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Publication numberUS1626035 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1927
Publication numberUS 1626035 A, US 1626035A, US-A-1626035, US1626035 A, US1626035A
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US 1626035 A
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v 1,626,035 April 26, 1927- H c. HANSON OVEN FOR CAMP STOVES Filed Auz. 10, 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet l Inflwnior H. C. HANSON I OVEN FOR CAMP STOVES April 26,1927.

Filed Aug. 10, 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Inflrfior HANS C. HANSON i 26 1927. Apr! H. c. HANSON OVEN FOR CAMP STOVES Filed Auz. 10, 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet 3 j z/enior HAM: C A mvsa/v April 26,1927.

H. C. HANSON OVEN FOR CAMP STOVES Filed Auz. 10. 1925 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 yMMW Patented Apr. 26, 1927.




Application filed August 10, 1925.

This invention relates to a camp stove structure and particularly to such a structure comprising an oven adapted to be collapsed and packed into small space with the stove and adapted to be held in several operative positions. Camp stoves ot the type disclosed herein are now used in immense numbers and it is desirable to have an oven in connection therewith so that various baked articles may be cooked by the stove.

It is an object of this invention. therefore. to provide an oven comprising a plurality of connected plates which can quickly and easily be arranged to form an oven over the stove casing and which can easily and quickly be collapsed and l oldei'l together in very small space with the stove.

It is a further object of the invention to provide a camp stove having a casing with a collapsible oven, which oven may be disposed on and above the stove in cooking position or may be swung rearward and disposed at the rear oi. the stove to form a warming oven, means being provided for supporting the stove in said latter position.

it is still another object of the invention to provide a camp stove having a casing with a collapsible oven, one wall ot which to gether with the end portions, is adapted to be arranged as a wind shield. said casing being provided with means 't'or holding said end portions in position to itorin a wind shield.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a camp stove comprising a casing having a collapsible oven in connection therewith together with a collapsible heat distributing plate adapted to be disposed in said oven when in operative position and adapted to be collapsed and tolded into small space with said oven when the latter is in collapsed and pact-zed condition.

'ihese and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully set forth in the il ollowing description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters reter to the same parts throughout the ditl'crent views, and in which,

Fig. 1 is a View of the stove and oven when in collapsed and packed condition;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the stove with the legs extended and the oven portion partially unfolded;

Serial No. 49,473.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view showing the oven in operative position 011 and above the stove casing with the front door of the oven in raised position;

Fig. l a perspective view of the stove with certain of the oven parts arranged to form a wind shield;

Fig. 5 is a view of the stove with the oven disposed in its rearward position, another position of the parts being indicated in dotted lines;

Fig. (3 is a perspective view on an enlarged scale showing the wind shield supporting member and other parts secured to the stove casing. certain parts being shown in different position in dotted lines;

Fig. 7 is a vertical section taken through the top of the stove casing and oven when in collapsed and packed condition, said section being taken substantially at the position indicated by line 7 7 in 1, as indicated by the arrow;

Fig. 8 is a perspective view of the heat distributing plate used;

Fig. 9 is a vertical section taken substantially on the line 9-9 of Fig. 8, as indicated by the arrows; and

Fig. 10 is an enlarged view of a portion of Fig. 9.

Referring to the drawings, a camp stove ot the collapsible type is disclosed which comprises the stove containing casing 11 in the upper parts of which is disposed a grid 12 hinged at its rear sides with lugs or clips 13 secured to the rear of the casing 11. The casing 11 has a stove secured therein with the burners i disposed below grid 12. The casing 11 is supported on legs 14 which swing about the pivot arms i-l journaled in clip brackets 15 secured to the bottom of casing 11. and which have curved arms 14-" adapted to extend through holes 11 in the bottom of casing 11 adjacent the sides thereof whereby the legs it may be swung into the casing, as shown in Fig. 1, or may be extended to support the casing, as shown in Fig. 2, said curved arms 14 having notches 1s adjacent one end adapted to snap into engagement with the sides of the holes 11*, said arms being resilient so that they can be readily disengaged. The casing 11 is provided on one side with a swinging bail handle 11 by which the device is carried when in collapsed condition.

portions l1 01" the casing extending therearound. The plate 16 is shown as having);

its edges 16 folded inward to term a bead, which head is slotted at spaced points to provide spaced pintles about which extend at the ends oi? said plate the ears 19 secured to rectangular plates 19, which latter plates are thus hinged. at each end of plate lb, said plates 19 being shown as having; their upper and lower edges l9 folded inwardly. The plates 19 are provided with a row of holes 19 adjacent their lower edges, which term draft holes and certain of which are used if r a. purpose to be later described. The plates 19 also have pivoted to their outer sides adjacent their upper corners flat bars or rods 28, which bars or rods may be swung; into the position shown in 3 and 5. The plate 16 has spaced ll? secured thereto at its outer longitudinal edge which extend through slots termed in the edge of a plate .20 also 01" rectangular shape and of substantially the same length as plate 16. which plate 20 has an inwardly extending flange 20 oil con'iparatively sniall heightextending across its ends. The outer edge of plate 20 is provided with spaced slots 20" through which extend the substantially cylindrixal ears 21 which als extend through slots -tornied in a strip Another rectangular plate 2 L has slots 24-, formed in its inner edge corresponding to the slots 20 and substantially cylindrical ears or clips 23 extend tlllOUji'll the slots 2 i and through the slots 22 in the strip The plate 2% also has inwardly extending; flanges 524i" at each end and said plate is illustrated as ha vinp; its front edge rolled inward over a wire and slotted at its central portion to receive an operating; handle tongue 25. Plate 24. also has secured l'ieret-hrough substantially n'iidway thereof} downwardly extending clips 28 which are somewhat resilient and adi-ipted to co-operate when the device is in collapsed condition with pins 2"? projecting from the ends t casing 11. Pins 27 are carried at the upper ends of resilient strips 28 secured at their lower ends to the inside out casing 11. The casing 11. has a bracket 29 secured at each end provided with spaced ears in which journaled a rod 30 the lower end 30 of which is bent at a right angle andthe upper end 80 of which neeeyoas is also bent at a right angle and termed with hook 30 at its outer end. The rods 30 can be lifted in brackets 29 and swung outwardly across the top of the casing, as in dicated in dotted lines in F 6, and as shown in Fig. a, said rots, when the wind shield is not in use being disposed as shown in Fig. 6. The casing also has pivoted at its end a fiat strip 31 having a tongue 31 cut and struck up therefrom on its inner side.

A heat distributing plate $32 is provided made from a rectangular piece oi sheet metal having its longitudinal ed; as" bent downwardly and somewhat inwardly and proridel'l along .its ends with rows of holes 32. {laid plate also has ears 32 cut therefrom and bent downwardly in spaced relation adjacent each end thereot and these cars have pivoted therein at each end of the plate, a bail 23; formed from a small rod or wire these hails carrying on their lower portion, spaced ears as secured to a smaller rectangular plate 34:. ihe plates and 34- are thus pivotally' connected for relative swinging movement, as indicated in Fig. 9.

When the device is in collapsed coiulition the parts are disposed as shown in Figs. 1 and 7. The plates 1%) are 'lfoldcd inwardly in overlapping relation against the inner side o'l plate 16, the bars 28 at this time being, in the position shown in Fig. 2 relative to plate 19. The plates 13) and iii are then it'olded about the pintle rod l7 down onto the grid 12. Plate 20 is then folded down on top of plate 16, said plate extending rearwardly, as indicated in Fig. 2 and as shown in Fig. 7. The plate then folded torwardly and down on top of plate 20. The flanges and B l-. together with the strip 222 will now form the sides oi a subst *iriall'y closed. chan'iber, the bottom ot which torined by plate 20 and the top by plate 2%. The distributing plate 32 is swunpdown or in close relation to the plate 34: and these plates are disposed in said closed chan'iber, as shown in Fig. 7. The parts are thus very neatly and. compactly tolded down on the casing 11 and grid 12 and occupy very small space. The clips 26 can now be engaged over the pins 27 and will. owing to their resiliency, remain in engagement with said pins. The casing and collapsed oren can thus be easily transported and may be carried by the handle 11.

lVhen it is desired to use the oven for baking purposes, the clips 26 will be sprung and released pins 27 being pushed inwardly. The plate will be swung upwardly from grid 11 about pintle 1?. The grid 12 will now be lifted and strips 31 swung to vertical position, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 6. It may be mentioned that the strips 31 when in vertical position rest against the inner side of the flange 11 on which the grid 12 rests. The plates 19 are now swung outwardly and slightly raised and then lowered with their edges between strips 31 and tongues 31. The plate 16 will now be held in vertical position and plate 20 will be swung over the plates l6 and 19, the tlanges 2t) extending alon the outer sides of plates l9. The plate Q-l will now depend atthe front of plate :30 and the [hing s 24 will extend along the outer iront sides of the plates 19. A. closed rectangular ove thus formed which is disposed over and supported on the casing 11. The stove in casing ll comprises lnirners 12 below grid 12 and in order to distribute the flame lrom these burners evenly the device shown in Fig. 8 is placed in the oven. Plate rests on grid 12 and plate 232 hits snugly between the plates 19 so that it is held in vertically spaced relation to the plate Zl-l, the bail members 33 being substantially vertical. "he oven can now be. used :i'or baking any kind of baked articles and a very ellicient oven is provided. It will be noted that the plate 24 can be swung upwardly and rearwardly on top of plate 20 so that the front of the oven may be left open. This is sometimes desirable when it is merely wished to warm up certain articles of food, and plate 24: then forms a convenient shell on top ol' the oven.

If it is desired to use the oven as a warn1- ing oven, the same can he swung rearvmrd bodily about rod 17 and the bars 28 swung down to contact the su piporting surface. as shown in Fig. A convenient warming cabinet or oven is thus formed and articles may be set on top of the same which is formed by plate 2-1-. If desired, the plates 20 and may be folded rearwardly into the position indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 5. the plate 20 being then supported .in hori- ;aontal position by the plate 2-1:, the latter acti'ng as a leg. A wide shell is thus formed which may be used to su iport various articles used in preparing a meal.

ll it is desired to use a wind shield with the stove, which is often necessary when there is considerable wind, the rods 30 are lit'tedv and swung outwardly, as shown in Figs. l and 6. The plates ll) are then swung outwardly in diverging relation, as shown in Fig. land hooks 3t)" engaged through the holes 19, as shown in l ig. -Il-. Plates l9 and 16 are thus held in vertical position and an ellicicnt wind shield is provided for the stove. When the parts are in the position shown in Fig. l-. the plates 20 and 2st merely hang down in the rear of plate 16. It should be particularly notec that plates 16, 20 and 2 are connected by a double hinge. that is, these plates can swing substantially through 360 degrees. The plate 20 can thus be tl olded backwardly when it is disposed in its collapsed position, and, as stated, plate 2st can be folded back on top of the oven. As before stated, the members 30 and ill swing inside of casing 11 when the device is in collapsed and packed condition.

From the above description it is seen that applicant has provided an extremely simple and etlicient oven structure for a folding camp stove. The device can easily and quickly be arranged in a plurality of positions, each of which has great utility and the whole device can be easily and quickly collapsed into small space and arranged for transportation. The device is quite simple and easily made from simple material which is readily procured. The device has been amply den'ionstrated in actual practice and found to be very successful and ellicient and the same is being commercially madeand marketed.

ll; will, of course, be understood, that various changes n'iay be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the parts without departing from the scope or applicant's invention, which, generally stated, consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects above set forth, in the novel parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A camp stove structure comprising a unit having in combination a casing having a top edge, a plate hingedly connected to said edge, a series of plates hingedly connected along adjacent edges and to said plate, all of said plates forming an articulated unit constituting live sides of a rcctangnlar ovrn so as to be supported either on top of said casing and vertically alined therewith or disposed at the rear thereof, said plates being collapsible into flatposition on top of said casing with two of said plates disposed beneath said first n'icntioned plate and two disposed above said plate.

A camp stove structure having in combination, a lnlrner-containing casing, a collapsible oven comprising a plurality of plates hingcdly connected, forming an articulated unit and forming live sides of a rectangular oven, onexof which is hinged to said lasing and adapted to form either a wind shield section or the rear wall of said oven, and a plate hinged to each end of said plate, said latter plates having means for holding them in diverging relation to form sections of said wind shield or to be arranged in substantially parallel relation to "tor-in, the end walls of said oven.

3. A camp stove structure having in combination, a burner-containing casing, an oven comprising a plurality of hingedly connected plates adapted to be arranged to form a closed oven or to be collapsed in flat superposed condition on said casing, a pair of said plates having flanges at their opposite edges adapted to form a flat chamber when in collapsed position and a collapsible heat distributingdevice adapted to be disposed in collapsed condition in said chamber.

4t. A camp stove structure having in combination, a lnirner-containing casing, a collapsible oven comprising a plurality of plates hingedl connected and tornling live sides a rectangular oven including a rectangular plate hinged along one edge to the rear side of said casing, a plate hinged at each end 01'? said first mentioned plate, said first mentioned plate being adapted to be disposed in vertical position with said second mentioned plates at its ends diverging if forwardly in vertical position, and means for supporting said secoi'id "'icntioned plates in said position, said means being adapted to swing into said casing and be (llSPOEBt leneath the top thereof when in inoperative position.

A camp stove structure having in combination, a casing having burners secured therein, a collapsible oven comprising a plate hinged to one edge oi? said casing, a second siniilar plate hinged to the opposite edge oi said plate and adapted to swing through suliistantially 360 degrees about said edge, a third plate hinged to the edge ct said latter plate opposite its connected edge and :ulapted to swing through substantially 23in) dcgiecs, and a pair o'l plates hing d, respectively, at each end edge oi? said ast nientioned plate so that. said plates may be ar ranged to form a rectangular oven and said second plate may be :t'olded back "rardly on top of said lirst n'ientioned plate and said third plate may be tolded "forwardly on said second plate when said plates are in collapsed condition.

(3. The combination with the casing oil? a camp stove, ot an. oven structure comprising a substantially rectangular plate hinged to the rear top edge of said casing, a similar plate hii'iged to the opposite side oi said plate, a rectangular plate hinged to the side opp: ft the hinged side of said last n'ien tioned plate, and a rectangular. plate hinged to each end o1 said lirst mentioned filate, said latter plates being adapted to be held in diverging relation to form wind shields at each side of said casing, or to be disposed in substantially parallel relation at the ends of said other plates to form the ends of a closed rectangular oven and means for bolding-said latter plates in diverging relation.

7. The combination with the lOUTDGlCOH taining casing oi a folding camp stove, of a la) i eashes collapsible oven comprising a. plurality of connected plates, said plates forming an articulated unit constituting five sides of a rectangular oven, one of which is hinged to said casing, two of said plates being hinged to said plate and adapted to be held in substantially parallel position to form the ends of said oren, but being adapted to diverge in 'ertical position at the ends of said casing to form a wind shield, and means car ried by said casing for holding said plates in said latter position.

8. The structure set torth in claim 7, said has mentioned means comprising hooks pivotal on vertical axes at each side oi said casing and adapted to be swung outward oi said casing to support said plates or'to be swung inward of said casing and moved beneath the top thereof.

ii. A 'lolding camp stove structure having in co1nl. ination, a burner-containing casing, means tor supporting saidcasing, a collapsible oven carried by said casing including a rear plate and end plates connected respecti rely to each end thereof, nieans'at each end of said casing tor supporting and holding d end p in operative position, said second entioned means being movable to inoperi ,ive pos-aition within said casing.

it). The s'tri'icture set forth in claim 9, said second mentioned means comprising flat pieces pivoted to the inner end surfaces of said :ing and having tongues extending there: rom and substantially parallel thereto,

said pieces being swingable into upright operative position to extend above the top of said casing or to inoperative position within said casing.

ll. A tolding camp stove structure having in con'ibination a burner containing casing, a collapsible oven comprising a plurality of hiugedly connected plates forming an articulated unit and live sides of said oven, one oi? which plates is hinged to the rear side edge ot said casing and is adapted to torni the bacl: oi? the oven or the trout portion of a horizontal shelf, a second plate hinged to said lirst plate and adapted to term either the top of the oven or the rear portion oi? the horizontal shelf, a third plate hinged to said second plate and adapted to 'l'orin either the front of the oven or a rear support for the horizontal shelf, and side plates hii'iged to said first plate and adapted to form the sides of said oven.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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