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Publication numberUS1630899 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateMar 29, 1926
Priority dateMar 29, 1926
Publication numberUS 1630899 A, US 1630899A, US-A-1630899, US1630899 A, US1630899A
InventorsLynch Ernest E
Original AssigneeLynch Ernest E
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Pressure-operated grease dispenser
US 1630899 A
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Patented May 31 1927 This invention relates to grease-dispens' iiig apparatus, and more particularly to those of a portable character and adaptable for supplying those heavy greases used in the lubrication of certain automobile parts as needed and operable through air-pres sure, i

As is very well-known, the usual practice is to supply garages with these heavy greases in various sized containers, from which it is applied to the parts needing it either by hand orthrough air-pressure directly applied to the grease body. To ap ply it by hand is found to be most unsatisfactory, as it is practically impossible to force the grease into 'oiitof-the-way places, while, with compressed air in direct contact with the grease body, the air is found to pursue the course of least resistance, passing through the mass carrying but small particles of the grease with it, rather aerating the mass than dispensing it in compact form. I i

' The primary object of my invention is the provision of a grease container and dispenser having self-contained extensiblecollapsible means for carrying sufficient airpressure to force heavy grease therefrom,

through. an intervening means preventing the air from coming in direct contact therewith.

A further object, of the invention is the provision of a container and dispenser of grease that is of simple and inexpensive construction, of positive operation, and that e'inbodies as an essential feature an extensible-collapsible air-chamber capable of retaining pressure indefinitely, or, at least, for such period as may be necessary to exhaust the grease supply.

Additional to the foregoing is 'the provision of a grease containerand dispenser of the character described, provided with a measuring means adapted to indicate the amount of grease dispensed therefrom and remaining therein.

Other objects and advantages will appear as this specification progresses, and be more fully brought out in the claims hereunto appended. a

In the accompanying one-sheet of drawings, forming a part of this specification and in which similar characters of reference refer to like parts, throughout:

Figure 1 is an elevation, partly in section, of a grease container and dispenser em- Application filed March 29, 1926. Serial No; 93,179.

1,630,899. 5 Fri-E,


ranssuari-ornna'rnn GREASE nisrnnsnn, j i 1 Y q,

bodying the principles of my invention, in 3 which is shown an extensible collapsible member of bellows-like form constituting an air-chan'iber' resting between the contamer cap and the piston, the piston being adapted, through the pressureexerted upon it, to bear upon the grease body, as shown,

and to force'a portion fromthe chamber upon opening the valve, there being: also means and a pressurejgauge; and i V Figure 2 is an elevation illustrativeof '65 shown in this connection an indicating the character of the extensible collapsible air-chamber, this chamber being shown re-' moved from the container. 1

Referring with greater particularity to f the drawings, in which preferred embooliment of my invention has been illustrated, 1 indicates in a general way a cylindrical container having a bottom 2 and a flanged upper end 3, suitably constructed to contain any desired quantity ofgrease, ordinarily from twenty-five to fifty pounds, weights best calculated for easy and ready trans.

p'ortatioii, and sizes best adapted for garage convenience. The container 1' carries a smoothbore constituting the chamber 4 and is adapted toihold a quantity of grease'5,

the maximum capacity at time of filling being approximately three-fourths that of the full capacity of the cylinder;

The extens'bley-collapsible air-chamber, or reservoir, 6 is constructed of a rubberized fabric ofa character best'adapted to with stand an air-pressure of] approximately seventyfive pounds and is formed of aplurality of bellows-like folds 7. reinforced by a plurality of equally spaced bands or rings 8, and has at its lower 1 end a vulcanized flange 9 and a similar flange .10 at its'u'pp er end.

The upper flange 10 of the reservoir 6 i is of sufficient diameter to rest "upon the flange 3 of the container and'isv clamped tightly thereagainst by the flanged cap member 11 and a plurality of clamp-bolts 12 provided with wing nuts 1-3, the union" thus secured being of a character to insure against all possibility of air-leakage between the members 6 and 11; The lower flange 9 of the member 6 is clamped to the upper face of the piston 14 by means of a ring '15 and screws 16, and this union must also be proof against air-leakage as between the member 6 and the piston 14. The piston 14: preferably consists of two discs 17 and screwed a disc-harge nipple .311," the opening 17 having secured therebetween a leather cup'18 adapted to lit the bore of the chamber 4 tightly, the two discs being provided With a piston rod 1-9-havinga threadedlower end 20 extending therethrough and held in place by a nut21set-up snugly against the under face ofthe disc 17.. The rod 19 extends through a stuffing-box 22 and nut- 23 formed upon the cap 11,

and is providedi at its upper. end with ahand-grip 24:, which may be used as a means Wherebythe container may be carried from place to place, or as a means whereby the pistonl l and air-reservoir 6 mayrberemoved, when refilling ofthe'con tainer is required. The rod 19 is provided. witlrgraduations: 25 adapted, in connection With-the indicator 26,: toindicate the amount of grease that hasbeendispensed from the container, or the amount st-ill remaining thereim The: cap 11 is provrded with .an 111- let airvalve-. 27,;similari to the auto tirevalve, through which airmay be forced. into the amt-reservoir fiend-checked against enhau'st therethrough, the cap being: further provided-with a. gauge 28 adapted to register at all timesthe degree ofair-pressure within thereservoin 6; The lower end of the con.- tainer 1s PI'OVlClGCl with agrcase outletni-pple 29 having. a plug-cockfio intowhich 15 of. the said ,cockpermitting grease. to be discharged:therethrouglr from the chamber The container rs also 4: to the; nipple 81; provided with a small check-valver32 secured toa nipple 33' -which is tapped into i the containerslowerend, this valve serving as a meansthrough which vacuum? may be broken in that portion of the: chamber;

lyingbelow the piston when at' the limitof its downward movement A small opening 34, lead1ng from atmosphere toz'that portlonofthech amber above the piston: and without the air-reservoir, isprovided as a breather for the partial regulationof-pnessnre Wit-h.- outfthe said reservoir. i

Normally, an air-pressure: o l? seventy-five pounds is forced. into the chamber 35,-as constituted of the reservoir 6, the cap 1 1 andithe piston l4, after the container has receivedits full charge ofzgrease and with:

the reservoir: substantially collapsed Assumingthat. both greaseroharge. and aircharge is exhausted or until the valve has been closed llaving: thus described my invention, '1

secure I by Lettersclaim,- and desire ,to Patent: a

1. A grease dispenser of the class described, comprising a container forming a grease chamber, a valvecontrolled discharge. outlet for said grease chamber, a

piston mounted in said container, a capplate for sald container, anextensible-collapsiblemeans in the form of a bellows v,

mounted in said container between said capplate and said piston and forming, an ai-rpressure. chamber therebetween, said extensible-collapsible means sociated with said piston and adapted to normally extend itself to force said piston away from said cap-plate, a, valvular means permittingv the introduction of air under pressureinto said pressure chambena valvecontrolled discharge: outlet. for said .air-pressure cl1amber,..and-a .check valve mounted in the lower end of said container to break the:

vacuum upon return movement Of the p ston-W I 2. The combination in a grease dispenser,

ot'a container-[orining a grease chamber, a valve-controlleddischarge outletlor said grease. chamber, a. piston mounted in said conta ner,aVcap-plate tor said container, an.

extensible-collapsible means in the form of a, bellows mounted in. said containe-rbetween said cap-plate and saidpis'ton and forming anv airepressure, reservoir, therebetween, the

said piston, cap-plate and collapsible means being coactively as V constituting,elements removable as a. unit,

a valvular.- means, permitting. the introduction ofair underpressure into said. pressure" reservoir, and a. check valve mountedin vthe lower end of said container to'break the-v vacuum uponthe return movement oiiithe piston.v V V Intestimony whereof I. have afliked my signature;

manner; 12.; LYnoH.

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