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Publication numberUS1629377 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 17, 1927
Filing dateJul 1, 1924
Priority dateJul 1, 1924
Publication numberUS 1629377 A, US 1629377A, US-A-1629377, US1629377 A, US1629377A
InventorsBuckwalter Jacob S
Original AssigneeEnterprise Mfg Co
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Feed regulator for grinding mills
US 1629377 A
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May 17 1927.


JLIJI held by a plug lscrew 35, which Vis threaded to the cap pla'te 17.

In the sleeve 26 is a series of sockets 36, which are arranged. to receive the ball 32 so that, on turning the sleeve, the ball depressed, and, whenVV released, is forced into another socket, frictionally holding the sleeve in the position to which it is adjusted.

The sleeve is marked Coarse, Medium and Fine, indicating the character of theA grinding. The casing may have an indicating pointer, as shown in Figs. 6 and 7, to indicate the position of the particular marks in respect thereto.

The operation of the device is asy folf lows z---If it be desired to adjust the movable grinding disk so that the productl will be coarse, the sleeve 26 is lturned to the position ment of the shaft 9, and the grinding disk 5 is adjusted to the proper distance from the fixed disk 4. The cam block`24 can be adjusted independently of the sleeve to take up for any wear of the parts byturning the screw 28.

The mechanism is so designed that the adjustments can be made without dismantling the machine.

When it is desired to move the sleeve 26,

, the sleeve is turned until Ythe internal projections 3l are in line with the spaces between'the ribs 30 on Athe extension 20, after which the sleeve can be withdrawn, and, if necessary, the cam block, cam disk, and ball bearing can be removed.

In Figs. 6 and 7, a modification is illustrated, in which the cam block 24 is secured to the sleeve 26a by two screws 37. A pin 25a on the sleeve projects into an extended slot in an extension of the cap plate 17a. VThe screws 37 extend through slots 38 in the end of thesleeve 26a. By this construction, the cam block Qtucan be adjusted within the sleeve. i

In order to retain. the sleeve frictionally in its different positions, a plunger 32 is mounted in the sleeve. Back of this plunger is a spring 34a. In the end of' the. extension of the cap plate are sockets 36a, into any one of which the plunger is projected. On the surface of the extension sleeve are indicating projections 39,'which can be aligned with a single. rojection, or pointer, 40 on the cap plate 17a.

1. The combination in a grinding mill, of a body portion; a fixed disk secured to vthe body4 portion; a rotating shaft; means for rotating the shaft; a feed screw; a grinding disk carried by the' feed screw and driven by the said shaft; a` cap plate mounted on the body portion and having an exten'- sion open at the end; a cam diskclocated in the extension of the cap plate.; means for preventing said cam disk turning in tiie ex-' tension; a cam block back of the' cam disk; means for allowing the cam block to have a limited rotary movement; a sleeve mounted on the extension of the cap plate and en closing the end thereof and means for con-4 connected to the shaft so that it will turn.

therewith; a. cam diskbearing against the end'of the shaft; a cam block back of the disk, said cam diskv beingprevented from turning, but being allowed to move lon-V gitudinally; a sleeve on the cap plate engaging the cam block so that the block can be adjusted with respect to the cam disk'to regulate the` feed; and a set screw located in the sleeve and bearing against the end `of the cam block so that, on turning the screw, they block will be adjusted independently of the sleeve.

3. The combination in a grinding mill, of a body portion; a cap plate secured thereto; a` grinding disk secured to the body portion; a shaft mounted on the body portion and having its bearings in the cap plate; a feed screw androtating grinding disk driven by the shaft; a sleeve mounted on an extension of the Vcap plate, said extension having a series of longitudinal spaced ribs, the, cap plate having internal projections spaced apart vand arranged to pass through the space between the ribs and to pass under the ribs when in position so as to lock the sleeve to thel cap plate; yielding means for frictionally holding the cap plate in position; a cam disk located in the cap plateand bearing against the end of the flange; means for preventing the said disk from turning; and a cam block mounted back of the disk and engaged by the sleeve so that it will turn terewlith' to adjust the camdisk and the s aft.

4. The combination in a rrrindin mill of lltp a body portion; acap plate secured to the body portion; a fixedgrinding disk mounted in the body portion; a rotating grinding disk opposite the fixed grinding disk; a. shaft for driving the said rotating disk; a cam diskmountedl in the capy plate and bearing against the end of the shaft; a lug von the disk adapted to the longitudinal groove in having a series of sockets; and a springthe cap plate; a` cam block back of the 'cam pressed ball mounted in the cap plate and disk, and also having a lug adapted to a arranged to enter any one of the Sockets so 10 Wide groove so that it will have a limited roas to hold the sleeve friotionally in the cap l5 tary movement; a sleeve mounted on the plate. f

cap plate and engaging the block so-tliat the i block will turn With the Sleeve, seid Sleeve p JACOBS. BUCKWALTER.

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U.S. Classification241/247, 241/259.1, 241/101.3
International ClassificationA47J42/00, A47J42/18
Cooperative ClassificationA47J42/18
European ClassificationA47J42/18