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Publication numberUS1628439 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 10, 1927
Filing dateFeb 23, 1924
Priority dateFeb 23, 1924
Publication numberUS 1628439 A, US 1628439A, US-A-1628439, US1628439 A, US1628439A
InventorsJohn Staubly
Original AssigneeEagle Pencil Co
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Display container
US 1628439 A
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May 10, 1927.


Patented May 10,- 192?.

barren sr'rss tartar arms.



Application filed February 23, 1324. I Serial No. 694,540.

My invention consists in a display conor paper which is, preferably, made of suflicient width to contain two rows, side by side, of the articles displayed, of a length to contain, for example, two rows of a dozen, and of a depth sufiicient to permit the articles of each row to move freely downward. This box is divided by a cen tral vertical partition into two compartments. 1

In the face of the box are two elongated openings or windows of less width than the contained articles, through which sufficient of the latter are displayed to show their nature or character, and beneath each of such windows are somewhat wider openings but of heights only slightly greater than the width of the articles displayed, but provided with edge stops formed by projections in the paper, which prevent the articles from falling out unaided.

Back of these openings are small round holes in the back of the box through which a finger may be introduced to push the lowermost article in line with such holes out through the opposite opening, causing it to bend aside the edge stop as it passes out.

In so far as thegeneral scheme is concerned, it is not material how the container be made or how the lowermost articles in each vertical row be normally prevented from falling out through the lower openings, the essential feature in this respect being the presence of the finger holes in line with the lowermost article and the adjacent opening. I employ, however, a specially designed and constructed container, which is used by preference and which is hereinafter more specifically described.

The improved device is shown in the accompanying drawings in which:

F 1 is a front view in elevation of the container. 7

Fig. 2 is a rear view of the same.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section on the line 3-3 of Fig. 1.

Fig. dis a horizontal section 011 the line l4 of Fig. 1; and, c

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the paper sheet before bending up to form the container.

The body of the container is a flat box 1 of paper or cardboard, and is made by bending a flat sheetand pasting together the overlapping edges 2 in the rear. The usual tags 3 are left to be folded over to complete the corners, and a flap 4 with a narrowed end with ears5 which are adapted to enter slots 6 in the back of the box is bent to complete the bottom. The top is closed by a flap 7 bent over so that its edge may be passed down between the box and a sheet of cardboard 8, pasted to the back.

A strip of cardboard 9 is pasted to the inner front wall of the box to form a vertical partition, and on either side of the center is an elongated and relatively narrow slot or window 10 through which the contents of the container are exhibited.

Beneath these windows are short but wider openings 11 having, preferably, at their lower edges projections 12 formed by cutting the paper and which serve as stops to prevent the articles displayed from dropping out. In the rear of the box and in line with these openings are punched. round holes 18. p

The two chambers formed in the container are filled from the top with pencil lead cases 14. To remove a case the finger is inserted through a hole 18 and the case lying between this hole and the opening in the front is pushed out through the latter, forcing aside the projection 12 sufficiently to allow its free passage.

These containers may bear any desired inscription, advertising matter or directions for use. This is particularly true of the sheet pasted to the top of the back of the box. As above stated, they may be used to contain and to display any articles such m: :1 re likely to he solrl singly mm the mini [01. The (Olllflllflil :ii'lli-ii-s: are wemnely lwhl in plwxe {mil not liable in all out in? heeume \llSlllZllCil umler all ordinary cumlilinns 0i use.

hai; l claim isz- A device (if he claw" K lLHCI'llJCi l, comprising. :1 veiifziiiiei' having): :1 lime-plate, Hfllil. lawplate having; :1, delivery opening Willi dimensions sullivienk [0 permit the passage 0'1? :111 :ii'l'icle lliei'ellnougli except for {L flex ible slop ffOl'lllCtl from said 'l'zu'e-pln le and comprising :1- portion 0i one of the edges of -::1i(l delivery o iieiiingzf llm line (lfifinll'lg the line of ("(Hlfii(l'l(lll lmlwmr1 suibl flexible slop and will ilkii-i ifilzito heingr (if less: leiigih than the over-all ciimvmiinii ()l' he edge (if the discharge opening of which said I1exihle slop (KllHPlflFPS :1 pm'l'imi minl 2i hole in ilk, hawk o'lt' mid (-niilninei' through which :i lingxienniy he iiilinziueul l'm' pushing zm ziitiele past E-llllll flexible ship and through said delivery opening.

In testimony whereof I herein HlllX my signature.

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U.S. Classification221/307, 221/305
International ClassificationA47F1/00, A47F3/00, A47F3/024, A47F1/08
Cooperative ClassificationA47F1/08
European ClassificationA47F1/08