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Publication numberUS1626549 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1927
Filing dateMay 17, 1926
Priority dateMay 17, 1926
Publication numberUS 1626549 A, US 1626549A, US-A-1626549, US1626549 A, US1626549A
InventorsMiller Arthur N
Original AssigneeMiller Arthur N
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Standing valve
US 1626549 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 26 1927.

A. N. MILLER STANDING VALVE Filed May 1926 SW01 mug Patented Apr. 26, 1927.


STANDING vanv a Application filed May 1-7, 19 26. ,Se1'ia1 1 Io.;109,763.

This invention relates to certain new and useful improvements'in standing valves for fluid pumps, and has.moreparticular reference to an improved valve of this kind particularly serviceable for useiin connection with the workingbarrels of oil well pumps and'the like.

The standing valves of oil'pumps, now in common use, embody tubular bodies or inlet members having valve seats upon their upper'ends aswell as having check valve cages attached to their upperends within which the check valve members, engageable with said seats, are movable and retained. Thesestanding valves are inserted in the bottoms of the working barrels and in order to secure a proper and fluid tight fit ofeach standing valve in the barrel, the tubular:

body of the valve is provided-with a fixed external packing of leather or the like normally of a size somewhat'greater than that tionthat, after extensive use,

of the opening-in which-the .valve isto be fitted. This old form of standing valve is.

forced into place with a consequent mutilation of the external packing, and it is an, extremely I hard matter to 'obtain' a proper joint between the valve' and the barrel, or to prevent ultimate fdislodgment of the standing valve from the barrel. This common constructionalso is open to the objecthe packing greatly deteriorates so that the joint "between the valve and the barrelis n'otefiective and the accidental: dislodgment of the standing valve from the barrel made more likely.

It is accordingly theprimary object of the present invention to provide improved means for quickly and-eifectively securing a standing valve in the lower end of a'working barrel of an oil well'pumpor the like, so as to overcome the above'mentioned'objections.

A more specificobject of the invention is to provide a standing valve construction which may be readily properly positioned inthe lower end of the working barrel and then adjusted to secure the proper joint between the valve and the-barrel so'that the valve is effectively secured in place against accidental dislodgment. V

A further object is to provide for mounting of a standing valve in the working barrel of an oil well pump or the like through the use of an expansible metallic packing characters parts will become apparent as the Figure 1 isa substantially central longi- H tudinal sectional view of 'a' standing'valve constructedin accordance with the present invention; i Figure 2 is an elevational viewthereof i igure 3 is a top plan view of'the same; Figure'l is a horizontalsection taken substantially upon line 4 4 of Figure 1; and Figure 5 is a section taken upon line 5+5 of Figure 1. V f Referring more indetail to the drawing, the embodiment of the invention illustrated includes a tubular open-ended body 10 formed with a portionl'l that is externally of frusto-c onical or'ta pered form, and snugly fitted on this'tapered portion of the body v 10 is 'aconti'nuous metallic packing'ring or sleeve 12 of cylindricalexternal form and having a tap eredi bore slightly smaller than but otherwise corresponding to the taper of theportion 11 ofthe body '10 as shown clear-- ly'in Figure 1. The packing ring or sleeve '12 is formed of comparatively soft metal,

while the body 10 is formed of'comparatively hard metal such as iron'or steel, and it will thus be seen 'that'when the sleeve is forced longitudinally of the body 10 toward the larger end vof the tapered portion 11, such sleeve will be uniformly radially expanded into effective engagement with the wall of the opening in the lower end of the 7 working barrel. The packing sleeve 12 may be constructed of lead or lead composition as well as any other suitable relatively soft metallic material, and its original external diameter is such as to permit positioning of a slight clearance betweenthe barrel openentirely unlikely,

7 formed with an externally threadedcylinprising :a tubular open ended :body having: a check valve member for controlling the. pas sage of fluid'itherethrough and provided with' tapered-form, and a ing and the packing sleeve so that only a very slight expansion of the packing sleeve is requiredfor securing the standing valve effectively in place with a very effective fluid-tight jolnt presented, By securing the standing valve in place in this manner, accidental dislodgment of the same ,is rendered and as the metallic packi-ng sleevewill not readily deteriorate after continued use, the standing'valvewill be effectively lIlZLllltRlllBCl in place for a long continued period of time.

'As'showm'the portion 11 tapers smaller in a downward-direction, and the body lOYis drical lower portion directly beneath the tapered portion 11 upon Whichis adjustably threaded an adjusting collar'1'3arranged to bear against the adjacent lowerend of the that when said collar packing sleeve 12 so the packis adjusted n an upward direction,

ing sleeve 12 will be correspondingly ad justedfor causing itscxpansion. Inord'er lar grooves, 14:. By providing to reduce ,to-agreatextent the frictionabe' tween the contacting surfaces of the sleeve body portion 11,; said 12 and the tapered sleeve 12 may be provided with a series of circumferentially' extending internal annuthe packing-sleeve 12 is somewhat weakened so as to facilitate its expansion as wellfas 1ts longltudinal movement whlle" being ex-' thus apparent that the present freely manually andi'then quickly panded. It-is standing valve may be placed in" proper position;-.

" andeasily secured in" place in an'eifective provide an efliclent fluid manner so as to tig ti a c As is usual in this art, the body 10 has a valve cage 15 of conventionalform detachably engaged with the upperend thereof, and loosely retaine'din this: cage is a ball check-valve member 16 arranged to normally seat under the'influence of gravity upon a seat memberl'T 'fitted' to the upperend of the body 10 as shown. The seatmember 17 is-preferably of the renewable'type, although it might be integrally or permanently formed on the body 10 if desired without r-departing'from the spirit and scope of the present invention.-

' The lower "end' of ternally the bodylO may be in these. grooves I threadedas atfl18 for connection with an anchor; strainer or the like asis well known 'inthea'rt';

While the collar 13 is shown of external come" the many "obj ecti ons of .common types of standing" valves provided with jfixed external packing; of leather v01: the' 'lik'er I Minor changes may parting from :thespirit- 7 and scope-of the" invention as claimed.

iVVhat I claim as new is 1.7 Astan-ding' valve for fluid pumps coma portion of external be made without .de: 7 l

metallic-packingringhaving a tapered bore and fitted on the tapere'd'portion of the body wherebyzlbngitudinal movement of the packing ring relative to said? tapered portion :of' the body will cause-'- exp nsion: o'tsaidfpa'ck ing ring into engagement with? the surround-i ing "wall ota working: barrel opening; sai'd I packing ring? comprising an endless sleeve :metalhc material havmg:

of relatively sofii a series of circumferentially eXteIiding annular internal grooves for reducing friction 7 between the packing ring and:

and weakening "the tapered body'fportion'; packing ring to' facilitate its expansion? with a portion of e zternal tapered of the 'bodywill"'cause expansionef said packing ring into engagement said packing ring comprising an endless sleeve 10f v relatively soft met allic material havlng the. inner face out i away to reduce the A standing valve for fluid pumps Fc'om? prising a tubular-open endedf 'body having acheck valve. member "for controlling the passage" Of-rfiuid therethrough" and tprovided' a 'witli-t'he 'sur rounding wall ofraworking bar'rel opening;

friction betweenthe packing ring andthe? tapered'f body portion 'a'nd to' materially weaken the packing ring to facilitate-itsex anslon. V A

In testimonywhereofI" affix" my' signature.


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