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Publication numberUS1629364 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1927
Filing dateNov 18, 1925
Priority dateNov 18, 1925
Publication numberUS 1629364 A, US 1629364A, US-A-1629364, US1629364 A, US1629364A
InventorsScholly Frank C
Original AssigneeScholly Frank C
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US 1629364 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

2' I y 17 19 F. c. SCHOLLY BALL Filed Nov. 18, 1925 Fran/i C. Sch gf ATTORNEY ;20 vation. Referring more particularly to the draw ings, 1 indicates the ball which may be Patented Ma '17, 1921.

UNITED s'rA'rss-i PATENT-OFFICE; I name. when, ol- 1mum Application'filed novenibe is, 1925. 1 Serial m. e9,s4s.

This invention relates to play balls, and

' an object oft-he invention is to provide a ball which has a relatively heavier or thlckened' portion to one side of the center of the 5 ball for causing the ball to curve when it is thrown, thereby permitting a player to throw .all kinds of curves with the ball reguon the-ground or inclined surfaces, and is lating to a limited extent the type of curve by the thrown.

, Other objects of theinvention will appear in the following detail description,' and in the accompanying drawings-whereinz Figure 1 is a cross section through the I ball showing the weighted portion in section. 1 Figure 2 is a cross sect-ion through the ball showing the weighted portion in ele- 'made of rubber or any othersuitable material and whenthe-ball is made or'moulded 2 from rubber 'a substantially semi-spherical enlargement 2 is formed integrally with the ball and projects inwardly into the body of the ball from one side of theflcenter ofthe ball, so as to make 'an unbalanced weight 30- or gravity action on the ball 'which.\ will enable the player throwing the ball "to i throw various types ofcurves, drops and the like which would not be possible with a ball of uniform balance. As previously osition in which the heavier or 10 'weighte portion is held when the ball is" other suitable material relatively hard and is provided with a relatively thick. wall throughout its entire circumference, and is adapted to be used. especially by pitchers to practice throwing various typesof curves, 40-

drops, up, out and in-shoots' and the like. It is not'designed as a toy ball to be rolled teristics. v

It is, of course, to be understgod that "the invention may be constructed 'in various other manners and the parts associated in different relations, and therefore, I dose 7 not desire to be limited in any manner, ex-

cept asset forth-in the claimuhereunto appendedr V a What I- claim is As an article of manufacture, a throw- 55 ing play ball constructed of relatively hard I rubber and rovided with a relatively thick wall and being hollow; the --wall' :of the ball interiorally thereof formed with an inte' grally enlarged'overbalancing portion ex- 00- tendiiig-Y inwardly of the ballv at one side of the centre thereof said enlarged portion being substantially semi-circular and adapted to cause the ballto take various drops, up, out and in-shoots, according to the posi- 66.

tion of, the enlarged portion prior to leaving the throwershand. I

In testimony whereof I afii my signw FRANK (150110131X.w

'ture. stated the ballis constructed of rubber or

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U.S. Classification473/594
International ClassificationA63B43/00, A63B43/04
Cooperative ClassificationA63B43/04
European ClassificationA63B43/04