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Publication numberUS1631227 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1927
Filing dateDec 6, 1926
Priority dateDec 6, 1926
Publication numberUS 1631227 A, US 1631227A, US-A-1631227, US1631227 A, US1631227A
InventorsEdward E See
Original AssigneeEdward E See
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Staff base
US 1631227 A
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STAFF BASE June 7 1927.

Filed Dec. 6. 1926 nuowliop ED WARD EL SEE.

Patented June 7,1927.


imwm a. an, or 01mins, manna.

s'rm ma.

Application fled December 6, 1926. Serial llo. 188,889.

My invention relates to base structures for flag-stands, lamp-stands, smoking-stands, table and desk stands, window-display stands, Christmas-tree holders, and similar devices for holding a staff or the like in vertical position. It is the object of my invention to provide a strong and durable device of this character which may be economically manufactured and transported, which when in use will provide a stable support for the stafi or the like inserted therein, which will accommodate staffs of difierent sizes, and which will be sightly and pleasing in appearance.

A structure embodying my invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, in which Fig. 1 is a, vertlcal or axial section of the staff base, and Fig. 2 is a plan view of the same.

In carrying out my invention according to the illustrated embodiment thereof,I provide a centrally perforate hollow shell of which thenpper portion is a dome-like member 10, preferably formed of sheet metal by s inning or pressing. The dome is genera ly semi-spherical in shape, but is provided with one or more ofisets or shoulders 11 ex tending substantially parallel withthe lower edges thereof, whereby to impart a certain axial resilience or elasticity, which is utilized as hereinafter described. Short zones 12 may also be formed, as shown, with a concave instead of convex curvature, and preferably one of the concave zones adjoins the central opening at the upper end of the dome, whereby the edges adjoining said opening are substantially vertical. The lower or base edge of the dome is curled inwardly to inclose a reinforcing ring 13, andsaid inwardly curled edge and the ring 13 also serve to clamp in place the edge portions of the bottom-plate 14, holding the same in a plane slightly above that of the surface on which the dome is supported. The plate 14 is of sheet metal and is normally flat. At the center of the bottomplate is an opening which is alined axially with the opening at the upper end of the dome, and at one side of said central opening is a second opening which is normally closed by a cup-shaped sheet-metal plug 15 having in the sides thereof three or more out-swaged points 16 for retaining the plug in the opening.-

Extending vertically through the central openings of the dome and bottom-plate is a dome, where tube 17 having an expanded or outwardly swaged portion 18 forming a collar for engagementwith the up an the lower end 0 said tube being expanded and curled to form a lip 19 for en-. tgagin the bottom-plate. The height or ver- 10a 19 is less than the normal distance between the bottom-plate and the u per end of the sion, the bottom-plate being slightl bowed, as shown, and the dome being an er axial compression. The placing of the parts under stress, as contributesmaterially to the rigidity of the assembled structure, and enables the parts to be made of lighter material than would be required otherwise.

Within the center tube 17 is a longitudinally extendin double-bowed spring 20 which is secur to one side of the tube by a rivet 21 or the like. Said spring serves to press toward the o posite side of the tube the staff A inserte therein, and thus enables staffs of different sizes to be held firmly in vertical position within the tube.

- To provide the weight desirable to prevent overturning of the base when in use, the hollow shell is filled with sand or other suitable material 22, which is placed therein while holding the device in an inverted position, the plug 15 being removed during the filling operation, and thereafter replaced to retain the filling material. The sand or other filling material need not be placed in the hollow shell until the device is to be used, and may be removed therefrom whenever desired, the devicebeing thus kept at a mini mum weight for shipment or transportation.

The dome and the protruding upper portion of the tube 17 may be suitably finished to present an attractive appearance. When the device is in use the base will rest firmly upon any level surface, as the entire weight thereof will rest upon the reinforced outer ed e or rim, the bottom-platebeing held at a evel above said rim and thus prevented from engaging the supporting surface to cause rocking or tilting of the base thereon.

Now, having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A staif base, comprising a dome-like sheet metal shell having its base edge curled inwardly, a bottom-plate having its edge portions clamped to said shell by and within edge of the dome,

stance between the collar 18 and lip ythetubeispacedundertensaid incurled edge, there being alined central openings in said shell and bottom-plate a tubular member extending through sai openings and engaging said plate and shell to hold the same under axial compression, the bottom-plate having a filling-opening therein, and a removable plug for closing said filling-opening.

2. A stafi base, comprising a dome-like sheet metal shell having its lower edges curled inwardly, a reinforcing ring inclosed by said incurled edges, a bottom-plate having its edge portions clamped by said ring and incur ed edges and being thereby retained above the plane of said ring, a tubular tension member extending through axial openings in saidshell and bottom-plate, said tubular member having expanded portions engaging said parts externally and supporting the central portion of the bottom-plate, the bottom-plate having an opening therein afiording access to the space within the shell, and a removable plug for said open' EDWARD E.

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Cooperative ClassificationE04H12/2246, Y10S248/91, E04H12/2269
European ClassificationE04H12/22B1, E04H12/22C2