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Publication numberUS1628191 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateFeb 18, 1922
Priority dateFeb 18, 1922
Publication numberUS 1628191 A, US 1628191A, US-A-1628191, US1628191 A, US1628191A
InventorsRattay Joseph J
Original AssigneeRattay Joseph J
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Double-pole two-way push-button switch
US 1628191 A
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May 1o, 1927. 1.628.191v

J. J, RATTAY DOUBLE POLE TWO-WAY FUSHfBUTTON SWITCH Filed Feb. 18. -1922 :57 W .gs- .2,7

v dummy Patented May 10, 1927.


Application filed Fem-uab; 1S, 1922. Seal No. 52314181.

The object of the invention is to provide an efficient double pole two-way Switch oi the press button aetuable type Suitable 'for home ligii'inggj und analogous pnipofiiefs fo the end` that the circuit nm); be opene/.i oi (closed ntzi piiiifaiinv of Stations; and Wiii this object in View the invention consists in :i construction and combination oi parte of which a. preferred embodiment is shown in i'iie ficaompanying:l drawings, whereinz" Figure l is :i 1ingizuninmie view @if the '\\'i.i,'ii'i;j illnsi'z'nive of the pmpore o? 'iie Switch embodying); the invention.

Figline isi :i pian vim' @if iiie Switch mechanism,

Figline ii if; :i hnig'iiluiinni, ,f-ioeionzii View of the Sonie.

The swiijeh miibofiiee e roekel- LO :wie igi in :i suizibie 'homing El an?? eoni'roiieii posii'ion. by zi rei' Spring* l2 with Shi/nii engage# :1 iiuil sfioke pin 1:3. The v01/fixer nv'iiziinie by piissii billions. li :uni if' }\.-i'o`-;ifio[ with :i connu# demoni' 1,5 exi'eniiing con- 'inmn nii' :ii'oumi file periphery thereof "for permanent engagement Willi iie yielding vonzuft eieinenis '1(3 which we Conneeefi with the in'eiinefiine lfiinding p09 ifa", iig," Waisen of the fippifoxiinzxeiy eoneeniie (ui-n- !mi poi'iion 18 of i'he rocker. The 'einiinnl contncs 19 which :ire conneced with 'he teifininul binding screws 2O :ne adapted for alternate engagement by the porions of he contact; element 15 which is Carried by the rocker.

The airanggeinent described by which 12in'. poles are used, conti-oiled. :le WiUA be Seen by reference to Figure 4-, bv' iie me ei' two rockers ieimbie Sinnriianeonsiy and in ghe San/ie iii'eeien by iie'eon'mion push bnionrs and the si): poie sentinel', as (ieinfli, from the three poi@ ,Qwiein ouin iiy iooife, has die :Mii/*anniv side@ of 'die iine, whe three-pole Hming ciaiineii .GSEPH J. RATTAY.

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U.S. Classification200/6.00C, 200/552
International ClassificationH01H13/26, H01H13/36
Cooperative ClassificationH01H13/36
European ClassificationH01H13/36