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Publication numberUS1627945 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateNov 10, 1925
Priority dateNov 10, 1925
Publication numberUS 1627945 A, US 1627945A, US-A-1627945, US1627945 A, US1627945A
InventorsWilson B Wigle
Original AssigneeWilson B Wigle
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Casing head for oil wells
US 1627945 A
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May 10 1927' w. B. WIGLE CASING HEAD FOR OIL WELLS Filed Nov. lO, 1925 la [.VVENTOR. A- W/LsoN B. h/lq-LE l A TTO'RNEY.

`Patented'lMay' .10, 1927.


wILsoN B. w'reLE, or LoNeB'EAc, Giimronma.

ensure-HEAD ron oILwELLs.

' Application med November 10, 1925. Serial No.v 68,188.

This invention has relation toa casing head designed to be detachably ysecured -to tion in which the packing cap, iow lines,

rod stufling box, and anchoring means are combined iu a single-unitary head, whereby to efi'ect economy in manufacture and 'simplicity of operation.

A further object is' -to provide a head formed of a plurality of parts held in fluid tight relation to each other, that may 'be readily disconnected from each other` to permitr of a ready withdrawal'of the loil well "rods and tubingwhen desired..

A; still vfurther object is to Yprovide for the easy renewal loitthe casing head packings when the same become worn, andto provide a 'single meansv for effectively applying and distributing pressure to the packing j Y ltight engagement with lthe upper conical rrieinbers.

@ther objects and advantages will become apparent as the description proceeds, reference being 4had to v the drawin s attac ed l hereto and which form a part o the specificatioii, in which: F ig. 1 is a side felevation of the casing head attached to Ja well casing.

Fig. 2 is .a central vertical section through the casing hveadattached to the upper end of awell casing.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view.

'lhe improved ycasing head preferably consists of a cylindrical body 5 threaded exteriorly on its lower end for attachment to the upper screw threaded end of the well casing (l. Body 5 is provided in its cylindrical wallwith dianietrically disposed gas dow p iipes` 7, 8, controlledfby the usual valves (not shown), and ad'acent its upper end Y engage and support the oil tube 111,u when vis cut away to form an internal seat 9, for the reception of a s ,lit sleeve 10, the exterior flanges 11 ot' tiev sleeve engaging the seat 9. This sleeve is provided with a downwardly extending tapered bore12, in which.

aredisposed slips of usual form designed to it is desired to' withdraw the same from the well., Sleeve ,10 is of smaller exterior v diameter than the internal diameter of the' collar 5, in older that the gas flowing from the wellmay pass therebetweenn to the gas flow pipes.

vIn order to lsupport the oil tubing 13 Awithin the casing a `cylindrical spider 14 is provided having a central bore 15, the lower end of -the bore being internally threaded foi engaging` the upper end of the oil tubing, while its upper end is conically formed for the reception of an elastic conical packing plug 16, having an aperture-17 tov permit the passage. therethrough of the pump rods 18. bpider l-l is mounted directly" abovethe:

body 5, its lower'annular end engaging a l packing ring 19 disposed on the upper end of the split sleeve; By intel-posing this packing. ring between the spider and collar all gas flowing yfrom lthe well will be directed through the gas outlets in the collar. Bore 15 of' the spider is provided intermediate its end with )laterally extendiiig diametrically disposed oil flow pipes 20,- `to `prorvide for the discharge of' the oil as it is pumped from '23, their outer ends beingA forked for the reception of the anchoring bolts 24, whose lower ends are enlarged and provided with openings 25 of a size suicientto loosely engage the gas flow pipes when the casing head is assembled. The upper ends of these bolts are ot' reduced' diameter as at 26, the ends ofl both. portions being threaded for the reception of adjusting nuts 27, 28, nuts 27 bearing against the upper faces of the laterally extending arms29 formed integral with lthe 'spider 14, each of their outer ends being forked for the passage therethrough of the anchoring bolts, while nuts 28 bear against the upper faces of the arms 23.

That portion of the bore 15 directly below the conical upper end is threaded as at 30 for the reception of a screw plug (not roe shown) to litt the spider and the connected oil tubes when desired.

rEhe casing head can be used with flowing wells by simply removing the expansible plug and applying a valve to the upper threaded end of the spider.

By simply manipulating the nuts 2T a gas tight joint will be Jformed between the col lar and the spider, and the gland follower 2l may be similarly forced downwardly by -means ot' the nuts 28 to expand the plug into fluid tight engagement with its seat.

["rom the above description it will be apparent that 'l have provided a simple casing head that etlieetivel)v combines several important elements in a single unitary structure that were formerly employed in anumber of st ruetures connected together by pipe connections.

`What; l claim is:

l. A casing head for oil wells comprising a bodwy member having an internal seat adjaeent its upper end adapted to be detaehably secured to the upper end ot a well easing and haring gas outlet pipes leading therefrom, a sleeve having a. conical bore Vfor the reception ot' tubing slips mounted on the seat .ot the bod)y member, an expansible packing member mounted on the upper end ot' the sleeve. a spider member having a bore therethrough and tluid outlets leading therefrom disposed on said parking member, a packing member disposed in the upper end, of said spider bore having an aperture t'or the passage ot' pump rods therethrough, the lower end ot said bore being threaded for the reception of the upper end of a string of oil tubing, a gland follower bearing against said packing member to compress the same, and means to secure the spider to the body and to simultaneously expand the packing members.

2. A casing head for oil wells comprising a lower bored member and an upper bored member, the longitudinal axis otthe bores of said members being in alinement, each of said bores having fluid outlets leading there- :trom7 a packing means between said members,.a rod packing gland in the upper end o l the bore ot the upper member, means to securev the two members together in gas tight engagement and to compress the Arod packing gland, said easing'head adapted to be detachably secured to the upper end of a well casing'. and means on the upper member tor securing a string of oil tubing thereto in alinement with its bore.

3. easing-head tor oil wells comprising bored upper and lower members having a packing therebetween and means to detachabl \v secure the same together` said casing head adapted to he secured to the upper end of a well easing. said members eaeh having Huid outlets leading from their bores, a rod parking` disposed in the upper end of the bore ot' the upper member and means to compress the same. and a slip supporting sleeve detaehabtv vmounted in the bore of the lower member.

i ln witne-s that l claim the foregoing l have hereunto subseribed my name this 2nd day ot' October, 1925.


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