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Publication numberUS1626565 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 26, 1927
Filing dateJul 9, 1926
Priority dateJul 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1626565 A, US 1626565A, US-A-1626565, US1626565 A, US1626565A
InventorsStanton Edward Feagler
Original AssigneeStanton Edward Feagler
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Marking exhibitor
US 1626565 A
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April 26, 1927.

E. F. STANTON WASHING EXHIBITOR Filed July 9, 1926 gg* W'w/ .i5 m).

Patented Apr. 26, 1927.


MARKING Exii'rnirron.

Application filed July 9, 1926. Serial No. 121,464. Y'

This invention relates to improvements in marking exhibitors, having for an object to provide a novel and advantageous form of price card holder especially desirable for, use

in designating' prices Vof shelved commodities or other matter, the construction of the holder being such as to permit the removable arrangement of a price card therein together with its display in a most eiiwicientmanner, lo whereby to positively indicate the prices o f those commodities with which it is associated. i i

It is also an obj ect of the invention to provide a holder of the character mentioned,

the shape of which is such as with introduction of a card thereinto, suchv card will be prevented from longitudinal displacement and also, that the holder will occupy but -a minimum place, permitting the unimpeded display and removal of the shelvedlarticles with which it is associated, in addition to clearly displaying the price marking thereon. Y y

Another and equally important object of the invention may be stated to reside in the provision of a card holder having means thereon for permitting the quick introduction of a card thereinto and for engaging such card in a manner to retain the same against lateral displacement, in that the corners of the card will be positively en'- gaged in retaining means against outward movement whereas the intermediate portions of the card will be engaged and held against inward ydisplacing movement.

Other objects of the invention willbe in part obvious and in partpointed out hereinafter. .f

In order that the invention and its mode of operation may be readily understood by those skilledvinvthe art, I have in the accompanying illustrative drawings and in the detailed following description basedthereupon, set out one possible embodiment of the invention. Y

In these drawings: 4

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the iinproved marking exhibit or card holder showing the arrangement of a card therein.

Figure 2 is a reverse perspective view of the holder,

Figure 3 is a front elevation of the same,

Figure l is an enlarged longitudinal section through the holder taken on the line 4.-4 of Figure 1, looking in the direetion in which the arrows point, and

Figure 5 is a transverse section taken on the line 5-5 of the'Figurey 2 looking in the direction in'which the arrows point.

Having more particular reference tothe drawings, in connection with which like characters of reference will designate corresponding parts throughout, the improved card holder may be stated to comprise` a multi-sided frame of suitable metal orotlier material generally indicated at this time by the numeral 1, said frame being preferably triangular in shape or configuration and havingiiiturnedor inwardly disposed marginal f flanges generally indicated by the numeral 2 formed upon the outer portions of the various sides of said triangular frame, while web Vportions 3-are formed integral withthe sides of the frame 1 adjacent their points,V

of jointure at the three cornersof the same, as is clearly shown in the Figures 1,12 and 3, it being noted in this connection, that the web portions 3 are flush with the outer sides or surfaces of the three Asides of the triangular frame 1. Also, a finger is arranged interniediately of and integral with the upper side of the frame 1, such'inger-beingv designated by the numeral land having the free portion thereof rolled or flanged as at 5 whereby to pivotallyreceive the basal portion of a staple 6 or similar fastening device whereby the tagy or card holder maybe conveniently secured in a desired position adjacent shelvingor other matter, as the case may be. l Y

The web portions 3 spanning the various corners of the triangularly shaped frame l, obviously, serve as means for preventing outward lateral displacement of a display card C engaged therein whereas the interned flanges 2 upon thevariousj sides of such frame serve to prevent longitudinal displacement of the'card withlrespect to the frame subsequently Y to its introduction thereinto.l In order that such card C will be prevented from having inward lateral displacing move-` ment with respectto the triangula-rly shapedframe 1, elongated ears 7 are provided, these ears being formed integral or otherwise suitably attached to the inner marginaland intermediate portions of the opposite angular sides of the frame 1 in the manner clearly shown in the Figures 3 and 5.V In this particular embodiment .of the invention, it willr be noted that the ears 7 are shown as being formed integral with the angularly opposed sides of the 1,- said ears being dispessfl i formed with right angularly shaped shoulders A'as indicated by the numeral 8, thus providi'ng an .effectual seat for the adjacent marginal portions of the card C with introduction of the same thereinto, as is shown in the Figure 5. y

. In usage,V of `my vimproved price card holder, 'it will be 'understood 'that a price Vcard of vtriangular formation is employed,

the sizeof such card` being such as to be snugly received within the inturnedflangcs 2, aforesaid. v To engage the card C in the yframe for displaying' purposes, one extremity thereoffvis passeev downwardly into and u I rearwardly of the lowermost web portion 3, l in the Yfashion shown in dotted lines in thev Figure v1, whereupon the opposite sides-and intermediate portions of said card are ar- Y Vranged upon and forwardly of the ears .7;

fthe opposite extremities of said cardy being arranged rearwardly of and adjacent .the

remaining web portions 3 spanning the other corner-portionsLof -the' frame '1. lNit-h the price card C so engagedrin the frame l,

' it will be understood that 'the ,-inturned langes 2 will serve as effectual fmeans for preventing longitudinal displacement of lthe vcard with vrespect to the frame, 'while the web' portions Bspanning the corners of said Vframe Vl willrserve to prevent lateral and Voutward displacement of the card, ywhereas theears 7 will afford' effectual means for preventing inward lateral displacement of the card with respect to the frame, said card C will fbe effectually securedin avsupported and displaying positionV within the frame 1. However, lwhen desired, the card may be readily disengaged from the holder merely by flexing the upper and wider portion thereof outwardly beyond theadjacent portionof the inturned flange '2, 'following which |`the'card may be then moved vertically lsopas to completelyremove it from the rem aini-ng` web portions 3 and the supporting `From the foregoing'it will be understood that l vhave Vprovided a simpleyet highly Vpracticable and efficient for'in of marking exhibitor or price card holder, the construction of the holder being such as to permit of the convenient arrangement of a price -l arformation of the vholder 'together' with the mode of snpporting or suspending the same from shelving or other objects, it will sequence, will not interfere with eliectualy display of the commodities or articles with which it is associated and similarly,because of its occupying but a minimum amount of space, will not impede the removal of tr e shelved goods when desired. Likewise, be*V cause of the fact that the securing device or staple' 6 is pivotally connected to the linger d, it will be understood that should the holder interfere with engagement or movement of therewith, said holder mayr be .swung wardly and outwardly toA an out of fthe way position.V Following removal yof* the shelved articles or viewing of theV same, the card may be then dropped to its' original displaying position. y .Y l

Manifestly the construction shown is capablefof considerable modification, andsuchmod-ilication as is within Vthe scope of my claims, l my invention.

l claim:

l. A device of 'the character described comprising a frame tapered towards one end thereof, webs integral lwith and spanning the corner portions of the frame, 4earsintegral with the inner marginal portionsv of the frame sides vand arranged laterally and inwardly of said webs adapted tohave supporting engagement with adjacent sides of a card, a flange upon the-normally upper and remaining side of the frame'bentinwardly whereby to lool; the card received between the-webs and. ears against longitudinal displacement from the frame, and attaching means Aconnected to the normally upper side of the frame.

2. A deviceV of sides of said frame, said ears beingarranged laterally and inwardly with respect ytoV the webs and inwardly of the extremities (if 'the flanges upon the sidesfof said frame adaptedv to have supporting engagement withl trl e adjacent sides of a card, that flange formed upon the normallyupper side of Athe frame overlying Athe adjacent marginal portion of the card whereby to Vloch the saine against longitudinal displacement fromfthe frame, and attaching means upon the normally.,up,-V per side of said `frame and intermediately thereof. s

ln witness whereof l .have Ahereunto set my hand. y

nnwann rancune sranreiv. Y

shelved articles associatedconsiderfwithin the spirit of the lcharacter described comprising a 'trame tapered towards one

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