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Publication numberUS1630277 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateOct 6, 1926
Priority dateSep 23, 1926
Publication numberUS 1630277 A, US 1630277A, US-A-1630277, US1630277 A, US1630277A
InventorsJames Smith
Original AssigneeJames Smith
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Mechanical detachable hand and forearm
US 1630277 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

1927. lMay 31, L SMITH MECHANICAL DETACHABLE lHAND AND Fons [uml Filed Oct. 6, 1926 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Ma 3l 1927.

y J. SMITH MECHANICL DETAGHABLE HAND AND FORE ARM Filed oct. e', 132e 2 sheets-snee*v 2 zu J '1 Vchanical hand Which Vcani-be'"locked toanV Y artificiali forea r1 n, fthe handibeingof the` type in 4which eachnger and .thumb'lcom-- prises a spiralv spring .it/ith ai flexibleltension e Wire between fthepalm vand .the tips.; ofthe i finger andgthumb and extending along theV V.palm iside' of each finger and; thumb,y the fingers and thumb being openediand closed byfa flat spring extending from the `tip'V ofv the `finger "or thumb to a, movable plate iar-V ran'ged Within the Vpalmbflthe hand, the? plate" =being preferably'operated by a..conv

Alamented Mayl 315,192.7, f


'My invention relates'to" an artificialme# fingers; kFigure isV an:edgej,vieW ,oyffgthe nectin'g link `from `a piyfot'efdratchet 'sector 'which is operated by Va .Wird/and locked-in] any position by a'springdetent controlled,

by a ro d pro] ecting o utjwith the hand `and has `forYyitsobject'to'improye :the 'construcvy tion andvaction Aof such 'hands.,f 'L

According *to Athe present invention Jthe Y flat springs yare Vmoyed`outwards ,againstthe action ofy the spiral spring `:fingers7 f on .guide rods provided with* sho'k ,-iabsorbing A springs, by the .nsual'conn'ecting link and v bellcrank -[leVer. VThe thumb is: provided?V A with V:the usual' fiat spring, if andthe inner end Y of this spring -is r connected to'.n a? blockv slid-, x `ing on a guide irod,-eaidifblock'beingriconf.. Vnect'ed by -ar'od to theftransverse plates',` thelrod having an; elongated vs lot formed in A itl so that apredeterminedgmovement io-fnzthel fingers takes place fbeforeltheeithumb? isf v`vwardsith'efingers cz'iuse".,thefiat-spiingseff6,;=A :to curve,therebyi,dlosingthe ingersgwhil'st l thepspriiig's 85%,' .'effectla"cushioningw actfionfl v -g-y Y f between the clampingplatesf, and-thestops. r

' l M'vllie improyed-f arlticial fhand is detach?. able-from' the artificial' Vfore-arm, in order;- that another mechanical gripper can-be at.

taehed lto the'for'e-arm when required. The

Wrist of the detachable hand is locked tothefore-armby means of a locking pin en-y gaging Va looking platefand a balllbearing may be forniedbetween .thcbandfad the.

l end of aurod 13,;th'e rotherendlofsaid rodA fore-arm.v

' v,In .order'that iny'SaidinventionA andthe manner ofv performing thejsame :may lbeYV .properly understood,:1I` hereunto append two Sheets v'of explanatory;drawings" to be hereinafter referred to Adescribingy my invention. l

1 .Whichmay beeonveniently j made fr v a f exblenextensible connection 5,- Wil may vbeiof vvBowden Wire; fsteeL n,. ;or t i'corda orrisimilar materialithisflexibleQconv v nebtion i 5, `extendingl alongfzthe palmside of excepttowards the palmqofithe hand. 5

connecting ered;vk

transyerse movable members,`r Ilignrev 4, isl

a' plan view-of a combined farti-cialvhalld .ofnfthe locking plateautrhej f'Qrgalm` In K these drawingsfthefsame reference numerals Whereyer-theyiare :repeatedi Referring :to 4the ,dnawi gs', 1, ,Clesgllttes andtextendingaffrom,:the tip @fiieach ,fingenl and 'thinnb ItQ- the shell oripalmplateflfis f Vich eachfspiral s} ringv finger 63"1` and spiral l v sprm'gthnmb 4.1;; Thelconnections@,Lpref I' .Ventthe lingersfandlthumb freni: bending 2" i" Springs 6, Vextend along each finger, and

parallelrods provided: With/springsiSfi;

Said-rods beingsecnred'atone -endigto posts L-"fandVV fat the other endftfoprojectionsg-lO,

projeqtingnomine palm platea., Ther 10,V and so absorb4 anyshock,

rod 1Q," saidzblock being connectedto one :ai

transyerefejmembers impart'a-predetermined'5v j embers

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U.S. Classification623/61, 623/64
International ClassificationA61F2/50, A61F2/58
Cooperative ClassificationA61F2/583
European ClassificationA61F2/58H