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Publication numberUS1627571 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateJun 24, 1925
Priority dateJun 24, 1925
Publication numberUS 1627571 A, US 1627571A, US-A-1627571, US1627571 A, US1627571A
InventorsNorthrop Mabel E
Original AssigneeNorthrop Mabel E
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US 1627571 A
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May 10, 1927. 1,627,571

M. E. NORTHROP BEDPAN Filed June 24. 1925 MABE; ET NDRTHRDPI nventor Patented May 10, 1927.



Application filed June 24, 1925.

My. invention pertains to bed pans for the use of invalids, that may be equally serviceable with ordinary home equipment or that of a modern hospital.

Its objects are to provide a pan with comparatively wide bearing surfaces conforming as far as possible to average anatomical lines; to avoid sharp edges or projections which might cause pressure on nerve trunks or blood vessels; to provide a bearing surt'ace for contact with the inner aspect of the thighs while slightly separating the same; to attord comparatively easy access to the anal and vaginal. orifices while avoiding; possibility oi soiling); the bed littingsbrs cause of it'orccful evacuations; and to seal against leakage oi medicinal applications 01' pan contents under the back of the invalid.

These objects, among others, are attained by the improved bed pan illustrated in the accoi'npanyinp; drawings, the novelty and utility thereot' being made apparent from reading of the same in connection with the accompanying description and explanation.

In the drawings Figure l is a perspective side view of the complete invention.

Figure 2 is a front perspective of the improved pan with its detachable apron removed.

Similar numerals indicate similar parts throughout the drawings.

Referring more particularly to the drawinns:

l indicates the main body or receptacle and 5 the opening: thereinto.

ll indicates the edges of opening); turned outwardly for approximately the entire boundaries ot opening; 5 to form hearing or supporting surfaces tor the patient, said bearing surface or tlange being prolonged at its lower edge into lip 2, adapted to project slightly beyond the body 1..

3 indicates a groove provided in lip 2, transversely thereto, adapted to contain a tubular cushion to prevent leakage .under the back 0''? the invalid.

4 indicates a detachable apron to serve Serial No. 39,263.

7 indicates. an upwardly extending projection of the back of body 1, its forward aspect concave and rear convex.

Line X-Y indicates the general direction of the boundaries of opening 5, the same being a rise rearwardly of approximately 30 degrees from the horizontal.

.twil]. be noted that lip 2 is continuous with flanges 22, and that their bearing surfaces rise from the forward or lower margin of said lip 2 on a curved incline toward horn 7, said curve being adapted to cmitorin with the anatomical. lines (it a pa tient when in supine position, the general direction being approximately PM degrees from the horizontal as shown by line X--Y.

Lip 2 is adapted to support the lower end of the spine and sacral region, and the side flanges in their lower sect on support the buttocks. The thighs rest on the u irising flanges 2--2 and the inner asiect of the thighs come into contact with said flange; at the approximate junction of said flanges with born 7.

The general. direction and curve oi? said lip 2 and flanges 2-2 may be continued tori ardly to support the back of the patient by attaching; apron 4i by means of hinges 6-6. I l

The function of born 7 is twofold; to prevent soiling oi the bedding by forceful evacuations, and to slightly separate the thighs tor purposes-4 of u'ianipulation and adn'iinistratien its concavity affords easy access tor the hand or instrument as required.

The function of groove 3 also twofold. It serves to contain a resilient roll of gauze or tubular rubber packing)" which will, because of resilienc conform to the back ot the patient and thus bear a part of the weight; and also constitutes a seal. against leakage or seepage of administration fluid or pan contents forward y to soil the bed dingnvithits consequent great discomfort to the patient.

In actual operation the pan, with or without apron l, may be placed in position upon an ordinary mattress in the home, or may be used with special mattresses or bed structure oat-hospital type, with equal efliciency. Broad bearing surfaces, curved to conform with anatomical lines, serve to eliminate local pressure which often causes nerve irritation and interference with blood circulation. Prevention of overflow and leakage by means of horn 7 and a resilient pad placed ttl in groove 3, affords a degree of cleanliness most desirable, and in great measure lessens the labor of the attendant.

Having thus described my invention and set tortih its features of novelty and utility, I claim as new and desire to obta n Letters Patent oi the United States upon A bed pan of the character disclosed C0111- pris-ingr a receptacle body substantially circular in form with a flat: base; the rear, front and side walls being rolled upwardly and imvarrlly at varying heights from said base to form a pear shaped Opening from above into said receptacle; the rear wall project-- inn upwardly to terminate in a born with concave forward aspect, the edges of the same forming part of the boundaries of the aforesaid opening; the forward end and side walls being turned sharply outward to form flanges or bearing surfaces of varying widtha said bearing surfaces torniillg a varying degree of incline upward from front to rear of said receptacle, adapted to conform to proper anatomical lines: the for ward of said flanges being extended beyond the base o't said receptacle bod and provided with a tranaverse groove therein: a detachable apron adapted to tHfHVlt'lG an extQiIF'lON of sa d torwarzit flange and means (it attaching said apron to aid flange.

In tcetimony whercot I have :Jgned my name to this application and power (it attorney this 18th day of. June. 1925.



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U.S. Classification4/450
International ClassificationA61G9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61G9/003
European ClassificationA61G9/00P