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Publication numberUS1630373 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateNov 10, 1923
Priority dateNov 10, 1923
Publication numberUS 1630373 A, US 1630373A, US-A-1630373, US1630373 A, US1630373A
InventorsCombs De Ette B
Original AssigneeCombs De Ette B
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Card-holding device
US 1630373 A
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gal/W ATTORNEYFJ May 31,1927.

DE ETTE B. COMES CARD H OLDING DEVICE Filed Nov. 10, 1923 Patented May 31, 1927.

Danna comes, on rrrInAnnLrisrjI-n,"rnnnsrnvnmn.

oAnn-nonnrne nnvron.

Application filed Nov mber 10, 192a Serial; No. 673,9,3 8.

This invention relates, generally, to'im-- provements 1n dev ces for holding. oprlce- H cards, displayfcards', place-cards, and for similar purposes. The invention has'for its pr1nc1pal'ob ect to provide a cheap, easily -manufacturedand yet very efli'cient device for supporting a card or similararticle, so that thesame is not only conveniently presented to View, but is firmly gripped by the supporting means in strong frictional engagement therewith," so that accidental separation or displace-r ment of the card or the like from properly adjusted position is prevented. The invention has for a further object to provide a novel construction of a supporting" base, which, although it may be] made of light weight -material, is nevertheless eso con- :1 structed. as to readily resist any'tendency of the sameto be accidentally knocked or blown provides a considerable area of surface which may be'utilized to receive decorative l .embellishmenu 'or which maybe utilized for the imprint, thereon" of desired advertising V will be clearly'un derstood from-the followl matter. j I Y 7 Other objects of this invention, not at this time. more particularly enumerated,

' ing detailed,"description of the same.

in 'view, the same consists, primarily, in the novel constructionof card supportor holder hereinafter set forth; and, the invention consists,furthermore, in the novel arrangements and-combinationsof the various-devices and parts, as well as in the details of the construction of the same, all of which will be hereinafter more fully described,

and then finally embodied in the 'claim" appended hereto.

The invention accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a face view or front elevation of the novel supportingor holding member,

togetherwith a novel'dis'play-card operatively engaged therewith so as to be firmly gripped and supported; thereby; Figure, 2 is a sideelevation of the same; Figure 3 is I a horizontal section, taken on line 33 in said Figure 1; Figure 4 is a vertical central longitudinal section of the same; and Fig- "s clearly illustrated 'in-theure 5 is-a plan view of a blank out of which the novel supporting or holding member is made, o Similar characters of reference are employed' in al l'of the hereinabove described views, to indicate corresponding parts, RGf6I1111Qf now to sald ClI'&V V lI 1g,-th8 reference character 1 indicates a hollow basek member or support which, in form, isuof conical shape having a substantially broad The said base-member is bottom or base.

preferably; made ofany suitable flexible. sheet material, such as paper, celluloid,

fibre, metal, etc. although, broadly consid-f cred, the said hollow base-member o g s .o portmay be made in integralrform innother ways, as by molding the same outofpasuit able plastic .material, for by stamping spinning the same out'of sheet manor by turning the same, the, essential feature] of then-invention being-the provision of, a 1101- low. substantially conical-shaped .lifleiIlberv havingthe novel card gripping elementsto be subsequentlydescribed. i1 I In making up the'nove'l hollow baseamembe out into blanks, such as shown in Figure 5,-thus providing a substantially semi-cirits" straight or diametric edge, was to eX-If tend from the'jcenter 2) thereof" in both cdi-l p rections, with over-lap tongues or projec- With the various objects of this invention ber of support by cheapquantity. produc ztion methods, Iprefer to use a suitable fiex i ".ible or bendable sheet material, which. may-I35 o tionsz; v The-blank member :20 isqprovid'ed, in the line of its vertical axis, at'a suitablelocationintermediate the center yand the,

The blank-member having been produced in the form above described, theksame is thereupon, shaped into hollow-conical ,form,

with the over-lap tongues orlprojectionsa ic-al form to the'base thereof,ias shown in Figures '1 to 4 of the drawings.

The overoverlapping one upon the other and extending downwardly from the apex'ofthe conw lapping tongues or projections a may be seis cured together in any suitable manner; I have, however, found itto be very convenient and satisfactory to secure saidtongues or projections together by means of one or more wire stitches or staples2, as shown,

although I 15 mb desire to limit myself necessarily to'such means of fastening.

V The, result ofthe above-describedlopera-.. .tions; produce the hollow-conical base mein-v her or support 1, havinga substantially wide base and upwardly and inwardly, sloping sides terminating at the upwardly directed apex. A device of this character, even though it" be jnia de ofcomparativelylighti *wei'ght' sheet material,- is adapted to'produ ce o a very firm and stable supporting member,

"fica'pablje of supporting comparatively heavy "weightwithout crushingor becoming top- 7 heavy andeas'ily' ov'erbalan'ced; and also ca- "'f'iv'it h little likelihood of the same being topordinarymoving air currents.

' pableofjsupportinga generously sized card I aid: is shaped into conical; -'iform ,"the slot ,5 defines an upwardly directed,

: gripping tongue 3 which is concavo-convex ;"in' oross'section, and which is opposed to and cooperateswith a gripping edge: iprovided-bythe uppermost boundary of the slot 15, -an'dwhich "owingto the spaced relation ofthe edges-'ot the slots tends to fall .with-' v "Qin. theiopening defined by thetgripping edge- -4"o'f--thelatter.- The card 5 or other piece Q to 'besupported by-tlie base or support 1 is disposed'with its lower end inserted between fthe' gripping tongue .3 and the gripping edge 4:; "ands-is thrust down between such" parts and is adapted, by virtue. of thenovel grip ping elements, to securely support sign or; advertising cards,,displa'y cards, place cards, i I price cards and allfkindsof similar devices;

The inclined sides'of the conical base or 1 I support 1 also provide inthemselves a considerable,iarewofisp'ace'which may be emh ployed "forthe reception of advertising ri1atf j ter when JLlSGd' for" trade purposes, or. for 5 decorative embellishment whenused torso- 'cial purposes, I such, for'jeXam'ple, as place card supports and the like-for festival'oQGaisions such ascChristmas Independence Day, Halloween, etc,

1 Thehollow conlcal formQo-f thenovel card holding device renders theysame'of consider- 7 iablebstre'ngth and-durability,- so that, ;al

though it maybe cheaply made of comparaftively lightweight sheet materiah it is none-'- strong'and etficient forth'e purposes 7 J inviewlr the-less 'f' My; novel: hollow conical 'f orin card holding device 'possesses,;inaddition/tothe a V further advantage of; convenient shapelitor V packing'together in quantities-for'distribu T'tlOlI,', "since the vdevices fmayr 'b'ecompactly nestedtogether in desired numbers'toapi og- 'duce a shipping package I of, comparatively advantages already above pointed out,.;the

" small bulk, and in which the nested arrange I luntil stopped by the converging ends "of the f 's'loti fOwing to the-conical shape or contours:

"*o'f'the base or supportl whichgives-con-f {vexityjin cross-section to c the gripping j- 'tong'ue 3,1 'in combination with the semi elliptical shapeeof the slot 3, whereby the;

wtongue tends to-iall within the opening thereof," the lower end ot the'inser'ted card 5 is flexed at thec orners 5, thereby placing the card itself under. a tension which:v

' 'aidsfo-rj isauxiliaryr to the gripping effect of the'gripping tongue 3, so that thecard ""i is firmly held against. accidental displacementor separation from the; base or sup- -+ilport 1.2: I

ing a transverse I semi elliptical, upwardly Z The'novel form io f ba se or support l lends r 1 itself admirably fortlie' stablefsupplort of- {displa cards, inrupri ght and slightly rear ment of .,the devices one; withanother "in itself produces -aj mutual reinforcement" thereof tending to protect the same, against damage or injuryfduring transit,'etcg f" A card holder, comprisin'ga substantially,

semicircular blank. oi sheet material; said blank being rolledto form a, liollowconical; 'niember; with the meeting pfortions of its :diametric edge overlappedand secured-t0- gether tolretainsaid blankintheaforesaid conic-a1- form,fand said conicalqnember havbowed' slot Shaving vertically spaiced; apart edges which converge-toward the respectiveends thereof, the lower edge o'tnsaidg-slot defining an upwardly directed gripping tongue adaptedto engage a card inserted in said slot and laterall flex thelsainesoas to frictionall y bind it edge of said slot. 1 v In testimony j that I" 'c-laimythei invention set forth above I have hereunto'set my hand; this f5th 'day of November, 1923. "if, r i

V against; the upper."

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