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Publication numberUS1628330 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateDec 3, 1923
Priority dateDec 3, 1923
Publication numberUS 1628330 A, US 1628330A, US-A-1628330, US1628330 A, US1628330A
InventorsAlbert Brown, Peck Robert G
Original AssigneeAridor Company
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Display receptacle
US 1628330 A
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May -10 1927. R. G. PECK ET AL 1,628,330

' DISPLAY RECEPTACLE Filed Deo. I5, 1923 Z'Sheets-Sheet 1 JLVJMMVy/Wfy May 1o, 1927. 1,628,330 A R. G. PECK ET AL.

DISPLAY RECEFTACLE Filed'Deo. 5. 1923` 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 e i i sition, and formed to provide a'display headl Passed may 1e, i927.

Afri; 1, fr


nIsrLAY Rnonrraonn.

Application filed December 3, 1923. Serial No. 678,109. v

The present invention aims to provid-e an improved receptacle particularly adapted, lor example, for use asa display receptacle .tor hard candies.

For illustration., one desirable Yform ot display receptacle containingan embodiment olf the invention is shoivn in the annexed drawings, by reference to which the invention will be readily understood.

ln said drawings;

llig. i is a side elevation ot the illustrative receptacle.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation ot' the mouth o t the receptacle with its door or closure in open position.

Fig'. 3 is an inner 'tace vieu' ot the receptacle Yclosure` together with parts ot a collar to which the closure is hinged. and showingrY the mouth of the receptacle in cross section.

V'iligx a is aA horizontal section through the inout-h ot the receptacle and its closure.

Fig. 5 represents a detail ot the specific closure shown.

The illustrative embodiment of the invention shownin the-drawings is a transparent receptacle tor use on a store counter for displaying contents such Afor example as hard candies. The receptacle is shoivn having. a front display end, While. the rear end oit the receptacle may be opened to permit insertion of a candy scoop for ydispensing` the candy to customers.

Said receptacle is represented as a jar l. ot transparent glass, arranged in recuinbent po- ;Z ol' extensive surface at'the end of the jar opposite its mouth.

By supporting' the neck of the'jar in .a rack. or stand Ll, the jar is held at. anap'propriate inclination to cause the candies there# in to tend to gravitate toward and remain massed in the space adjoining' the display head 2, through which as Well as'tlir'ougli the transparent top 'and sides ot the receptacle the candies are exposed to the view of customers standing before the counter on which the receptacle is placed.

rllhe month of the receptacle is closed by a door 5 herein representedas a hinged jar cap which is held pressed against a gasket 6 to maintain a tight closure. In, this instance the dooris self-openingl by the action of a spring hinge T. It is held closed by a spring-actuated latcli- 8 which catches over a bead: 9y formed o n the sheet metal rim ot the jar closure ordoor. ln closing` the door, the bead 9 will coact With the bevelled end of the latchto fforce back the latch, Which will then snap over the bead and ret-ain thi'v door closed against the gasket 6. For retracting thelatcli, it is shown provided' with a handle or knoblO.

The latch'housingzill and the door hinge .7 are attachedto a collar l2 surrounding and allixed to theL neck Yoi' thel ar. This collar lnaybe an integrali part of the rack or stands, which may be formed as a plate oil sheet metal having an opening to receive the neckY olif the jar.r Lu'gs 13 attached to the collaicarry screws 14 to engage behind a shoulder l5 onthe neck ofA the jar for atlixing the collar thereto. It' desired these lugsvinay be resilient to permit snapping the screws over the' shoulder l5. Thus the metallic stand With the door and lixt'ures carried thereby may be conveniently7 applied byinserting the collar l2 over the neck and' tightening Aits attaching` screws. or' snapping the collar into place it'the lugs i2 'are Inade sufficiently resilient for that purpose.v

Hard' candies when exposed' to humidity becomesticky and dull looking. To maintain an attractive displaytlie candies should be kept Adry and crisp, in order to preserve their solidit-yt color and glint or lustre and to prevent' objectionable sticking of thecandies to one another or to the interior sur# faces of the display receptacle. Such a display may be obtained in the illustrative receptacle, the interior and contents ot which aremaintained in dry condition by the action of a hygroscopie medium 16 (Fig. l) represented-'by a pador cake ot' porous Amoisture absorbent and attractinginateriah e. abaked massI otl infusorialearth in'ipregnatedv with.l calcium chloride and containing asbestos vtibres as a binding material.

The hygroscopic pad is shown mounted in the jar closure Aor door 5, being fitted in a chamber provided between the'oute'r Wall olE said closure and a flanged plate lrei'novl ably secured therein. A bolt l5? passing] through a centralv hole in the hygroscopic liti pnd centers the pad in its elnmiher an'l secures the ports ol` the door structure together.

.lhroug'h the perlorations l5?) in the plato 1 7, the air in the display receptacle may circulate through the hygroseopic pad cham her in Contact with and through the pores ol the hygroseopio substance, uhieh will at trnet and absorh any moisture in the receptacle and keep its coiitents thoroughly dry.

Hy li)entin;tl1e hli'lgroscopie pad ndjnrent the mouth o'li the dig. ny reeei'itnch-i. it majv exercise its dehydrating action nt the mostodmnihureous point, i. e. at the end of the reeeptiufle remote Jfrom the display end and which is first aiected by the admission ol :nniosiiherie moisture.

llissociated with the perforated plate 17 is :t shutter represented by a plate 2O having; perforations El normally in registration with those of the plate 17 but adapted to he moved out ot registration therewith. This shutter plete, rotatably mounted on the central post or bolt 18, is shown in this instance fitted to the inner side of the plate li'. and is utilized as the inner face of the reeeotaele door which closes against the .gasket (i as shown in Fig. 4;.

When the receptacle door is opened, the shutter 2l) is turned to the position shown in Fig. 2, moving; its openings or perforations out ot' registration with those of the plate 17 so as to close the hygjroseinpiie pnd chene her. This is accomplished. hy means repre sented hy a spring 29. shown eoile'l shouf: the central holt i8 and having one arm hearing; against n stud f on the shutter plate and the other erin hearing ngainst a stud El on the plete 1T, which stud projects through a short arcuate slot in the plate E20 and linlits the turning): movements thereoii.

Upon closing the receptacle door, the shutter plate Q0 is restored to the normal position shown in Fig. i3, with its perforations registering` with those, of the plate 1T, thus reopening the hynreseopie purl chene her to communication with the interiol` of the display receptacle. The lneans shown Jfor this purpose comprises an arin :26 pro tri'lding from the mouth oit the reeeptnelm es shown in Figs. 2 and si. and adapted to pass through arcuate slots ZT and E28 in the respective plates 17 and Q0. Ain inclined edge 29 of seid arm QG eoaets with a hard metal-Ware piece 530 nt one end ot the slot Q8 to turn the shutter plete against the resistence of the spring or in other Words to move the shutter by cannning action. from the position shown in Fig'. to that shown in Fig. :5.

As shown in Figi'. l, the erin 2G may he provided by a sheet metal strip 3l. attached to the collar 1Q and bent over the mouth ot the reeeplnele, the gasket (i heingg slolled to permit the insertion ot said sheet niet'nl strip iherethron righ.

liroin the fori-eroine' desrription. il will he seen that the elnunher containing); he h):- groseopie paid is nutoinnticnlli. elosml oln-.n the receptacle door is opened, :nid reopened io eonnnuniention with the. interior oi' the receptacle when the door is shut. Thus While the reoeptaele is open tor dis pensino' candy, the hygrl'oscopicpod is protected 'troni absorption oi atmospheric moisture. i'etniniin.l its strength and eli'ieiene\l to restore, ellecl'ire dehydrathur conditions in the receptncle a'lter it is closed. l'n other noi-ds, the action ol? the hygroscopie lne-- diuin is exerted only upon the volume ot nir :nhnitted to the receptacle itself. This proniet i rapid and thorough dehydration, the :action ol" the h xfgroseopic pad heinp; uni1npedefl hy sur}jilu.'-'= moisture nhstnfptiini. Furthermore, h x protecting the h vpgrofleopie pnd troni moisture absorption other than thtii in the nir admitted to the reeel turle, Jthe pad may he, used 'For n prolonged period without heroniingr suiliciently Wet to require rephufenient in' a dry pad.

The construction descrihed provide-f n l'n'eetienhle. convenient end attractive reeepx tacle :ippropriate for a lniQ-hl' display ot colored hard r-nnflles. i-'or insonne and which may he opened trom time, to time 'tor dispensino they randy while .stili eiieetirely maintaining' the el'iieienoy ol' the rerepinele to preserve the candies in dr;W nud lustrous condition :is is neeessanr tor un :ntrartive display.

Uliviously the present invention is not limited to the particular enihodiinent there ot' herein shown and deserihed. :linee '..letails ot eonsiruetion, torni and :irrnnfgeuient nini' he uioilii'sd. Moi-oliver it is not indifqiensnhle that nll the tentures ol the invention he used Conjoint-ly. since they nir.)- he ndrantageouslpv used in various dill-ereni4 -o1nhinetions und snh-comhinations.

We claim as our invention:

l. A display receptacle comprising. in eipunhinntiini. n transparent container 'tor `displaying an enclosed mass oi herd rendies; a door for opening and closings` the receptacle: a h rgroseopie niediuin iroteeted 'l'roni the atmosphere While the reeeptmle if`r open, and eonn'nunicating' with the interior ol the receptacle when closed, for eoinlitiouing` the interior of the reoeptnrle to keep the candies dryv and glistening ior eti'twtire dislilny: and means 'for covering; and uneoi'erine' said mediuni when the reeeptnrle open and closed resi'ieetii'ely.

2. il. receptacle for displaying hurdeandies comprising' n ti'nnspnreiit container therefor having' ineens conditioningl its interior to preserve the hardness und glint olf the candies, and having means operative liti during .opening of. thereceptacletor maintaining the vefficiency ot' said filfSt named means toestablislrinterior Aconditions Jfor pi.-' of the: candies as aforesaid when the receptacle is. closed'.

3 yA display receptacle comprising a transparent candy container having ya hygroscopic medium. conditioning its interior toi keep; the candies. dry and lustrous for attractive display, and having means protecting. said medium from the atmosphere When the container is opened.

'4. A 'display receptaclev comprising, in combination, a Vcontainer having a closure and a transparent display portion beyond the. closure; means ladjacent the mouth of the receptaclefor holding a hygroscopic medium; andffmeans operated by the opening and shutting oi the closure to maintain said medium covered from the-atmosphere Wl'ien the closure is openv and to expose said medium to communication with the interior of thel receptacle when `the closure is shut, whereby said medium Will be e-ilective upon closing the receptacle to establish conditions-for preservation in dry and lustrous? condition of candies displayed in said receptacle. f

5. A candy display receptacle comprising, in combination, anelongated-substantially horizontal container having .a display end; a closure there-for `at the opposite end; hygroscopic materiali Amounted proximate said closure; and means protecting said material from exposure to the atmosphere When said closure is opened'. v

A display receptacle comprising, in combination, a recumbent transparent jar having a display end opposite its mout-h; a plate having an opening to receive the neck otithe jar, said plate providing a collar surrounding and aiiXed to the neck of the jar, and having a rest yby which the jar isnsupported at an inclination; a gasket on the mouth of the jar; a door hinged to said collar; and a latch mounted on said -collar for holding the door closed against said gasket.

r. AV display receptacle comprismo, m combination, a recumbent transparent jar; a collar having an opening to receive the neck of the jar, said collar adapted to be slipped over the jar neck; a rest integral with said collar by. which the jar is supported at an inclination; a closure and fastening therefor carried vby said collar; and attaching means carried by said collar cooperative with the jar neck for securing the collar in place; whereby the rest with the closure and accompanying fixtures ymay be conveniently'applied by inserting the collar over the jar neck and securing Vthe attaching means therefor.

8. A display receptacle comprising, in combination, a transparent container having a closure; a hygroscopic medium mountedin-Jsaid closure; and means operative to coverlsaid .medium to excludeit from the atmosphere when the closure is open and to uncover `saidmedium torexposure to the interior of the container when the closure is shut.

9. A display receptacle comprising, in combination, a transparent container having a door orclosure; said door having a chamber for a hygroscopic medium; and means closing 4said chamber when the .door is open and opening said chamber to communication with the ,interior ot' the receptacle When the door is shut.

l0. A display receptacle comprising, in combination, a transparent container having a door or closure; a chamber for a hygroscopicr medium communicable with the interiorot' the receptacle; and means maintaini'ngsaid chamber open While the receptacle is closed and operative to close said chamber when the door is opened.

A.11. In a display receptacle, the combination with the receptacle door, ot' a chamber for a hygroscopic medium communicable with the interior ot' the receptaclega shutter vclosing-said chamber When-the door is open;

and means oroperating the shutter to open said chamber When the door is shut.

Ll2. In a display receptacle, the combination o-a receptacle door having a chamber .for a.- hygroscopi'c medium ;.-a shutterk closing to cover and protect said material from the f atmosphere, said means movable to position to expose said material so that the same may operate on the interior ot the jarwhen the closure is shut.

l5. A candy jar having, in combination, a closure; a chamber Jfor hygroscopic material in the closure; and a rotary shutter for opening and closing said chamber to expose said hygroscopic material in the jar and to shut ott' said material from the air when the closure is removed.

16'. A receptacle having means for opening and closing it and having a hygroscopic medium and means whereby said medium is automatically shut off from the air when the receptacle is opened and automatically exposed in the receptacle when the receptacle is closed.


IT. A. receptacle having', in combination, a door for opening and Closing the receplaele: a libvgroseopie medium protected from l'he atmospheve While the receptacle is@ open. und cominunieatiug with the interior of the reeepaele when closed; and means for covering; and uncovering said medium when the receptacle is open and closed respectively.

'8. A receptacle having, in combination. :i closure; a livgi-oseopie medium associated therewith: and means operative to cover Said medium lo exclude it from the al'nlosphere when the eloeure is open and l'o uncover said medium 'For exposure .to the interior of the uoni'ainei' when the Closure is shut.

12J. A i'eeeptaele having, in combination, a door; a chamber for a hygroseopie me' diuul: and means Afor closing Said Chamber when the door is open and for opening said ehambei to eouinuinieat-ion with the interior of the i'eeeptaele when the (lool.` is closed.

20. A receptacle having. in combination, a door o1' closure; a chamber 'for a livgro- .eeopie medium eon'iniunieable with the intei-iox of the receptacle: a shutter for Closing Said c-hanibei when the dooi` is open; and means Afor operating said shutter to open said chamber to eonnnunieation with the ini'eiior oi' the receptacle when the door is closed.

2l.. A receptacle having a removable elo- .Qui'e and having a hygroseopie medium coniniunieating with the interior of the receptuele and menue1 controlled by the opening and shutting of the closure `lnova'l'ile to position to shut oili the h vgx'osoopie medium 'from the air when the closure removed 'from the mouth oi the receptacle and movable to 'position to expose said medium in the receptacle when the closure is applied ou the mouth of the receptacle.`

22. A. receptacle having a reniovable elosuie equipped with a hygioeeopie medium expoeed in the receptacle when closed, and means carried by the closure automatically operating' to shut oil' said medium from the air when the closure is removed from the mouth oi the receptacle.

'23. A receptacle having a removable elo sui-e equipped with a hygroscopie medium, movable means carried by said closure shut fing; oill Said medium from the ail' when the closure is oil' lioni the mouth of the receptacle, and means controlled by the closing o'E Said elosure lo move said movable means to position to expose said medium in the reeeptaele.

2l. A receptacle closure equipped in :its interior side with a hygroscopic medium and movable means shutting oli' @aid medium 'from the air and adapted to be moved to expose said medium.

l'n testimony whereof. We have signed our naine@ lo this specification.


U.S. Classification312/31.1, 215/237
International ClassificationA47F3/14, A47F3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47F3/145
European ClassificationA47F3/14C