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Publication numberUS1625647 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 19, 1927
Filing dateApr 15, 1926
Priority dateApr 15, 1926
Publication numberUS 1625647 A, US 1625647A, US-A-1625647, US1625647 A, US1625647A
InventorsGillan Gowan C
Original AssigneeOntario Knife Co Inc
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Display easel and tray
US 1625647 A
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1,625,647 Ap 1927- G. c. GILLAN DISPLAY EASEL AND TRAY Filed April 15. 1926 2 Sheets-Sheei 1 NNNNNN OR ATTORNEYS 1,625,647 Alprll 19, 1927 G. c. Gil-LAN DISPLAY EASEL AND TRAY Filed April 1 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 H INVENTOR 6f 6. 6271mm.

ATTORNEYS the rear of the device,

Patented Apr. 19, 1927.




Application filed April 15, 1926. Serial No. 102,273.

This invention relates to a display easel and tray, the easel adapted to be fitted within the tray,'and a cover positioned thereon for shipment.

An object of the invention is to provide an easel which is supported in an approved manner on a tray, the latter containing articles to be removably supported on the easel, so that when one of the articles on the easel is sold a similar article may be conveniently lotiated therein to take the place of the one so (1.

A further object is to provide an easel containing clamps or other devices adapted to support articles, such as cutlery and the like, with pictorial representations of the different articles adjacent the clamp, so that when a clamp is emptied the pictorial illustration will indicatethe,particular article or piece of cutlery to be placed therein.

A further object is to provide a device of this character in which all the articles to be sold are ornamentally and attractively displayed, and in which the stock or supply of such articles is carried and is out of sight is readily accessible as occasion may 1-e-- but uire. With invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combinations and arrangements of parts, which will be more fully hereinafter described and pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1' is a perspective View, showing my improved device, as a whole, in operation or in position for display. Theclamps are shown as empty but it is to be-understood that each clamp is to receive and support an article for display and sale.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of-the tray, showing an arrangement of boxes therein for containing articles to be displayed on the easel.

Figure 3 is a perspective view, taken from as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary view in section, on an enlarged scale, on the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a view similar to Figure 4, taken on the line 5-5 of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is a plan view of my improved device with the easel removed;

Figure 7 is an enlarged broken view, in

these and other objects 'in view, the- 1 represents my improved tray, which is preferably of rectangular form, and is provided throughout its edges with upwardly projecting walls 2 of the desiredheight. In this tray 1 I support a plurality of boxes or containers 3 which are adapted to contain the articles to be displayed and sold. Over these boxes 3 I locate a covering sheet 4, which is preferably of heavy cardboard although it may be of any suitable material.

'5 represents my improved easel, which is mainly of cardboard or other suitable material, and has an ornamental frame or border 6 secured thereto. This easel 5 at its sides is provided with supports 7 which may constitute an integralpart of the easel itself and be foldable against the easel or at an angle thereto, or the supports may be otherwise constructed and arranged to perform the functions desired. When the device is to be stored or shipped, the supports 7 are folded against the easel and the latter fits within the tray 1, and a cover 8 is telescoped over the tray to enclose the several parts, as glearly indicated in Figure 7.

The covering sheet 4: above referred to is of such'size as to fit snugly within the tray 1 and to act as a cover for all of the boxes This sheet at its side edges and at'its rear portion is made with recesses 9 of such proportions as to allow the supports 7 to be projected therethrough and rest upon the bottom of the tray 1, so that the walls of these recesses 9 in conjunction with the walls of the tray 1 function to hold the supports 7 against displacement; in other words, the location of the supports in the recesses 9 insures the proper positioning of the easel, with the lower edge resting over the front of the tray, and ensuring a strong and rigid arrangement of the parts for display purposes. The supports are recessed, as shown at 7 to allow the easel to be thus positioned.

On the front of the easel 5 I provide a series of clamps or clips 10 which are adapted to receive and support articles to be displayed, and as I do not limit myself to the particular form or construction of these clamps or clips it is to be understood that I may employ any such devices which will be adapted for the purpose intended.

On the easel 5, and preferably in line with the respective clamps or clips 10, I locate pictures or signs ll of the respective articles to be supported in the clamps or clips 10 so that when one of these clips is emptied it is a simple matter to find the proper articles to place therein by simply'referrin to the pictorial representation registeret with said clip.

In the boxes 3 I locate a supply of ditferent articles to be supported in the clips,

I so that when one or more of these articles are sold it is simply necessary to lift the sheet 4 and remove the desired articles from the boxes 3 and place them in the clips or clamps.

To facilitate the elevating of the sheet 4. a finger-receiving recess 12 is provided, as

clearly shown in Figure i. As the, boxes 3 are of the same depth but are appreciably shallower than the tray 1, the sheet a is confined within the tray and the easel is so positioned as to permit the lifting of the sheet without disturbing the easel.

In order to strengthen the tray and properly space the boxes from the walls thereof to insure the accommodation of the ends of the supports 7 when projected through the recesses 9, spacing strips 13 are secured to the side walls o:t the tray and extend from the rear to the front thereof as far as the recess 9 in sheet 4.

It will thus be noted that with my improved apparatus when the device is shipped, the easel is elevated from the tray 1, the supports folded inwardly against the easel, and then the easel deposited within Leases? through the recesses 9 between the spacers 13 and the front of the tra allowing the lower end of the easel to project over the front of the tray and be securely held.

Previous to this positioning of the easel, articles may be located in the several clamps for display purposes. When one of these articles is sold the pictorial representation will indicate to the retailer just which article is missin and he can replace the same from the supply in the box 3 below the sheet 4:.

While my invention is particularly ada ted for use in connection with the dispiziy and sale of cutlery, I would have it understood that I do not limit myself to this particular use nor do I limit myself to the particular details of construction set forth, but consider myself at liberty to make such slight changes and alterations as fairly fall within the spirit and scope of the appended claims. i

I claim:

1. A device of the character described, in

cluding a tray, a sheet supported in the tray and spaced from the bottom of the tray, said sheet having recesses in its ends, an easel, and supports on the easel adapted to be jnojected through the recesses in the sheet and confined in said recesses. V 2. A device of the character described, including a tray, a sheet supported in the tray and spaced from the bottom of the tray, said sheet having recesses in its ends, an easel adapted to be positioned over the front of the tray, and supports on the easel adapted to be projected through the recesses in the sheet and confined in said recesses.

23. The combination with a rectangular tray having vertical walls throughout its edges, a sheet fitting within the tray and having recesses in its side edges at one end, an easel, and supports at the sides of the easel fitting in the recesses of the sheet and confined between the walls'of said recesses and the walls of the tra OWAN C. GILLAN.

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