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Publication numberUS1630467 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateSep 29, 1925
Priority dateSep 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1630467 A, US 1630467A, US-A-1630467, US1630467 A, US1630467A
InventorsHobart J Bradstreet
Original AssigneeHobart J Bradstreet
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Hand support for use in horizontal exercises
US 1630467 A
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May 31, 1927.

Filed Sent. 29, 19 25 m T N E v m ATTOEN;

7 ing devices, and more specifically ,to a hand Patented 'May 31, 1927.


HAND surroivr non Usri infnonrzoiirnnnXE cIsEsfl I Application filed September 29,1925! s riaiivofsassai This invention relates broadly to exercissupport for use in the tam physical exercises.

The primary object of the invention isto performance 1 of cerprovidea'hand-grip and support for use in supporting the forward part of the human body while performing certain body buildor strengthening exercises in which the.

in bocy is disposed substantially parallel to a floor.- 1 Y .A further object is. to provide support- .ing device whereby not;only are the hands of the userfreed from the severely twisting strains to which they are subjected when theyrest directly upon the floor in performing the exercises for. which said device is designed, but the danger of accident through slipping of the hands is practically eliminated. i a

The physical exercises in which the invention is used are, briefly stated, those in which the spine and adjacent muscles and the abdominal muscles are fiexed'and called .into play by vertical andlateral swaying movements of the body (1) when positioned I face downward,substantially parallel to the floor with the toes resting on the latter and i 1 with the arms straight and extended down-' ward in supporting relation to the forward, v

or. upper, portion ofthe body, as shown in Fig.1 of the[drawings,'and (2- when posi tioned, back downward, with the feet resting fiat wise upon'theflo orand the arms straight and extended rearward and downward in Supporting relation to the upper. portion of the'body' (a position not herein shown).

In performing the exerciseslde'scribed, the,

invention is employed as a. hand. grip and support, one for each hand, as shown in Fig. 1.

In describing the invention in'detaih reference is herein. had-to drawings, in 'which'- Figurel is a perspective viewof the in-. vention, illustrating the use thereof; 7 Figure 2 is anenlargedperspective :view of the invention; and. 1 i Figure?) is a view of-thesame partlyin side elevation and partly in longitudinal section; i

thaaccompanying The invention comprises a one-piece strucof dumb-bell, consisting of a substantially parallel to such *fioorJf V a Said heads '2, which are of corresponding adapting the devicefor firmly seating fiat-'- W1se upon a fioor, as shown inFig. 3,'in

ture, preferably of flwood, which; .approximates in formacolnmon, or ordinary, form f cylindricalhandlell having an integral en: largement or head f 2, at each end thereof, said heads beingdesigned for restingfirmly 'upon a floor, while thehandle is disposed "shape, are each made polygonalin form, 4 I V c being herein'shown as having four main fiat 'sides'or faces 2 of substantially' equal area,

any one of'four positions. The right-angle 1 corners intermediate said faces are-preferably removed, forming the relatively "small flat faces 2 ,'as shown, the purpose beingpartially to. eliminate a possible source of in- 1 I jury tothe user in casetheiwrists' of the latter should be-swu'ng violently. i'nto a n inclined position crossing su'cha corneiy While the support, as above described,

{will ordinarily-fremain firmly seatedjasplaced upon the ffloor, it ispreferred that it the heads 2 have associated therewith floor-1 f}, contacting means by which the tendency ofthe supportjto slip or slide when in use is Z- resisted. -.As herein shown, saidmeanscon?- sists of aband or ring 3 ofresilient rubber, I f V round in cross-section, which annularly em-g braces, eachof the heads 2, an annular ch'an-rrnel or groove A for the ,r'eception-ofa portion of the thickness of said vided in each'of said heads;

' Each'lhead 2 has, its inner annulai'edge, v I

designated 5 in Fi 3, rounded or curved,

asshownin said gure, to obviate'injury which might otherwise result through for fromviolent contactof the wrist of'the user with such edge.

grasped, I onein each hand, and with-the ringQ-bei'ng pro-3 In practice, the 1 are firmly 950 heads 2 resting'firmly onafloor, the devices I I are employed supportswwherebythe fob is supported clear of the-floor:duringgthe fcourse'of th'e'physical exercise indulged in,

The handlepreferably hasla length of from- "5 to inches. c What is claimed'is A handsupport'ofthe character described, i

-'ward, or upper ppart ofthe body ofthe user erally arranged flat faces adapted for firmly groove of the head.

saidfiat,rfzibesfthe ends of saidjhat ndle "at, tnf. thepoint of intersection of said heads bei'ng comprising a handle carrying'corresponding rounded or curved, each head also having integral heads upon the opposite ends there therein an :annular groove, and a resilient" of, each head' having a plurality of periphband seated 'in and projecting from the 10 seating upon a floor andother faees joining In testimony whereof,; I rafiix my s ignai- 1 I "HOBART J. BRADSTREET. v o

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U.S. Classification482/148, D21/681, 482/108
International ClassificationA63B23/00
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European ClassificationA63B21/00E