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Publication numberUS1628121 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateJul 9, 1925
Priority dateJul 9, 1925
Publication numberUS 1628121 A, US 1628121A, US-A-1628121, US1628121 A, US1628121A
InventorsEdwin Covel Nathan
Original AssigneeEdwin Covel Nathan
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US 1628121 A
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Zlwvwkot N. E. COVEL PACKAGE Filed July 9, 1925 May 10, 1927.

l or the like, 0 may be tie It is to be understood that the container Patented May 10, 1927.




Application filed July 9, 1925. Serial N0..42,537.

It is customary in the confectionery trade to pack candy and thelike in special boxes, designed for seasonal events, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. Such boxes are decorated in a manner appropriate to the particular occasion, and, after the occasion has passed, the merchant may find himself with a stock on hand, which, to render salable,

must be removed from the special boxes and sold in bulk, or repacked, or disposed of in some other manner. In any event, considerable annoyance and expense is involved, and it is the object of the present invention to avoid this in a novel and effective manner.

The invention consists, briefly, in the provision'of a special cover, decorated appropriately to a desired occasion, which may be placed over ordinary stock containers. The cost of such covers is negligible, and asthey 2 need only be applied as required, all loss is avoided and any surplus may be carried over from one season to another without any deterioration.

In the accompanying drawings,

Fig. 1 shows a stock container, consisting, as a matter of illustration, of a wrapped box, the auxiliary cover according to the present invention being shown in the position of application;

Fig. 2' is an end view of the assembly, the

auxiliary cover being shown in section.

The stock containerA is of eneral utility, its decoration, if any, being of no particular seasonal significance. The auxiliary cover B, however, is of specific decorative value,

being appropriate to the Thanksgiving season, as s own by way of example, and fits closely over the container A so as to give the impression of a unitary (package. A ribbon,

about the two.

or package A is complete in itself and that the cover B is merely an auxiliary thereto. As shown, the package A consists of a wrapped box of confectionery, the wrapper bearing the name of the manufacturer and any desired ornamentation of general significance. The cover B, Fig. 2, consists of a' frame 6 of cardboard or the like having a wrapper b of paper or the like applied thereto. The special design is, of course, applied to the wrapper V.

I claim:

1. The combination with a package consisting of a box filled with gift articles, having an outer covering displaying suitable information to indicate the nature. of the gift articles, of an auxiliary cover adapted to be placed over said outer covering, and displaying information relative to some special 00- casion, whereby the package may be sold as a gift package, with reference to the special occasion, with said auxiliary cover in place, or as a standard staplepackage when the auxiliary cover is removed.

2. As an element of a mercantile package, a box designed to be filled with gift articles, and having an outer covering, displaying suitable information to indicate the nature --of said gift articles, and an auxiliary cover 7 displaying information relative to some special occasion, and adapted to be placed NATHAN EDWIN COVEL. I

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Cooperative ClassificationB65D77/02
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