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Publication numberUS1631566 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1927
Filing dateJul 2, 1926
Priority dateJul 2, 1926
Publication numberUS 1631566 A, US 1631566A, US-A-1631566, US1631566 A, US1631566A
InventorsWalton Robert T
Original AssigneeWalton Robert T
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Rotatable flag support
US 1631566 A
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June 7, 1927.

Filed July 2. 1926 ATTORNEYS.

Patented June 7, 1927.. i 7 j I .s'r' r ROBERT 'r. ,w ALroni-or- PHILADELPH- l'il; rEnnsYLvANIA. BOTA'IABLE rree'isurroar. Application flea :nn 2, 25. Serial in. 120,074.

My invention relates to a new and useful Figure represents a side elevation Ofi il "flag support, whereby a flag staff or the modification. W v i i like may be firmly and detachably support- Referring to the drawings j in whichdik'e ed in an "upright position ionside walks, referencecharactersindicaterlilefparts. p pavements and the like, when it is desired ldesignates my novel construction ofa 'to'decoratethe-streets on festival and other flag support the same comprising. the occasions'of a public or nationalcharacter, stall Qwhich can be hollow 'orsolid having and in addition the flag proper is carriedby "the'lower' terminal which is rotatably 'the flag staif'in a rotatable manner lso-tha-t seated or fitted in thejslee'vef l which is'e1n-,

- i0 the-samemay'turn around with the windg ibedded in the pavement'5 ithe'.top' Iof'said v can be variously arranged and organized the pin 16. i

and stand at all times unfurled, thus main} sleevebeing flush with tht o thQlQflYetaining the flag or emblem completely un-- ment. The lower e'ndi of the terminal furled'or in a vertical plane at all times member Sis serrated or provided-with V 0 and preventing the same from becoming shaped cuts 6, which enable the lower end l wrapped or otherwise entangled around the 3upon being rotated to bore its way into thesleeve f in casethe latter becomes filled A further object of my irvention is to 'with dirt or the-like, 7 designatesacollar provide a flag support which may be placed which is fast on the staff 2 and which limits in position and removed with a mini-mum the vdownwardmovement o'f-the staff with 2a of time and elfort and which at the same respect to the pavement, said collar being time is stable, durable and ornamental. sufficiently wide to'assist in retaining the With the above ends in view my invenstaff and flagin an upright or vertical pov tion consists of a'flag staff, a collar carried sition. 8 designates the flag or emblem by and rigidly secured to said flag stafi'nt whose inner edge 9 is clamped between the a suitable point above the lower extremity parallel flanges 10 of the sleeve 11, which. thereof a le rotatably mounted on the 1S rotatably'mounted on the upper portion upper'portion of said flag staff and means of the staff 2 and which .is prevented from to clamp the inner edge of a flag or emblem longitudinal movement thereon bythe transin vertically disposed flanges of said sleeve, verse pin 12,which' is retained between the V the'latter being prevented from longitudinal walls of the groove 13 at the upper end of i m me t said staff. The flanges 10 are co-extensive i For the purpose of illustrating my'invenwith the height of the vflag or emblem 8; tion I' have shown in the accompanying and the edge 9 thereof is clamped firmlybe drawing several forms thereof which are at tween said flanges by" the screws, bolts or present preferred by me, since the same otherfastening devices 14. I have been foundin practice to give satis- In the construction seen in Fig 6..the factory and reliable results, although it is sleeve 11 is prevented from longitudinal dis to be understood that the various instru placement by thecollar 15 which maybe inentalities of which my invention consists fast to the staff 2 ,01- supported thereon by and that my invention is not limited to'the The sleeve ll as shown in Figs. 1 and 2' I precise arrangement and organization of the terminates at its upper end in the'cap. or i' instrumentalities as herein shown 'a'nd ide closure 17, which maybe 'of any desired scribed. i shape or configuratiomand whichsmay be" 6 Figure 1, represents a front elevation of fornied integrally with said sleeve, and 10d arotatable flag support, embodying m'y' inserves not, only as an" ornamental finish'to the ;.vention. t Y top of said sleeve,'but also'asa closure for :1

Figure 2, represents a vertical'section-on said sleeveprcventing .the egressof rain or-j line 22 of Figure 1 moisturethereinto. In the construction seen}; 3

do Figure 3, represents a transverse section in Fig;-6'the top of thest-alf 2 maybe-pro- 1oz;

5 of the flag staff.

on line 33 of Figure 1. V I vided. witha co 11ar'18l'of the contour shown, 'f:

' Figure 4, represents a side elevation of whichin conjunction to the lower collar 15K the upper portion of the flag staff. f servesto retainthe sleeve 11 seen in FigVG Figure 5, represents a bottom plan view," and to prevent longitudinal movement 7' thereof on the flag staff. l

no i i I will tend to stand at all times unfurled or I claim'as new and desire to secure by Leta unit upon the staff 2 and since the inner edge 9 of the flag or emblem 8 is secured for its entire height within the flanges 10,the'flag in a substantially vertical plane and in whichever direction the wind may be blowing the flag 8 and the sleeve 11 can be freely rotated on the shaft 2. The grooved bottom end 6 of the flag staff enables the lower ter minal 3'tl1ereof when turned in the manner of an auger, to boreits way into the sleeve 4 in case the same-is filled with dirt or the like. In the construction seen in Figs, 1 and 2 it will be apparent'that since the transverse pin 12 isconfined between the walls ofthe slot 13, that the flag 8,.sleeve 11 and its adjuncts will be at all times prevented from longitudinal movement with respect to the flag staff and are enabled to rotate evident.

to said flag staff.

freely at all times according to whatever direction the wind may be blowing. The collar 7 serves to maintain the lag staff in a substantially vertical or upright position within its sleeve or seat t at all times as is Having thus ters Patent, is p In a device of the character stated, a flag staff, an elongated sleeve extending longitudinally of, and surrounding the upper end of said flag-staff and freely rotatable thereon and provided with parallel vertical flanges, a flag having itsfinner edge clamped between said vertical flanges, and means comprising a pmin said sleeve engag ng a groove in said flag Sta-H, for'p'reventinglongitudinal shifting of said sleeve and fiagiwi'th respect ROBERT T. WAILTONLY I described my invention What i

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U.S. Classification116/173
International ClassificationE04H12/00, E04H12/32
Cooperative ClassificationE04H12/32
European ClassificationE04H12/32