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Publication numberUS1631753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 7, 1927
Filing dateMay 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1631753 A, US 1631753A, US-A-1631753, US1631753 A, US1631753A
InventorsBenjamin Midulla
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Electric heatek
US 1631753 A
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' 1,6 1,753 June 7, 1927. B. MIDULLA 3 ELECTRIC HEATER Original Filed May 21, 1925 4 I' b l I G 4a,

Y ,V5 5` 3 C 3a 1,

71 3l fs 7a 7 li'f) l #L i 772 l 7c 1GL 2a] Il ly 7X 2 IU, 2

Z a 7 l 3 I b 9b I i /266 Patented June 7, 1927.



Continuation of application Serial No. 31,936, filed May 21, 1925.

This application tiled August 17,

1926. Serial No. 129,783.

This invention relates `to instantaneous electric water heaters and the principal 0bject thereof is to provide a novel, efficient, and simple heater embodying certain novel features hereinafter seti1 fort This application is 1 continuation of my application tiled May 2 1, 1925;, Serial No. 31,936. j l

I will explain the inventionwith reference to the accompanying' dra\ving wliich illustrates one practical embodiment thereof to enable others to adopt 'andusethe same, and will summarize in the claims' 4thejnovel features of constructi-on.v and the novel combinations of parts for which prot'ection'is desired.' 1'

Inthe drawings Figure l is a.n.el ev atio n oftheheater tached to a spigot. .55. .g f I- Figure 2 'is an AenlargedAVertical'section through the heater, showing the arrangement of the coils.

Figure 3 is a'se'ctionfontheline igure 2.

Figure 4 is adiag'rammatic viewl sho ving the methd 0f Wrapping. coilswithiipfsulfiting materiahjand Witlrthe insulated heat-ing element.' 'j 1 1.-. f1; 'Figure' is asect'i'on o 'nl the lii 1e` 5`- f 5 As sli'oiifn -in'- the' drayving'sf: thfflieatler preferably comprises .i a 'Casin of "suitable material 'and L 'iirelfrably ''cylindral shape, made two2 sections :1 ai1d 2,"' lia'i'i ri'g bafds 1, 25 diflceiheir efngi's thefsection 1 making 5' slding'fitgfa within .the section 2 I The casing'ma'y "hon"- e'ver lbe o f' any 'other desiredfns'hapq and the sections 1 and '2.tted togetlienin,'any'gother desiredjmanner. The upper section 1A is op'eriyatits' lorver end vWhile the lupper end 'thereof is contracted'as at 1", andfanext'eirnally threaded inlet plug'S having an annular shonlzder" and'ce-ntral bore 3"' extends 'throughfa perforat-ion' in the center ofthe: contracted upper Aend 1b of' 'section 1 the shoulder 3"'engaging the inner vsido of said' section.

Upon the 'threaded portion of plug- 3 is a cu p-sha'ped member 4; screwed down upon said plug until' the sanie'engagesthe outer side of portion 1b. In cup-shaped member 4 is au annular rubber'rvz'ishert, the bore 4*' of which is preferably conical or contracted atit'slouer'e'nd, and adaptedi'tore- .let plug 6," having .end of theouter tothe bore bofinlet plug, and the bottom the bore the spigotl "o'ri ceire the end of a Water spigot or pipe S inserted into said bore as shown in Fig; l.

A cha1n5 is provided attached to member l for conveniently suspending the heater adacent the water spigot Si,v or the like, as shown in Fig."1.

' The upper end of section 2`is open, said Section being closed at its bottom by a plate 2*,Which plate 2b is provided with aentral perforation through which extends an out-- a bore and an annular shoulder 6 adapted to'seat upon the inner face of bottom plate 2*?.` The plug 6 below preferably externally .threaded fora' locknut 6l which holds plug `6'iniplace.

Vtithin' the 'casings are Ithree coaxial coils 7',"7",' 7", containedlonewithin the other, Aiyhiol`1 'coi ls a're'preferablyof copper tubing, or the' like. As's'li o1 vn, in Fig. 2, lthe-upper coil- 7 'i s connected directly he o'ter' ',coil 7*"1s connected to the .bottom of theinner coil the upper `end ot the' .initier coil?? being emlected, tothe lipper end of themiddle 'coill 7*. Thelower end'ot middle coill'?" is-connecteddirectly to of plug. 6. 'Hencethe'water from pipe passes 7down' through the then up throuo'h the inner coil andre, forA their...itienengths as :diag'rfin'matically shoivn -'n Figs. 4I'and' 5,

'and th'en' an electricalheatirig. o r 'resistance element 8, Whi c h h as itself previously }wra pp'e`d" with asbestos wire or ribbon.8"

(see' 4)' is t'henl wrapped around the asbestos covering ofthe middle coil"7 h only; 'the -'conductor wires'jfor the 'heating element' throu'gh'the casing 1 jacent its'upp'er end in' any desired manner,

such as shown in Fig. 2. By thel above construction and arrangementpf the resi'stance element 8,'heat. is absorbed -bythe water or other liquid running through coils the water in coils 7 and .7d absorbingr the heat of radiation f romtheexternal surface of the coil 7'?, and 'the water in coil 'b being heated directly. by the heating element. 8. The temperature of the water issuing `from the outlet plug 6 of the heater destem 1.9"-,

ponds of course, upon the rate of flow of the water in' the'c'oils'a, 72, and??? The coils 7,"7); 7; may be either integral or separable and connected by pipe joints, unions or the lilie, v:ind if desired, :the .three coils may be made in the form of flat coils disposed in three different planes,fitli'e coil in the middle layer carrying the heating element.'

The heater above described is capable of manyuses where hot water at dillerent temperature is desired, and Wi'llzraiseuthetemperature of the water, 'oriother liquid .-in .the eoils,iip to the boiling point in very quick" time.

The heater illustrated in the'drawingsis .used inV connection lwith ,af percolator for c otee, and the like'. A cup lha-ving an Aopen 'top and Closed bottom'9j, .is provided with a central vstein 9" Which-lis `preferably solidl la extendssligh'tly; ,above Qand below the cup '9. 'Preferably 'the l'upper'A -end .of Vstem 9,b is threaded. Afor engagementl with internal'threads. in the hereof plugt'i Whereby the cup Qis .securely gfastened"to the .undersi'de of section 2. A'gasket `9 interposed between the upper edge.qfzcllp fandtheibottoni of section -Zfmvzilies'ft 4e'vonn'ec'tion sulicie'ntly'w'ater tig'ht.' .'llyldisposed holes t3" in :theplug't ab'vsleutlie'top o'fistem .9b

.permit-the. ricain-gf Hquidsuiiaamm the chtuigiik meng-page; lef v @The eup..9'f,.,1s readilyfldetaqhable Tfrom the icasing `and, may lie' refilled "izv'ith u onel use fto may-Shep @niet and. 1

which. the heater fthereforegdoifnotflimit .my invention '.to :the exact-form sliownvzin thejd'rayving rfor goblviouslyt Ich anges ,f in the, details. of construcion ,may be ,made \vi thiii tli' e '.s,cope ofthe A'met@aliasing-liihiflie of .axial :coils .connected ,in .seriesand having .an

an electrical heating .elementi around the 2. In a heater as set forth in claim 1. the midile coil being wrapped lWith-:insulating material, 1and 'the heating'element being it- -sel-f wrapped with insulating material and Ithen wrapped around `the 'instituting matcrial on said middle coil.

13. A" -water heater comprising a plurality of coaxial coils of different diameters arranged Aone wit-hin the other, land connected in series and having an inlet and outlet; the coils being so connected vthat the liquid must| pass .through .the outermost coil first, .then through the innermost coil, and then through the middle coil last; =and an electrical '.heating element wrapped around .the middle coil. Y

.In aheater asset orth in claim '3, .the middle coil being'vvrapped With insulating material, and-.the heating .element being itsel wrapped withfinsulatling material and '.then A-Wxzapped around the -insula ting material on said middle coil. 4 A gwater lieater .comprising Aa plurality of .coaxial coils connectedjin series and hav- .nganinlet and-.0.tlet5 .meansfor connecting the 'inlet to 'av liquid supply; the coils being so connected that the liquid must; `pass throughll the outermostlfcoil 'lirst, then through the' 'inner-mest' coil, .and thrmigh the portion ofthenmid e coil.'l

\ water heaterhcoinprisinge plurality of 'Xiiil',coilsifofilferent `.diameters and antan ed oneviithinthiiother, andconnected insertos, and"having an inlet and'Qut-let; means for rcio:infectingthe inlet to Qa'jlliquid supply; 'the ciIsbemg so "connected that.4

.thelqud must.: assthreugh the Quf'mit `v,edil 'lirst'ltheiitiiongh?.the .innermost Ecoil, and tl'iro'ughffthe. middle .c o'il; the v.coils p-wmppge wigitgnsulating'niateriai, ana lettaffnfg. @leleent lltsl #replied insulating teil .and oiled. .around :theiinsulated portion o'ifthegfmiddle coil. f

j.. .'water ihegterrcompr-.i'singa casinghav ,inlet .andfoiitlea .plurality .ofco- 'aii'al vcoils within the casing connected .in `series, means for :connecting the outermost coil tdtherinlet iandthe .middle .co il.,to --the outletof `the .cas'ing; means .for connecting `the .inlet tof .the .casing .toga liquid supply.;

the coils .being vsocoiuieetedi;that,.theliquid must lpass Ythrought ,theoutermost coil first, thenj.tli1jongh the.l innermost moil,v and througligthe .middle coillast; ,the 4coils being wrapped withasbestos.wirezmdan electrical lieatingliel'exlnent wrapped in asbestos wire,

.and wrapped aroundthe insulatedportion. of .the middle. coil.

8. .A water theater 'comprisinga casing having an :inletand Voutlet; a :plurality of ,les

,coaxial coi1s within .thecasmg of ditlcrent da() dia-meters, and larranged one Within the last; the coils being Wrapped with asbestos 10 other, and connected in Series, moans for con- Wire, :1nd an electrical heating element meeting the outermost Coil lo the inlet :ind Wrapped in asbestos wire, and wrapped the middle Coil to the outletv of the Casing; around tho insulated portion of the middle means for connecting tho inlet ol the Casing Coil.

to a liquid supply; the coils boing' so Con- In testimony that. claim the foregoing as l5 nested that the liquid mustl pass through my own I ahx my signature.

the outermost' coil first, then through the innerrnost coil', and through the middle coil BENJAMIN MIDULLA.

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