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Publication numberUS1624469 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 12, 1927
Filing dateJun 24, 1926
Priority dateJun 24, 1926
Publication numberUS 1624469 A, US 1624469A, US-A-1624469, US1624469 A, US1624469A
InventorsBrown George Edward
Original AssigneeBrown George Edward
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Game board
US 1624469 A
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April 12 1927. 1,624,469

G- E. BROWN GAME BOARD Filed June 24. 1926 F "um I mm; mum lmm mum mum 1 1 NI "EN TOR.

Patented Apr. 12, 192 7.

' 1,624,469- PATENT OFFICE,



Application filed June 24, 1926. Serial No. 118,273.

My invention relates to a game board constructed preferably in the form of an oblong rectangle, the object of my invention is to simulate the game of hockey and in order to accomplish this object, in miniature, I have inaugurated additions and alterations, but, have retained the basic action of the game of hockey including the objective points as played and recognized on I the regulation hockey field.

Another object of my invention is "to retain and accentuate the competitive interest and action present in the game of hockey, to'furtherthis object I provide for two players to compete in controlling and manipulating the provided game piece or puck,'miniature hockey sticks or clubs are provided for the manipulation or movement of this said game piece or puck and fixed obstructionsare positioned at various locations on this miniature board or field with the object in view of deflecting and obstructing the free movement of the game piece or puck when struck or pushed by the provided sticks or clubs.

Another object of my invention is to restrict the free movement of the provided miniature sticks or clubs, to accomplish this object I provide a transparent top or cover, preferably of glass, positioned slightly above'the tops of the obstructions that are fixed to the board or field, thus, allowing a free lateral action of the sticks or clubs but causing the operator or player to move the provided stick around the obstructions, thus, preventing the player from lifting and replacing the stick, without interference, at such positions as they may desire in their attempt to strike or push the provided game piece or puck, to further control and restrict the free' movement of the sticks or clubs I prefer to construct them of a flat material, preferably a flexible metal provided with a suitable handle on one end and a right angle bend, tapering to a blunt point, at the opposite end, the length of this said right angle bend being approximately the same as the height of the fixed obstructions, thus, allowing the striking or pushing of the game piece. or puck at'any position it may be located at on the board or field. V

I also provide an inclosure surrounding the entire board or field, this inclosure is primarily to-keep the puck on and within the limits of the board or field, the ends of.

' located this inclosure also provide a medium suitable for fastening the transparent top' or cover rigidly and permanently in position, I also provide that the sides of the'inclosure are constructed slightly lower than the top or transparent cover and on an approximate level with the tops of the fixed ob structions, this provisionis made to allow for the free lateral movement of the provided sticks or clubs as detailed herein.

I' may also mention. that I provide a round hole of suitable size in each end of the inclosure,the object of these holes'is to allowthe insertion of the provided sticks or clubs when they are not in use or requ'ired, .thus, providing a self contained game board, the game piece or puck is allowed to remain'in the inclosure when game board is not in use.

To further simulate the game of hockey I provide a designated position at center of board or field for the placing-of the game piece or puck at the starting of the game, and I also provide at-each end designated positions known and referred to asgoals,

to locate in order to Win the game, thus,

a players objective point is to prevent the opposing player from forcing the puck to wards him until it comes to rest in his goal and also to cause the puck to move towards the opponent and come to rest in his goal at the opposite side of board or field.

The action of the game in regular competition is as follows :'The game piece or puck is placed in designated position at center'of board, each player then inserts a stick or club in their right hand side of the game board in the slot or opening provided immediately under the transparent top or 'c over with the right angle bend pointing down, the point of the stick or club should be located in goal nearest to them at their end of board, at I the call of time both players go into action striving to force the puck over into the goal of opponent located atfarside of board, bending or prying with 'the clubs is prohibited, if the puck should become located in a trap (places too narrow to allow puckto pass thru, and of which there are several) the problem then is to maneuver untilthe puck is clear of the trap and proceed to continue towards the objective points until one or the, other scores by iii) till

getting the puck inside the objective goal at opponents end of board.

The game piece or puck used in the game may be of any suitable material or composition I: prefer to use one of metal as it elimihates rebound and altho mobile otters proper resistance.

Figure (1) ol? the accompanying drawing, which is a part of this petition, shows a top view of the game board, illustrating the positions and contour of the fixed obstructions which are an essential and integral part of the game board, Figure shows a (.LOilis or sectional view of the gamcboard and the tired obstructions, also the trans-- parent top or cover in its proper position and the epace provii'led between it and the topa of the obstructions allowing :lor the inanipulation ol' the provided sticke or clubs, Figure (4-3) shone the approximate eize and contour ot the provided metal pack or garlic piece, l iguro (l) ehows the character and coinstruction ot the stick or club provided. for the manipulation of the metal puck, or game piece.

Relative to the drawing which is a part ol' this petition and attached hereto l have shown in l igure a top view oil the herein described hockey game board munerals voter to the tired oljialirucl'ione of various shapee and their approximate location on the game board. these obetructione may be constructed ol any suitable material, wood, meta l or composition, in the model the coin strin-tion is of wood, numeral -U-- refers to the starting point where the puck is positioned at the beginning of the game, nnmernls ---T--- refer to the goala which are the objective points of play for the final positioninn ol the puck in order to win a game, numerals Elrefer to the sides of the inclosure and numerals -tlreler to the ends oi the inclosure to which the il'illlSlJl'llOllil top or cover attached. .liignre (12) shows a side or sectional view oi? the game board, munerals -lllrefer to the various obstructions positioned on the board. numcral1.lrei'ere to the side of? the inelosure cut away to clarity the details of the obstructions, numeral *1 refers to the transpm'ent top or cover and shows it secured to ends of inclosure and positioned slightly above the tops oil? the obstructions and the sides of the im-losurc. numeral 12l refers to the space provided for the lateral movement of the provided sticks or clubs. this space clear and when inserted therein the provided stirkst or clubs may be freely moved laterally, due to the flat construction o'l. same, but may not be li'l'ted to avoid cont actwith the obetructione and time allow a too tree and unrestricted movement of the provided clubs, numeral -'llrefers to the end of the iiiieloaure and shows also the provided con- Strnction shaped to support the trans 'iarent this shank ol the club being ol the same a iproximate length as the width ol? the game board, numeral -ll-lrefers to the right angle turn or bend or the club and numeral --ll)--- relere to the end oi? the right angle bend used as a point ot contact when striking or pushing the puck, numeral rclere to the handle o l the provided club, it may be noted this bundle somewhat larger than the shank or body of the club, this is to prevent long;- angular reaches with the club durina play and cause the player to more the playing hand along with the travel ol the puck, it is flit- 0 required that the playinnhand oi the player he kept in contact with the hoard or table the game l'ioard may be resting upon, this reqniren'ient tends to eliminate upward prying with tile provided clubs, thie tendency to pry invariably becomes; evident when the players get into action and their goal is in danger of opponent. i

Your petitioner crmtends that; minor clnmgei; such as shape or location of obstructions general outline o'li game board or the slllmt itiltion oi wires-i in lieu of glass or transparent top or cover would in no way alter the spirit oi the invention as described in detail. herein. v

What i claim as my invention 1. in combination, a garlic board simulation; in miniatinre the game of hockey, having lined obstructions Joaitioned thereon and having provided a mobile game piece known as a puck together with suitable miniature sticks or clubs designed to move or manipu late said puck also havil'ig provided a transparent top or cover with suitable Space provided between said top or cover and obstructions and sides oi game board inclosnre to allow for the restricted movement or manipulation of said sticks or clubs.

in con'ibiinttion, a game board simulating, in miniature, the game of hockey and having provided; fixed i'iljistruetions, a mobile game piece or puck, clubs or sticks to manipulate said game piece or puck, a transparent: top or cover permitting clear vision but restricting promiscuous n'iovements of clubs or sticke and a designated position for plaeimrsaid game piece or puck at starting of game and also designated positions as objective points for location otgame piece or puck at the linish oi the game. i

3, 'ln (annbination. a gameboard simnlating, in miniature, the game of hockey and having provided; lined obstructions, minia tnre clubs or sticks of suitable desigma mobile miniature gaine piece or puck a transparent top or cover, a designated position for location of game piece or puck at starting of game, designated positions for location of game piece or puck at finish of game and an inclosui'e surrounding the game board, the ends of same being used as a supporting medium for the transparent top or cover the sides of said inclosure being constructed slightly lower than the ends and on 10 an approximate level with the top of the game piece or puck.

Signed at Los Angeles, Los' Angeles County, State ofC alifornia, this 19 day of June 1926.


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