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Publication numberUS1625591 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1927
Filing dateMar 3, 1926
Priority dateMar 3, 1926
Publication numberUS 1625591 A, US 1625591A, US-A-1625591, US1625591 A, US1625591A
InventorsEarl G Chase
Original AssigneeEarl G Chase
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Mask for electric-light bulbs
US 1625591 A
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E. G. CHASE ASK FOR ELECTRIC LIGHT BULBS Filed March s. 192e E, 6'. ha.

331# n? www Patented Apr. 19, 1927.



Application led March 3, 1926. SerialNo. 92,041.

Standard electric light bulbs are usually clear and transparent and because of the eX- tensive demand may be supplied at a relatively' small cost. For decorative and other purposes it is desirable' to employ colored lights, but the cost and diiiiculty incident yto the procurement of colored electric light bulbs of standard size precludes the use of such lights.

The present invention providesfor the use of the ordinary standard electric light bulb in its usual capacit-y land also for use as' a colored light for decorativeor other analogous purposes. 'i i In accordance with the invention a sectional mask is provided to envelop the standard electric light bulb. This mask is translucent and colored and the sections may be of the same or different colors to meet-.the schematic lighting requirements. The mask may comprise any number of sections and each of the sections consists of a body and a neck portion and conforms to a longitudinal portion of the standard bulb, so that when the sections are assembled they result in a mask having the shape of the bulb which is enclosed thereby.

The invention further provides a mask of the character specified that is lasting, durable, susceptible of repeated use and which may be supplied t-o the trade at a small cost and which may be easily placed in position without liability to displacement by varia- Y tions in temperature or climatic conditions.

While the drawings illustrate a preferredy embodiment of the invention it is to be understood that in adapting the means to meet' specic needs and requirements, the design` .may be varied and such other changes in the minor details of construction may be resorted to within the scope of the invention as claimed, without departing from the spirit thereof.

F or a full understanding of the inventionV and the merits thereof reference is to be had to the following description and the the line 4 4 of Figure 1, looking in the direction of the arrows, and

Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 3 of a modification.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to Vin the following description and desig` nated in the several views of the drawings corresponds toa longitudinal portion of the electric light bulb. The sections are relatively thin and the meeting edges obtainV a a close joint to prevent any marring of the effect which would result from an ill-fitting Joint.

The mask may be constructed of any suitable translucent material, preferably of a vitreous nature, such as glass and the interior of the body portion of the mask is a triie larger than the exterior diameter of the body portion of the electric light bulb so as to leave a slight space 6 to compensate for contraction and expansion and to provide for a circulation of air which enters by way of an opening 7 at the lower end and escapes by way of passages at the upper end. A s shown most clearly in Figure 2, the shoulder of the mask rests upon the shoulder of the electric light bulb and in the forii. indicated in Figures 2, 3 and 4 passages S are provided for the escape of the heated air from the space 6 and these passages terminate a short distance from the shoulder, as indicated most clearly in Figures 2 and 3. In the modification shown iny Figure 5, the passages 9 extend from the opening 7 to the upper or outer end of the neck 5. The neck portion of the mask is constructed so as to obtain a snug fit about the neck portion 2 of the electric bulb, hence the necessity for providing the passages 8 and 9 for the escape of the heated air from the space 6 formed Vbetween the body portion of the bulb and mask. Y

For securing the sections of the mask when vclose fit and are preferably ground to secure asfembled, a band l() of annealed or bend able metal is employed and this` band has a link ll litted to one end through which the opposite end ot the band is inserted and drawn to clamp and secure the sections, atter which the end portion ot' the band passed through the link ll is folded upon itsel'tf, as indicated at 1Q. The opening may be formed in either one et' the sections, or

" partly in each ot the Sections, an may be Yfound most advantageous.

To insure a sott light it is preferred to 'frost the inner eide ot each ot the setfioneI et the mask and this frosting may be ell'eeted in any determinate way preferably by a sand blant. The mank is provided with any insig-nia legend, or design, au indicated at l?) in ltigures 3 and and the saine may be provided in any usual, or preferred wa)v such as protectingl that portion of the mask prelinii nary to t'rosting as commonly praetieed in the art ot glass ornamentation.

Having thus deeeribed the invention, claim:

l. A mask Ator electric light bnlbs ot' a size to leave ay space between the bulb and mask :tor the circulation ot air, and eoniprising compleniental longitudinal sections including body and neck portions, and hayq ing inner grooves forming passage ways in the neck portion projecting beyond the shoulder between the body and neck for the escape ot heated air from the space Formed between Athe body portion of the bulb and mask.

i. A mask ttor electric lightI bulbs, of a size to leave a space between the bulb and mask tor the circulation ot air, and having' an opening in its lower end 'lier the admission et cool air, said niailk comprising complemental loiigitiulinal sections including body and neck port'ioin ,v and having inner grooves forming passage ways in the neck portion projecting beyond the Shoulder betweenthe body and neck tor the escape ot heated air troni the space lmnied between the body portion ot the bulb and mask.

El. )i mask tor electric light bulbs harinj a smooth exterior surface and a treated inner surface and ot a size to leave a space between the bulb and mask tor the circulation ot air and comprising' transluseent and eolored longitudinal reetionsl ot vitreous material having a ground joint between the sectiene. and haringl `an opening in its lower end 'tor the admission oi eool air and inner grooves forming passageways in the neck portion projecting beyond the Shoulder between the body and neck tor the eseape ot" heated air 'from the space termed between the body portions et the bulb and mask and means applied to the `neck ot the mask 'tor securing the sections when assembled.

In testimony whereot' I atlix my signature.


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