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Publication numberUS1625064 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1927
Filing dateJun 7, 1926
Priority dateJun 7, 1926
Publication numberUS 1625064 A, US 1625064A, US-A-1625064, US1625064 A, US1625064A
InventorsNicola Vello
Original AssigneeNicola Vello
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Combination tool
US 1625064 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

, A rll 19 1927f VELLO COMBINATION TOOL Filed June 7/1926 Mtg/a INVYL'NTOR By M A TTORNE y Patented Apr. 19, 1927.



Application filed. June 7,

My present invention relates to combination tools, and more particularly to combination tools of the plier type.

The purpose of my invention is to produce a tool in which a number of various tools are combined for the purpose of obviating the expense of a number of separate tools and the space ordinarily occupied by separate tools.

Another object is to provide means for readily changing the function of several of the parts.

A further object is to provide a tool with which wire cotter-pins may be placed in position and clinched at one operation.

In the accompanying drawings:

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the invention,

Fig. 2 is top elevation of the same,

Fig. 3 is a detail view partly in section of one of the jaws,

Fig. 4 is an end elevation of the same, and

Fig. 5 is a cross-section of jaw 1 on line 55 of Fig. 1 and ignoring the supplemental aw 4:.

Referring to the drawings, the tool consists generally of a pair of pliers consisting of jaws 1 and 2 having integral handles 1 and 2 hinged together by a hinge pin 3 in the usual manner. Jaw 2 is provided with a toothed concave portion 2 suitable for gripping pipe or similar round surfaces. Jaw 1 is provided with a loose supplemental jaw at hinged thereto by a pin 5 so as to be swung into either the full-line position or to the dotted-line position and provided with a toothed concave pipe gripping surface 4* opposed to surface 2 when in the dotted-line position. A spring 6 mounted on the jaw 1 serves to hold the supplemental jaw in place in the dotted-line position.

Jaw 2 terminates in a round pin 2 on which is rotatably mounted a supplemental jaw 7 held in place by a screw 8. This jaw 7 is )IOVlClGCl with one flat or slightly toothec or roughened face 7 for cooperating with a similar face 4 on jaw 4- to function as plier surfaces. It is also provided with several grooves 7 designed to receive the heads of wire cotter-pins the eyes of which encircle pins 7. Jaw 7 is provided with index holes 7 d for locking it in its several operative positions, and a locking pin 9 for cooperating therewith is slidably mounted in jaw 2. Jaw 1 has a V-shaped anvil 1926. Serial No. 114,125.

surface 1 which is exposed for use when 4; is swung to the clotted-line position. This anvil surface is designed to spread the cotter-pins held by the jaw 7.

Jaw 1 is provided with a hammer face 1 and a fixed wrench opening 1 of different sizes at opposite sides so as to accommodate nuts of different sizes. Each jaw is also provided with a wire cutting edge 1 or 2.

In using the device for placing cotterpins, the jaw t is turned to the dotted-line position and jaw 7 is revolved and locked to bring one of the pins 7 directly opposite the anvil face 1". The cotter-pin may then be placed. on pin 7 and its end entered in the hole in the bolt and forced through by pressure applied to the handles. As the end of the pin comes through the bolt it will be spread upon contacting with the anvil face 1 The pins 7 are made of various sizes to correspond to different sizes of cotter- Other uses of the device will be obvious without further description.

Having described my invention what I claim is:

1. In a combination tool of the plicr type, a jaw provided with a revolving cotter-pinholder, and an opposed jaw provided with a V-shaped pin-spreading anvil, and a hinged flat anvil designed to he superimposed thereon when desired.

2. In a tool of the plier type, a jaw designed to enter and support the eye of a cotter-pin with its point projecting toward the opposite aw, and an opposing jaw pro vided with a V-shaped face for spreading the pins. 7

3. In a tool of the plier type. a revolvable jaw designed to independently support cotter-pins of diiferent sizes and present them in position for driving and means for driving and clinching said pins when so presented including a V-shaped opposing jaw.

4. The device of claim 3, including means for locking the revolvable jaw in various positions.

5. The device of claim 3, including a supplemental flat jaw hinged to and designed to be superimposed upon the V-shaped jaw when desired.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification81/422, 7/132, 72/409.1, 7/138, 269/279
International ClassificationB25F1/00
Cooperative ClassificationB25F1/006
European ClassificationB25F1/00C