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Publication numberUS1630469 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateNov 24, 1926
Priority dateNov 24, 1926
Publication numberUS 1630469 A, US 1630469A, US-A-1630469, US1630469 A, US1630469A
InventorsWilliam Cecil
Original AssigneeWilliam Cecil
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Sandwich-display fixture
US 1630469 A
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May 31, 1927. 4

SANDWICH DISPLAY FIXTURE Filed Nov. 24. 1926 INVENTOR BY M, I am a 1,630,469 w. CECIL T UNITETYST' Patented M 3 I v' WILLIAM CECIL, onnnw" YORK, N. ;Y.

' sANnwmH-nrsrLAY rrx rnan.

Application filed November a, 192's. Serial No. 150,43

This invention relates to-improvementsin display fixtures and has particular reference to improvements in fixtures for displaying sandwiches. 1 p

The object ofthe invention is to provide 'asandwich display fixture of "novel, imk proved, simple and sanitary construction and design. Another object of the inve ntion is to. provide a sandwich displayfixture vadapted to contain or hold arelat-ively-Ilarge number of sandwiches in a relatively small, compact, yet attractive manner. ready for instant removal. Ingeneral, the object of f the invention is to provide a sandwich display tray or fixture of the rotary type suitable for use on soda fountain orlunch counters and of pleasing appearance, andadapt ed to be manufactured at low cost. f

Vith these objects-in view, the invention is embodiedin a sandwich display =1iXture arranged and constructed hereinafterset forth and as illustrated in the accompanying 7 drawing in which numeral 4 denotes Fi 1 lslan elevation of in r 'innroved h .l -l

' fixture \vitlrparts in section and parts" ken away.


Fig. 21s a sectional view online 2-2- of Figure 1. v

V Fig. 3 is adetail view. Referring to the drawing, the reference a solid. relatively heavyand stationary base provided'with a'ball bearingb. .The base is preferably iron covered with anickel plated orother attractive covering;

V in neck 7 surrounding the ball. bearingpartitions 17, 17. Each 7 p The numeral 8 denotes a heavy rotatable base having a nickel plated covering; 9 anda depending socket. member 20 which fitsover the ball bearing 5. Thest-em'lO of the base extends upinto the socket as shown.

The base '8 forms a lower ture, Rising'from said 'hasethere are four bolts 11 which are surrounded by spacing slotted sleeves 12 and 13." Between the top shelf 1 1, An

sleeves there is supported a ornamental dome 21 rests upon the bolts11 and the parts are secured together by nuts "15. The fixture is providedswith four lower and four uppencompartments formed by two lower partitions '16,

tition member andv two sleeves.

may be assembled on the bolts without "reas to formthe eight compartments containingsandwiches;

' wich display 6' forming an upstantb shelf of the 19 of the spacing sleeves, see Figure}; v

of a single piece bent-at rightanglesi and," the edges 18 of which-"are fitted intot'he slots first placing; the bolts inlposit'ion and" thereafter positioning the other parts' The base 8 with the parts thereon i rm a tray element which is removably and rotat:

ably mounted on the base 4 as is clearly ap parent from the drawing. U

The fixture. is of pleasing a 18 sanitary because thereareno inaccessible capacity; Preferably the edges of the'partispect to order so tion a' relativelyifiaedxbase member a'ball bearing. Qtherein;anfupper display element-LL" i fCOHlPllSlDQ a base, four. bolts secured n said base and projectinguupwards therefroimfour compartment units,-eacl1 composed of afpa pearance. j It 7 I parts or corners, and it is of relatively large "tions are soldered at the' slots in the sleeves, so that there are formed four symmetrical units each composed. of a bent'npar The 7 units 1 so s I As anew article of manufacture, ai sandffixture comprising'in Cblflblflfih ti'tion memberlb enta't right angles and fit k ted withtwo-spacing sleeves atfthe free edges I thereof, said compartment units beingadapted to be assembled. in pairs, on saidlbolts to formfour lower and four. llpjJGlflCOHlpartment's, a shelf between"the upper and i s lower compartments, a dome restingLon'the said rippercompartment units and said bolts, ,5

nuts fo 1 securing the said base member, co1n- I partmentunits, shelfand dome together to" form said upper display element, said. base member havinga socket fitted over and'resti I V for rotatably and. detachably mounting said display [element f ing" upon said ballbtaring- .on the said base-member 1'6 and two upperjj I partition; is formed;

i enjoin

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U.S. Classification312/125
International ClassificationA47F5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47F5/02
European ClassificationA47F5/02