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Publication numberUS1629108 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1927
Filing dateSep 5, 1924
Priority dateSep 5, 1924
Publication numberUS 1629108 A, US 1629108A, US-A-1629108, US1629108 A, US1629108A
InventorsSimon Lake
Original AssigneeSimon Lake
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Apparatus for the treatment of varicose veins
US 1629108 A
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y 17 s. LAKE APPARATUS FOR THE TREATMENT OF VAHICOSE VEINS Filed Sept. 5, 1924 Pure Rubber" nau ea as 17.1927.

snaon u x n, or nmroan, commc'ncon firm-nus roa m rmrman'r or vamcosn vnn sts.

" Application neesqaemiu- 5, 1924. am in. 36,148.

6 ordinarily racticed, consists in applying a,

hand, usua y of elastic "webbing, directly over the affected veins, and generally completely encircling the limb. A ban age of this typeWvhen worn for an appreciable 1 length of time becomes very ir some by rea--,

son of its constant pressure upon arestricted area and the consequent retardation of the circulation of blood throughout that area The object of my invention is to provide 1 an apparatus for the treatmentof varicose veins, which, although contemplating the ap- .plication of all necessary pressure to the area affected'avoitlsthe discomfort and irritation accompanying present practice.

The invention consists in an apparatus for treating varicose, veins" which permits the creation of pressure upon the entire affected area without direct contact of apparatus therewith, as 1 will proceed now to explain and finally claim.

In the accompa'nyin ing the invention, in t e several figures of which like parts are similarly designated, Figure 1 shows, in dotted lines, a leg and foot with the apparatus of my invention applied thereto, theapparatus being shown in section. Fig. 2 is a fragmentary detail section of the upper portion of the apparatus upon a larger scale. Fig. 3 is a view similar 3 to Fig.1 but showing modification.

- The-varix or enlargement of veins may be due to two causes, retardation of the flow of blood in the veins, or weakness of the walls of the veins at certain points; and in either 40 distend the veins. This excess pressure of the blood in the' veins may be counteracted to a degree by pressure applied externally to the affected area, and, as hereinbefore indicated, I propose to apply such pressure substantially evenly over the whole area, as dis tinguished from application of pressure to -rcstricted areas by bandaging in the manner now commonl employed. I

To this en I provide, by my apparatus, for? the sub antially even distribution of equal pressure over an extended afieeted area by enclosingsuch area in asuitable coverdrawings illustratcase the pressure of the blood'is such as to ing 'or casing and introducing thereinto a compressed fluid, such as air. By co this compressed fluid within the casing the pressure of same may be raised to that point required to'counteract or balance the pressure of the blood in the veins, thus per niitting unrestricted natural flow of the blood, and, in time, establishing normal conditions in the treated area.'

In Fig. l I have shown a casing 1 of stockin shape and of such dimensions as to pro- V1 e a space between it and the encased limb. This casing is preferably formed of some non-elastic material such as cloth 2, impreg-- "PAT NT QFFlCB nated or coated with rubber 3 so; as to be fluid tight and inipervious. The upper end of the casing is provided with an inturned elastic band 4,-preferablyof pure rubber and capable ofsufliciently closely and intimately embracing the limb to prevent escape of fluid under pressure introduced into the casing 1.

Arran edin'the fold between the casin l and band 4 isa ring 5, preferably of rub r tubing, provider} with o enings 6 '(Fig. 2)

in it's wall 'through whic air or other fluid under pressure may beintrbduced into the casing, by means of a pum or compressor,

such, as an ordinary. syr1nge ulb 7, connected by tubing 8 with the ring 5. A pressure relief or safety valve 9 of any ordinary type may be interposed in the ressure lmeto prevent the building up in t e casing'of undesired or unnecessarily high pressure.

'It;will be apparent that air forced under pressure from thefbulb 7 mto'the casing 1 will be 'evenly distributed within the space between the casing and. the limb enclosed thereby. l

T hefband 4, as above described, closely embraces the limb, but its engagement there-\, with need not be so tight as to cause thatirkson e nuinbness caused by elastic bandages, stockings and the like, for the reason that the ressure established withinthe casing 'will ave a tendency. to force the band into pressure sealing contact with the limb.

In Fig. 3, I-have shown a modification of the apparatus in which separate casings 10 and 11 are rovided for the upper and lower ortions o the limb respectlvely, same bemg joined b a duct or tube '12 whereby pressure esta lishedin ens. casing will be communicated to the other.

pations, and in the latter case the bulb 7 may be concealed in some accessible portion of the clothing so that thepressure within the casing ma bemaintained at the desired predetermine pointw,

Various modifications and changes may be made in the" invention as above set forth without departing from its-spirit or from the scope of the following claims, and it should be so construed.

air as the fluid for filling the space between the limb and casing salt water or alum water, either of which would have a hardening effect upon the skin. Likewise, cer-- tain gases other than air and which would have amdicinal effect might be used.

Moreover, in treating wounds my apparatus might be found useful, not only as a. bandage capable of applying a desired pres sure to the Wound wit out direct contact ,therewith but as a means whereby the wound might be medicinally treated or disinfected by the introduction within the easing of medicinal (Er disinfecting or other gases, such as oxygen and chlorine, or of a member and substantially I K Forvexample, it may be found expedient and beneficial to substitute for compressed.

desired curatiye, disproperties.

fluids or liquids ha in infecting or medicina Q What I- claim is ing fitted to but out of contact with said conforming to the she e 'of said member, an elastic band carrie' by said casing and folded inwardly thereof and intimately embracing said body .member, and means for in'troducing fluidunder pressure into said casing including a ring lying between said. casin band and providecLwith a pluraht of openings for evenly distributing the uid under pressure throughout said pasing. a y

\ 2. An a paratus for treating varicose veins of a ody! member, comprisin a cas in'g fitted to but out'of contact wlth said member and substantially conforming to the shape of said member, an/elastic band carried by said casing and folded inwardly thereof and intimately embracing said body memb er, and means for introducing fluid under* pressure intoi said casing includ- 'ing a ring, lying between said casin and said band and provided with a plurality of openings for evenly distributing the fluid under pressure throughout said casing and a pump capable of the person of'the wearer for introducing fluid, un er pressure .into said casing through said ring.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 4th day of September A. D. 1924. i


and said eing concealedw upon

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