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Publication numberUS1627523 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 3, 1927
Filing dateMar 10, 1926
Priority dateMar 10, 1926
Publication numberUS 1627523 A, US 1627523A, US-A-1627523, US1627523 A, US1627523A
InventorsMorris Adrian K
Original AssigneeMorris Adrian K
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Face mask
US 1627523 A
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A. K. MORRIS May 39 FACE MASK Filed Mrcn 1o. 192e www# Maf/EAS' im m7 Patented May 3, 1927.



FACE Mask.

- Application mea March 1o, 1st-6. serial No. 93,671.

Figure 1 is a View ofthe mask in use,

, partly in section and tion;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the cap and the lower portion of the mask with portions ot the outer shell broken `away to show the interior construction.

Like numerals indicate like parts in each of the several views.

Referring to the accompanying drawings', the cap 1 consists of a flexible coverin 5 folded over and containing coils of rub er tubing 3, as shown in Fig. 1.

For the cap I provide a suitable scalable vent 4 including a cap element the vent'being in communication with tubing 3 for admitting water to' and withdrawing it from the tube. I may apply any suitable cloth or other absorbent material 11 under the cap 1 and next to the head of the wearer, as shown in Fig. 1. I provide a face mask 2 having the shell 8 folded over and enclosing 'the tube 6 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

For the face mask I provide a suitable sealablevent (with cap) in communication with the tube 6 for admitting water to and withdrawing it from that tube.

Tubing for the cap 4 is a continuous tube arranged preferably spirally within the walls of the flexible shell or cover 5. Tubing 6 for vthe face mask is a`single tube arranged preferabl in a series of ilattened coils disposed wit in the covering or shell 8. In each instance, one end 'of the coil of tubing is closed while the other end is in communication with the vent.

I provide -a suitable opening 9 in the face mask 1, to receive the nose ofthe user and admit of wearing the mask comfortably. I also provide a series of snap fasteners 10 on partly in side elevathe contacting edges of cap 1 and mask 2,'

whereby thes members may 'be fastened together after they have been placed on the v head of the'customer or user.

In use, I provide a suitable cloth cap and mask 11 of absorbent knitted or gauze material which is first di ped in water and placed on the head and ace of the customer. Then the tubing in the cap and face mask is filled wit-h hot water, and the cap and face mask is placed over the cloth so as to ap- .ply and retain the heat and cause it to eficiently steam or heat theface and head of the user.

My device will be used in barbers shopsy and elsewhere as an aid to shaving to soften the beard and also to soften the face and scalp preliminary to a massage and facial treatment. The cloth cap 11 isused only once and is then thrown away or sent to the laundry.

The hot'water cap and face mask 2 are made to last for several years. .The cap 1 and mask 2 will be lined outside and inside with some kind of rubber or waterproof material.

The cap may be also used advantageously for treating -fever patients by using ice water in the tubing in place of hot water.

It is within the contemplation of my invention to use any flexible, non-leaking container of hot or cold water, without the coils, if d esired.v

What I claim is:

1. In a device of the class described, the

combination of a pair of flexible coveringsor shells one of said members being shaped in the form of a cap and the other said element `being shaped to constitute a face mask, vmeans for releasably fastening one element to the other, each of the aforesaid elements having tubing coiled within the shell, and each also having a scalable vent in communication with the tubing in the respectiveshells.,

2. In combination with the device disclosed in claim 1, a cap and face mask of absorbent netted or gauae material adapted to be applied next to the face and head of the wearer and over which the first described cap and face mask may be placed.

3. In a device of the class described, the combination of a pair of flexible coverings or adapted to contain water, one of said 'membersbeing sha d in the form of a cap,

and the other of said members being shaped Vto' constitute afa'ce mask to cover the ace and forehead of the user, means for rigidly and detachably fastening one of the aforesaid flexible coverings to the other, each of the said members having a sealable vent for I receiving or discharging hot or cold water from the respective shells.

4. In combination with the device disclosed in claim 3, a covering suitable for a cap and face mask of absorbent, knitted or gauze material adapted to be applied next to the face and head of the wearer and over which the flexible coverings hereinbefore described may be placed.


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