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Publication numberUS1630453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateJan 5, 1926
Priority dateJan 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1630453 A, US 1630453A, US-A-1630453, US1630453 A, US1630453A
InventorsSmith Turner B
Original AssigneeSmith Turner B
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Bed attachment
US 1630453 A
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May. 31', 1927. v

"r. B. SMITH BED ATTACHMENT Filed'JanJ, 1926 iii.

. .2 Sheets-Sheet .1

S E2 5.5mm



Application filed January 5,1923. Serial No. 79,378.

- My invention relates to attachments for beds by which the'occupant of the'bed can be supported in a sitting posture or in various intermediate inclined"positions. 4

7 It is a purpose of my invention to provide a bed attachment of the above described character which, in its applied position to a bed, is capable of operation by the .oc-

cupant of the bed toraise himself to any inclined position desired tO'tLISltiJlIIg posture and whereb the necessit of other er-. 3

, in claims.

In the accompanying drawings,

Figure l is a view showing in vertical section one form of bed spring attachment embodying my invention in applied position. toabed; j v

Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1 showing the movablelfraine of the. attache ment in elevated position;

Figure 3 is a view showing in perspective I p the attachment shown in the preceding figures but detached from the bed I Figure l isa sectional view taken on the line rel+ljof i igure 2; Figure ois av sectional View taken on the line-5-5 of Figure 3;

Figure dis a view in side elevation of a portion ofthe arm showing a slightly modified form of my invention. 7

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts in each of the views.

Referring specifically to the drawings, my

invention, in its present embodiment, is

shown in Figure 1 as comprising a stationary frame 15 formed of metal or other suit-f able material and which is U-shaped, with a movable frame 16 also of U-form pivotally connected at its free ends to the free ends of the stationary frame by means of hinges 17 so that the, movable frame ism- V p'able' of upward swinging movement to occupy an upright position or intermediate inclined positions. Th s movable frame is provided with any suitable type of. bed

spring 18, in order that it-may resiliently support the head end portion 'ofa mattress at curved farm 19 is secured betweenits ends tothe forward end of the movable frame 16 by means, of a bracket 20, the curvature of the arm 19'being such, that in its movement with the movable frame it will inaintain operative engagement withfa pair of spaced rollers 21 mounted onthe for-' v ward end of :the'station'ary frame 15'. This arm is tubular in form, as, clearly shown in e y Figures 1 and 2, and for the purpose of receiving flexible means adapted to be =se* cured to the st'ationaryframe" and'so oper-? ated as to effectelevation of-the ar'manol; hence, the movable frame'f'lhis meansfin the present instance, comprises single length of l'l'exiblefsteel tape 22 securedfbyj "means of a bracket at its lower end to thefforward end of the stationary frame 15 at a point .betweenfthe rollers21. From this connection with the stationary frame, the tape passes around-a roller 24 mounted on the lower end of the arm 19, andthence" upwardly through the armto' a windlassor reel'25 ,to which it is securedandabout which it iswound.This'ree125fas shown in Figure 4, is' rotatably mounted 'upon' a 'stuba'xle 26 secured 111 the arm, and formed, integral 'wlth the reel saworni gear 27 which constantlyvnieshes with a wormlshaft 28 iournale'd inthe arm andprovided atits outer end with a crank- 29 by-wh'ich the shaft can be manuallyfrotated and through the medium of the worm gear effect rota tion of the reel,fas'. desired.' As shown in Figure 6, the shaft-28 may constitutepart of an electric motor30,w'ith the motor pro-j 3 viding power operated means for "actuating;

the shaftand,hence, for rotatingthe reel;

In the applied position of the attachment,

as shown in l igure l, the stationaryffframe 15 is bolted or otherwise secured to a bed spring frame 31, with the movable frame uppermost to permit elevation positioned thereof and with it the headsection of the mattress 7 With the attachment applied, 7

the arm 19 is positioned atthe head end of the bed andnormally extends above the" mattress but within reach of an occupant of the bed, sothat he: may readily grasp" and operatethe crank 29 to rotate thereel.

25 to cause winding of the steel tape 22 thereon. ,As the lower end of thetape is securedto the-stationary frame, it will be] manifest that upon winding the tape upon 1 the reelan upward pull is exerted on the arm 19 to elevatethe latter, and as the mov- "able frame is secured to the armit' will -eposzing on theqmattress. ticnlarly'noted that the crank 29 occupies "a fixed positionwvith respect-to the mat-7 of the operator.

likewise be'elev'ated .while the occupant is tress so'that itlis at'all times within reach rotate the crank 29 in the opposite direction; so as to unwind the tape from the reel 7 and" thereby permit lowering of the arm 19.

Itis to be understood that the cooperation 'of the worm wheel and worm shaft is such that the reel 25 frictionally locked in any position whereby unwinding of the take from the reelisprevented, irrespective of the p'ositionbf the movable frame. lVhen employing the motorESO to actuate the shaft 7 28fitflwillb'e understood that a switch (not the spiritfand scope 0 shown) in the hands ofthe occupant may be closed to supply current to the motor and v in the use of alternating current for the 1notor,- apole changing switch can be provided. I

Although I have herein shown and de scribed: only one form of bed attachment embodying myinventiOn, it isto be under-. stood that various changes and modifica 'tionsf may be made therein without depart;

ing' .from the spirit of the invention and 'f the appended claims. "I claim as my 'inventionflp a 1 1 r 1. A bed attachment comprising said frame'to tilt thereon on an angle to the 'he'ad of a bed; an arcuate arm fixed between its endsito the freeend of the hinged 'irame so thata portion of definite length of said It is to be par- Thus by continued rota-l V a frame adaptedjto be supported upon the spring ,;frame of a bed',af,frame'hinged to the first i1 wherein :non-t'i" for" guiding "the "arm in its Vertical move assent-is frame, and operating means fi x ed on the upper portion of the. arm and connected'to the first frame by whichthe'armand hinged frame may be raised orlowered.

arm is constantly extended above the hinged i 2. A bed attaehmentcomprisinga frame adapted to be supported upon the spring hframe of a bed, a i'ramehinged to theifirst" said frame to tilt thereon on an angle to the head of abed,yan areuate arm fixed between its 'endsto'the free end of the hinged frame so that a portion of definite length of said arm is extendedconstantly above 7 the hinged frame, and means between the pp'er portion of the arm and the first said frame forcausing the arm to'be respective- 1y ra1sed'- and lowered, sa d raising and v lowering means comprising-a rotary reel at the upper portiono'f said arm, and a tape. wound about sald reel and having one end secured thereto, and; its other end secured to said first frame.

- A bed attachment"comprising a frame 7 adapted to be supported uponthe spring frame of a bed, a fraine hinged to the-first, sa d frame to tilt thereon on anangle to. the head of a bed; an a'enate arm fixed between'its ends to the ,fi'eeend 'of'the hinged frame so that a portion'of definiteilengthr of said arm [is constantly extended abovethe hin ed frame, and means between the upper portion of the arm and the'jfirst said frame for oauiizaing"the'arm' to berespe ctive ly raised and lowered, said raising and lowerin g'means vcomprising a rotary reel at the upper portion "of said arm, and 7 a tape I Wound about said reel and having :one end secured thereto and .i other end secured to said firstframefthe reel haying a'worm" gear and a driven fw orm Eco-acting withsaidigear.

at. A bed attachment as embodied-in claim I tion' means. is provided ments inrespectito the vfirst framei fi 1 nsrnrrr:

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