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Publication numberUS1630911 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 31, 1927
Filing dateNov 23, 1925
Priority dateNov 23, 1925
Publication numberUS 1630911 A, US 1630911A, US-A-1630911, US1630911 A, US1630911A
InventorsWentz Jere L
Original AssigneeWentz Jere L
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Massage machine
US 1630911 A
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M'ay 3 1 1927'.

- J. l... wl-:N'rz

MASSAGE MACHINE Filed Nov. 23, 1925 'massage machines.

Patented May 3l, 1927'.v

" ivrnssecinivrAcisrrNn.yl'`

`Applieatian'filed November My invention is for an improvement. in

An object of my invention. is to provide a bank or row of machines which maybe operated by a common drive shaft. lThis will allow several persons'to be served by a single driving medium. Another object is to mount the drums of the machines eccentrically of the drive shaft so that anjoscillatory as well as a rubbing pressure with vmotion action is produced. A further object is to provide means` for producing a kneading action during the massaging caused by the rotating drum, which will be' similar to that accomplished by rubbing with the hands. A still further object is to attain the variation in pressure which is accomplished bya trained masseur.

Il accomplish these' objects by the .device illustrated in the in whichy y v vFigure 1 is an elevation partly in section accompanying drawings,

of the bank or row of,machines and they motor attachment, A

Figure 2 is a cross section on line 2-2 of Figure l,

Figurev 3 is a detail view, Figure l is an elevation of a form of roller. y y

Similar characters of reference referto similar parts thruout the several views.

rllhe machines, 5 are mounted on a common drive shaft 1. On keither side of each machine is an invertedU shaped support 2 including posts and cross bars which serve a double function, nainelyras a mounting for the machines and also as ahand fgrip of which more will appear` intra. across each of the pairs oflegs of the support members 2, 2 is a bar 3, 3 having journals 8, 8, therein, thru which is mounted the modified i drive lshaft 1.

At one end of this shaft is'a trainv of gearing 11 which connects the said shaft to an operating means at which is preferably an electric motor. y

As .all of the massage machines of the bank are similar, a detailed description ofy but onewill be given. However it is to vbe noted that the body contact members or rollers may vary 'as to their surface struc-- 7, 7. yThe plates are fixed to the shaft 1 ,toy

Fixed rotate therewith, and .7'

- tnen I eccentrically i mounted thereon. lIn the perforations- 9 of Y the plates 6, 6 are loosely journaled thepins v Y 10 which serve 'tosupport and are fiXedfinv pins vare" ecf p These rollers 7, 7.-

the ends of said rollers. centric of the aXes of the In operation the person wishing a inas-k grasps of the sage, having firststartedvthe motore, 'the hand grips 2, 2 whereby pressurebodyor part to be massaged is exerted against the rotating drum. It is apparent that the drum may be straddled to massage the inside of the legs, or limb mayv ne placed acrossv the drum, or the Vtorso held T' ithereagainst.. As the drum rotates, due to y its eccentric Inountingit. will gradually press against the part` offered thereto, in-

pressure thus completing a'cycle.V Upon con-A creasing the pressure as it rotates ,and` will 'then upon continued' rotation,relieve"`the` tact. of the part to. be massaged with the drum, lthe loosely mountedv rollers will be rotated. These rollers are also eccentrically mounted so that a kneading action will occuras lthey rotate and pass fered to the drum will be rubbed and kneaded simultaneously. The pressure exerted by the drum will be controlled bythe person operated upon, ldepending upon the weight so i p over the part offered. The result will be vthat the part of of the body and the force exerted by said person against the hand grips. ,Y v l A modified form of roller 12 is shown in drum by means Iof the,

Figjl' which may be `substituted for the rollersgof Fig. f1, depending upon'the particular action desired.

lieu of the types shown herein.

Havingthus described my invention, what;` i'


1. In a device of the character described, the combination of a plurality of kU-shaped supports, hand holds thereon adjacent thek .c upper ends thereof, bars on the supports', a Y

rotatable drive shaft carried by said bars,

means for rotating the isaid drive shaft, a

plurality oficircular plates mounted onsaid drive shaft and arrangedin` pairs and havadapted to support y It is ofcourseun derstood that other-roller `types having 'varied surfaces may be employed as desired, in


ing perforations in their' peripheralmar- 1 gins, pins infsaid perforations androllers a body to bei-massaged `thereby.andl includking in combination a'driv'e slajfdrumsxed eccentrioally on said'drive shaft, rollers` ec-H centrically mounted iii the peripheries `of 3. A massage machine adapted t'o siipporr,

a body to be massaged--itheireby-gandiiioludf ing -in combination a drive shaft, spaced said shaftfand having p'eripleral perforatons, ,pins

driveshalft aridalli'and hold carried by said Yshaft adapted 'to be grasped byV a person 15 i Y 'resting' oni said rollers.

`parallel platesmmoulited eooentrioally on 10l therein andY rollers eccentrically mountedY onA said pins, posts su'pgmrtingrg' said said drums, posts adaptedto siipportV 'sfaid'i 'Y shaft and hand holds on said posts;

Iniestimoriy whereof I afxiny signature. K


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