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Publication numberUS1626310 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1927
Filing dateJul 27, 1926
Priority dateJul 27, 1926
Publication numberUS 1626310 A, US 1626310A, US-A-1626310, US1626310 A, US1626310A
InventorsSibley Tipton Edna
Original AssigneeSibley Tipton Edna
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Dental compact
US 1626310 A
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April 26 1927. 1,626,310

E. S. TIPTON DENTAL COMPACT Filed July 27, 1926 Fla 2. F/fij. i764 EA F/GJO. #7 M //P o INVENTOR /9 m 79 F/5/2- F7613 MW ATTORNEY;

Patented Apr. 26, 1927.



. in a mans vest pocket, or in a ladys handbag.

A further object is, to supply a dental compact as a companion piece to and closely resembling in size and form, a manicure compact shown in Letters Patent of the United States, No. 1,520,895, issued tome on the 30th day of December, 1924.

The construction of my improved dental compact is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is a central, longitudinal section through the body or case of my compact,

showing the brush in the open position, also showing a tube of tooth-paste and a capsule of dental floss in their respective positions within the bore of said case.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of my dental compact with the tooth brush in the closed position. y

Fig. 3 is an end view of the adjacent end of Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a transverse section on line IV-IV of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is "a side view of the toothbrush side of the compact, with said brush in the closed position. I

Fig. 6 is a hinge-end view of a compact having a slightly modified form.

Figs. 7 and 8 are side and end views respectively of the dgital floss container used in my compact.

Fig. 9 is a side view of a bottle suitable for use with my compact, to contain toothpowder. 7

Fig. 10 is a back view of a toothbrush holder containing a removable, renewable brush.

Fig. 11 shows said toothbrush holder with the brush removed.

Fig. 12 is a right-end view of Fig. 10.

Fig. 13 is an end view of a removable brush to be used with the holder shown in Figs. 11 and 12.

The construction illustrated in said drawings is substantially as follows:

A tubular body 1 has its bore 2 extending through the same; each' end of said body is provided with a suitable closure element or cap, as 3 and 4. The inner face of said cap Application filed July 27, 1926. Serial No. 125,245.

3 is arranged for the reception of and to form a closure for the end of a cartrid or capsule 5 to contain .a dental floss; the inner end of said cap 4 is arranged to carry and to form a closure for a receptacle for dentrlfice, such as a collapsible tube 6 of'tooth paste, or a tube 7, Fig. 9, of tooth powder.

Said closure elements?) and 4 are readily removable from the, bore of said case, and when removed, their respective receptacles, 5 and 6, are removed with them for the ready use of their respective contents.

' One side of said body 1 is provided with a lateralv extension 8 which is disposed longitudinally of said body. One end of said extens1on is adapted and arranged for the hinged mounting of one end of the shank 9 of a toothbrush 10, as by means of a screw 11, or any other suitable readil removable pivot, or hinge construction. T e other end portion of said lateral extension is formed into a stall or receptacle 12 arranged to receive the bristles 13 of said toothbrush: The back 14 of said brush forms a closely-fitting cover for said stall when the brush is laced in the folded or closed position, there y insuring cleanliness for the brush when not in use.

The floss cartridge or capsule is preferably hemis herical at its inner end and is provided with an eye 15 through which an end of the floss extends, and, adjacent said PATENT OFFICE.

eye a floss cutter 16 is provided. Said cutter is preferably formed by punching outwardly a suitably-shaped tongue from the wall of the cartridge.

The collapsible tube 6 is of peculiar construction for the reason that it can not be collapsed by squeezin and flattening it in the manner usual wit such tubes to expel the content therefrom, because such flattening would cause the flattened or collapsed portion to be too wide to enter the bore 2, hence, a tube is provided from which the content is extruded by twisting the tube, instead of flattening it. Such attube forms an elementof this invention and is specifically defined in the claims hereof. In order to facilitate said twisting action said tube is spirally grooved or corrugated, and 1ts bottom is closed in such manner as not to cause the widening of the tube at this point; such closure may be effected by inserting a disc of suitable material into the bottom of the tube after it is filled, then crimping the walls inwardly to retain said d1sc in position. Otherwise than above'stated, said tube 6 may conform closely to the collapsible tubes so commonly used for toothpaste.

The cap 4, in addition to forming a closure for the bore 2, is adapted to receive the screw-threaded neck of said tube 6 and to form a closure therefor; however a slip or frictional attachment to said neck may be substituted for a screw-thread attachment, but in either, case the attachment is such that it will carry said tube in such manner as to effect its insertion into and withdrawal from said bore 2 when said cap is attached to and detached from said tubular body 1. When said cap and the thereto attached tube are withdrawn from said bore 2, the cap in turn, may be removed from the tube 6, the content,

. or a portion thereof be extruded from the tube and applied to the bristles of the brush in the usual manner.

In Fig. 9, I have shown a bottle-like container 7 for toothpowder, which may be substituted for the tube 6 if desired.

When this dental compact is made from an expensive material such as gold, silver, etc., it is desirable to provide a toothbrush which may 'be readily removed from the back 10 or the shank thereof, and a new brush which may be cheaply and quickly substituted for the one so removed, in order that a minimum amount, or no precious metal may be discarded; in such a case the construction illustrated in Figs. 10, 11, 12 and 13 may be employed. In this construction the brush-holder 17 of Fig. 11 is em- 7 ployed, and said holder is provided with "a longitudinally-extending slot 18; the brushback 19, Figs. 12 and 13, is supplied with a tongue which has upon each side thereof a longitudinally-extending groove 20, 20, which form the head 21: The brush back thus formed is carried by said holder, with its tongue occupying said slot 18, and is frictionally retained therein.

In order that said frictional retention may be made doubly secure, I prefer to provide said holder 17 with the snap-notches 22, in the edges 'of said slot, adjacent the forward end thereof; also to provide the co-operating laterally-positioned beads 23 upon the tongue of said brush 19, so that when said brush is mounted in said holder 17 said beads 23 occupy said notches, respectively, as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 10.

In this latter construction, the brush may, whenworn, be removed and discarded, and a new one substituted therefor at a slight expense.

I claim the following:

1. A dental compact comprising a tubular body, a closure element for each end of the bore of said body eachof which is adapted to carry a dental accessory, said body having a lateral extension disposed longitudinally thereof comprising a receptacle and means for the hinged mounting of a tooth brush, and a-tooth brush having a portion thereof hinged to said means arranged so as to have its bristles disposed within said receptacle when in one of its positions provided for by said hinged the hinged mounting of a tooth brush, and

a toothbrush hinged to said mounting in such manner as to adapt it to be placed in position for use and disuse,the bristles of said brush being arranged in occupancy of said stall in the position of disuse.

3. A toothbrush compact comprising a tubular body, a readily-removable closure element for each end of the bore of said body adapted to. carry a dental accessory in each end thereof for insertion -withm and withdrawal from said bore, said body being provided with a lateral extension disposed longitudinally thereof comprising a stall and hinge-members for the'hinged attachment of a toothbrush, and a toothbrush mounted in said hinge-members whereby the bristles of said brush are adapted to be swung to and placed in substantially-alined positions upon opposite sides of said hingemembers intothe positions of use'and disuse respectively, the bristles of said brush being positionable within said stall in said position of disuse.

4. A dentalcompact comprising a tubular body having as a feature thereof a lateral extension disposed longitudinally of said body and comprising a stall for the reception of the bristles of a tooth brush also hinge members positioned adjacent one end ofsaid extension for the hinged mounting of a toothbrush, a toothbrush provided with a shank adapted for hinged attachment to said hinge members whereby the body of said brush is adapted to be arranged upon one side of said hinge-members exten ing outwardly away from said-tubular body into the positionof use, alsoto be arranged upon the opposite of said hinge members 1nto juxtaposition to said body with its bristles occupying and its back forming a closure for said stall, a closure element for each end ofthe bore of said body, one of said elements adapted to carry a dental floss and the other to carry a dentifrice.

5. A dental compact'provided with a tubu lar body, a readily-removable and insertable closure element for one end of the bore of said body, and a collapsible tube for dentifrice carried by said closure element,

and for which said element, in turn forms said bore, and spirally-disposed corrugations formed in the walls of said tube, or the purpose specified.

6. In combination, a dental compact provided with a tubular body, and a collapsible tube for dentifrice having a nominal diameter only slightly less than the caliber of said tubular body and adapted for ready .bore of said body, said tube havingspirallydisposed corrugations formed in its walls whereby it is adapted to be collapsed by twisting same to ex .el the content thereof, for the purpose set orth.

7. In a dental compact, an accessory therefor consisting of a collapsible tube containing a dentifrice and having its walls spirally corrugated, whereby it is adapted to be collapsed by twisting same.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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