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Publication numberUS1628073 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateApr 21, 1926
Priority dateApr 21, 1926
Publication numberUS 1628073 A, US 1628073A, US-A-1628073, US1628073 A, US1628073A
InventorsJohn B Sousa
Original AssigneeJohn B Sousa
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US 1628073 A
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Patented May 1o, 1927.



Application illed April 21, 1926. Serial No. 103,536.

lhe object of this invention is the instruction and entertainment of children and provides a game which may be indulged in by others to advantage for passing idle moments in a pleasurable Way.

The game consists of a base, preferably a board comprising hinged sections, a race course delineated thereon and comprising a plurality of tracks merging at opposite ends l0 or points into a single track, game pieces representing the racers, play indicators, such as dice, and scoring means.

While the drawings illustrate a preferred embodiment of the invention it is to be understood that in adapting the means to meet specific needs and requirements, the design may be varied and such other changes in the minor details of construction may be resorted to within the scope ofl the invention as claimed, without departing from the spirit thereof.

For a full understanding of the invention and the merits thereof, reference is to be had to the following description and the drawings hereto attached, in which,-

Figure 1 is a perspectlve view of a game board embodying the invention,

Figure 2 is a detail view of one type of game pieces,

Figure 3 is a detail view of the score pegs,

Figure 4 is a detail perspective view ofthe play indicators, and v Figure 5 is a perspective view of one of the play indicators.

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following descrlption and desiga nated in the several views of the drawings by like reference characters. I

The game board comprises a base 1, which may be of any construction and size. In the preferable form the game board l comprises similar sections which are hingedly connected so as to fold one upon the other. One of the sections has recesses formed therein to provide pockets 2' and 3 for receiving the game pieces, score pegs and play indicators. A racey course 4 is delineated u on the play surface of the board and is ci) elliptical outline. The race course 4 contains a plurality of tracks 5 which merge into a single track 6 at opposite ends or points of the course. Each of the tracks is outlined byopenings of a size to receive the pins 7 of game p ieces 8. The single tracks 6 occur in line with the major axis of the race course. The starting line 9 is preferably in line with the minor axis of the race line of a horse, but for a marathon the game pieces will present the outlineof a human being. In this connection it is observed that the game pieces may have any form according to the nature of the race.

The game pieces will be of contrasting color and leach will bear a number and are entered in numerical order.

The play indicators consist of dice 10,-

three being usually provided. Two of the dice will bear, upon their respective sides,

the characters 0 to 5, both inclusive, and the third dice will bear the letter B, the characters, 0 and 6, and the designations and X. The play indicators may be cast in any of the usual ways of throwing dice and when the upper sides of the three dice present numbers the sum of such numbers indicates the number of openings of the game piece of the player to be advanced along the track. However,should one of the dice present the letter B upon the upper side 'the sum of the numbers appearing on the other two dice represent the number of openings of the game piece to be moved backward. In the event of an arithmetical si appearing upon the upper side of one o the dice, it indicates that the numbers appearing on the upper side of the other two dice are to be added, subtracted or multiplied, according to the nature of the sign facing u ward.

The score pegs 11 are prefera ly of coni trasting color to agree with the colors of the respective game pieces and `each peg has a point to enter openings 12 of a game counter, appearing upon the game board. The game counter ncludesstripes of contrasting color disposed in parallel relation `and intersecting the pocket 3, the colors of the stripes corresponding with the colors of the. respective game pieces and score pegs. The several strlpes are numbered to agree with numbers of the game pieces. The openings 12 are provided in the bottom of the pocket 3 to receive the points of the pegs v 11 and hold them in upright osition when starting Ithe game. The starting line 9 has openings to receive the points of theame pleces, which are placed 1n position pre 'minary to starting the play. In playing the game the dice are cast in the usual way and the points indicated by the upper faces of the dice represent the number of moves of the game piece, When any player occupies either one of the single tracks 6 no other player may advance and after a player clears the single track 6 at either end of the race course, he may-advance along any of: the tracks which are not occupied and after a player has completed a circuit a lap is registered and the one completing a prescribed number of laps wins and the points may be scored by advancing the proper peg 11 along the proper score line. When the game is not in use the pegs 11, game pieces 8 and play indicators 10 are distributed in the pockets 2 and 3 and said pockets are closed by foldingthe sections of the game board one upon the other, as will be readily appreciated.

Having thus described the invention, I claim:

1. Game indicating means consisting` of dice, certain dice bearing the characters 0 to 5 inclusive .on their respective sides and another one of the dice bearing arithmetical signs, a numeral and a character to designate thatl the play is backward.

2. A game comprising a base including similar hinged sections having an elliptical race course delineatedthereon and comprising a plurality of tracks which gradually and symmetrically merge into single tracks at opposite ends in line with the major axis, there being a starting line at one side coinciding' with the minor axis, one of the sections having recesses forming pockets within the course, stripes of contrasting color intersecting one ofthe pockets and having the portions at one side of `the pocket numbered, game pieces of contrasting color and numbered to agree with thesaid stripes, score pegs of contrasting color to match the stripes and game pieces and dice, certain dice bearing numbers on their faces and another dice bearing arithmetical signs, a numeral and a character to indicate that the play is backward.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

JOHN B. SOUSA. [1.. s.]

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