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Publication numberUS1627441 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1927
Filing dateAug 11, 1926
Priority dateAug 11, 1926
Publication numberUS 1627441 A, US 1627441A, US-A-1627441, US1627441 A, US1627441A
InventorsLawyer William S
Original AssigneeLawyer William S
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US 1627441 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Filed Aug. 1], 1925 WITNESS;

ATTORNEY Patented May 3, 1927.



Application filed August 11, 1926.

This invention relates to wrenches the general object and characteristic of the invention is a provision of ratchet means which may be manually alternated whereby the wrench may be used to tighten or loosen from a single position.

WVith the above and other objects in view the invention further includes the following novel features and details of construction to be hereinafter more fully described and pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawing: 1

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of the invention Figure 2 is an elevation thereof with parts broken away and illustrating the ratchet mechanism therefor.

Figure 3 is an elevation of the invention per se.

Figure 1 is an end elevation of the wrench.

Figure 5 is a vertical sectional View on line 55 of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is an end elevation taken from the opposed end of the wrench with relation to Figure 41.

Referring to the drawing in detail wherein like characters of reference denote corresponding parts. The reference character 10 indicates a cylindrical body portion having a bolt member or shaft 11 extending centrally therethrough and having its opposite ends fitted within enlarged portions 12 of ratchet members 13 and being encircled by compression springs positioned therein, substantially as illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing. The intermediate portion of the bolt member or shaft 11 providing a square portion 11 whereby simultaneous rotation of the body portion and bolt member is assured. The meeting ends of the tubular body portion and ratchet members 13 having intermeshing oppositely disposed ratchet teeth 15 provided thereon and held in such relation through the instruinentality of the springs 14 encircling the end portions of the bolt 11. Received upon the body portion 10 and appropriate portions of the ratchet members 13 is a sleeve member 16 having an elongated slotted portion 17 provided centrally thereof and within which is received a projection 18 provided upon the outer side of the tubular member 10. The ends of the sleeve 16 further provide cut out portions 19 therein for alternately receiving corresponding projections 20 provided upon the outer sides of the respective ratchet Serial No. 128,606.

member 13. Said sleeve 16 further provides apertured portions 21 upon the diametrically opposite side tl'iereof with respect to the elongated slotted portion 17 within which a spring pressed ball 22 is selectively received when receiving the projections of either of the ratchet i'ncinbers 13 and for holding the same rigidly in engagement therewith against accidental and retrograde movement.

The outer and opposite end portions of the respective ratchet members 13 are provided with rectangular and hexagon shaped portions 23 and 24 respectively; adapted for engagement with the convention form of chuck or socket 25 and an operating handle 26 substantially as illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawing.

In the use and operation of the above entitled application, it is clearly apparent andmanifest that upon sliding movement imparted to the sleeve member 16 the respective projections 20 may be alternately received within the cut out portions 19 of the sleeve to reverse the movement of the chuck or socket 25 in order that nuts or headed bolts may be rotated in opposite directions from the first or original position.

From the foregoing description and accompanying drawing it will be noted from the full line positions of the sleeve member 16 in Figures 1 to 3 inclusive that the projection 20 carried upon one of the ratchet members 13 provided with the portion 23 is received within an adjacent cut-out portion 19 in the periphery of the sleeve to rigidly hold the aforementioned ratchet member, sleeve and hotly portion 10 as a unitary structure. The ratchet member 13 having the portion 24 upon one end for connection with the handle member 26 is left free of locking engagement with the body portion 10 and from the illustration in Fig ure 2 of the drawing the ratchet portions thereof may rotate the body portion and first mentioned ratchet member 13 in a clockwise direction.

From the aforementioned position, when it is desired to loosen a nut or headed bolt, the sleeve member 16 may be shifted to the dotted line position as illustrated in Figure 2 of the drawing in order that the first mentioned ratchet member may be released. The ratchet member 13 having the portion upon one end for connection with the handle member 26 will then be held. rigidly with the body portion and sleeve. The disposition of the ratchet connections between the respective sleeves 13 with the body portion 10 Will permit the wrench to be 0perated in a, counter-cloclnvise movement. The Wrench, however disposed, may be alternated, as to the direction of travel, by the shifting of the sleeve member 16.

The spring: 141; permit necessary ratchet connection between the respective ratchet members 33 and the adjacent ends of the bot v portion 10.

The invention is; susceptible ol varioue changes in its torm, proportioiis and minor detailsof construction and the right is herein res-erred to make such changes as properly fall within the scope ot the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention what is claimed is:-

A ratchet wrench com prising a body portion provided With a projection upon its outer side, a bolt member disposed axially oi? the lonp'itndinal center thereof, ratchet members dispoeed, in end to end relation upon the opposed ends of the body portion and receiving the extremities of the bolt member Within enlarged bores therein, e ninge carried Within the bores encircling the adjacent portions of the bolt; to retain the ratchet portions ot. the ratchet members in constant mesh with the abutting ends of the body portion, projections carried by the ratchet members a sleeve men'lber slidabl v mounted upon the body portion provided with an elongated slot receiving the projection carried by the body portion, said sleeve in further provided with. cut-out portioim Within the opposed peripheral edges thereof adapted for alternately receiving the projections carried by the ratchet inelnl'iers and guided duri 1 the aeeociaion thercoi; by the pzee'cncc of the projectimi and slot con-- ncction between r-aid sleeve and body p01- tiozn and a spring; pressed ball carried by the body portion adapted for reception Within opening a in said sleeve to preserve interfitting;- engagement of the cut-out portions; and projections.

in testimony whereof l. atlix my signature.




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U.S. Classification81/58.3
International ClassificationB25B13/00, B25B13/46
Cooperative ClassificationB25B13/466
European ClassificationB25B13/46B2