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Publication numberUS1630797 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateDec 22, 1925
Priority dateDec 22, 1925
Publication numberUS 1630797 A, US 1630797A, US-A-1630797, US1630797 A, US1630797A
InventorsMarwick James
Original AssigneeMarwick James
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Exercising swimming tank
US 1630797 A
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V I 1,630,797 May 1927- J. MARWICK BERCISING SWIIIING TANK Filed Dec. 22, 1925 2 sheets-shoe; 1

- I vI smut I A]; as J%%mik May 31, 1927.

'J. MARWICK EXERCISING swmmme TANK 'Filed Dec. 22, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 EGEEEEQ EEEEEEE EUEEEEEQE I I I III I I II I Patented May 31, 1927.



Application filed December 22, 1925. Serial No. 77,025.

This invention relates to exercising swimming tanks,-'more particularly it belongs in the class of relatively small .bath pools wherein a current of water maybe kept moving in a given direction, and the swimmer can gain the advantages of the bath and the benefit-of the exertion of swimming by endeavoring to proceed contrary to the current. Means are provided for making the current of any strength desired, in order that the invention may be used by ladies or children, as well as men or stronger swim- It is the intention that the current may be of such strength that the swimmer making such effort as may be chosen or agreeable to him will remain practically in one position with respect to the length of the basin.

v A referred construction of this invention 15 illustrated in the accompanying drawings, of which Fig, 1 represents a top plan view of all parts assembled. Fig. 2 is an end view from the right hand side of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a cross-section on the broken line 33 of Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is a fragmentary section of the rim and outflow end of the basin, and shows a side view of the movable grating adjacent to the outflow opening, provided with an electric switch 7 for cutting out the motor as hereinafter explained.

Throughout the drawings and descriptlon the same number is used to refer to the same part.

Considering the drawings, the basin has a rim platformor footway usually extend ing entirely around the basin. The platform is marked 2, and may of any width or extent. In the drawings the basin and'platform are shown as constructed together of concrete, but it is not intended, to confine this invention to any material or to the specific structure stated. a

The basin is provided with a drain pipe 3 closed or opened by a valve 4 accessible by way of a handhole 5 in the platform 2. The

- basin 1 is also provided with a water supply ipe 6, controlled by a valve 7 which may he reached through the handhole 8 in the platform '2. 4

As illustrated in. Fig. '1 the basin hasan inflowopening 9 and an outflowopening 10, the latter covered by a suitable grating 11 to prevent-the arm or leg of a swimmer who may lose control'of himself from being drawn into the outflow opening.

The water is moved by means of the propcller wheel 12 located in the conduit 13 which connects the inflow and the outflow openings of the basin as shown in Fig. 1.

The propeller is operated by a motor.14'

placed at any suitable point outside the basin, and conductors l5 connect the motor.

with a control board 16 usually placed at the side of the basin and wlthinreach of an occupant of the basin. The electric current may be taken from any available source not shown and constituting no part of this invention.

Considering Fig. t it will be noted that the grating 17 is pivoted upon the hangers 18 on the edge 19 of the basin, and that it arranged adjacent to the outflow opening.

An electric switch device comprising the contacts 20 and 21 is provided adjoining the pivoted port-ion of the grating and above the water therein, in order that excess pressure upon the grating 17 may move lt'and open' the contacts 20 and 21 against the force of the spring 22 thus breaking the motor current. The introduction of the movable grating and switch is sometimes advantageous as explained in the following statement of the mode of operation of this invention.

Assuming that the motor has been started and the water with which the basin and conduit have been previously filled is moving through the basin. It, will be diifused in the basin by the natural movements of the swimmer. But, the current may be found too stron to be pleasant, and the control board 16 as been arranged at' theedge of the tank in order that the occupant may vary the current to suit himself without leaving the basin.

In using an apparatus of this nature, there is always one or more venturesome persons who will try to stem a current of considerable velocity in the tank, and it is only a matter of time until some one of such swimmers is overcome by the current strength and drawn to and possibly held at the outflow opening. The provision of the movable grating with the contacts for breaking the motor current will halt the water current if the swimmer is forced or falls against the movable grating, and he will have no difli-,' culty in rising from. the water which is.

ordinarily about four feet deep in the basin. It will thus'be noted that means are afi'orded by the use of this invention to enable the person to gain all the pleasure of the bath with the benefit of the swimming exercise,

and the construction and arrangement herein is particularly useful in teaching swimming as the novice is continuously directly under the eye of the instructor.

Having now described this invention, and explained the mode of its operation, what I claim is Y 1. In a swimming tank of the character described, the combination with means for circulating the Water horizontally in thedescribed, the combination with means for circulating the water l'lorizontally and for varying the rapidity of the flow, of means located in the bath tank and adapted to be operated by pressure exerted bythe batherthereby controlling -the said circulating means. i

3. In a swimming bath of the character described, the combination, with means for circulating the water horizontally and for .varying the rapidity of the flow, of means located in the bath tank and adapted to be operated by'pressure exerted by-the bather thereby controlling the said circulating means, the said pressure-operated means 35- having a springlarranged to return the parts to their original positions after pressure 7 is removed.

4. In an exercising swimming tank, the combination with a basinhaving an inflow opening and an outflow opening, the said basin having also a water supply pipe'and a drain pipe, of means including a device for moving the water through the basin, and a movable grating arranged adjacent to the said outflow opening, and provided with attachments constructed and arranged to stop the said device for moving the water when the grating is moved. a

5. In an exercising swimming tank, the.

combination with a basin having an inflow opening and an outflow opening, the said basin having also a water supply pipe and a drain pipe, of means. including an electric and a movable grating arranged adjacent to the said outflow opening and provided with a switch device for breaking the motor current on excess pressure against the said grating. I

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


motor for moving the water through the 5 basin, means for controlling the said motor,

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