view illustratrial bent into substantially U-shaped form 7 ing the supporting attachment in use; to include a bight having a centrally depend- Figure 2 is an enlarged view of the suping offset and legs having reversely bent terporting attachment engaged with the line; minals arranged in the same plane with the Figure 3 is a plan view thereof: legs and bight whereby when the terminals Referring to the drawings by characters are engaged over a clothesline alateral kink of reference, A designates a clothesline, B is formed therein to prevent accidental disa. garment hanger and O the usual supportplacement of the same therefrom and sliding hook of the garment hanger. ing of the same thereon.

The supporting attachment constituting LOUIS HAGEN.

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U.S. Classification248/317, 211/86.1, 211/119, 5/259.1
International ClassificationD06F55/00
Cooperative ClassificationD06F55/00
European ClassificationD06F55/00