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Publication numberUS1632383 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1927
Filing dateApr 9, 1926
Priority dateApr 9, 1926
Publication numberUS 1632383 A, US 1632383A, US-A-1632383, US1632383 A, US1632383A
InventorsMcbride Christopher G, Samuel Seiden
Original AssigneeMcbride Christopher G, Samuel Seiden
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Leveling device
US 1632383 A
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June 14,1927. 1 1,632,383



Patented June 14, 1927.


tenses ra'rsnr orrics.


Application filed April 9, 1926.

This invention relates to leveling devices and in particular to a device adapted to level up billiard or game tables, and to anchor the same securely to the floor. 5 A particular object of the invention is to provide a convenient means whereby the legs of a table, particularly a billiard table, may be adjusted to level the table as is necessary in the playing of games.

A further object of the invention is to provide a simplified table raising mechanism which can be operated to adjust the height of all of the corners of the table comprehend the underlying features out our invention that they may embody the same in the various modifications in structure and relation contemplated, drawings depicting a preferred form have been annexed as a part of this disclosure and in such drawings similar reference charactersdenote corresponding parts throughout all of the Views, of which,

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of a billiard table or'other like game table, having incorporated in the legs thereoi our improved leveling device and Figure? is an enlarged sectional detailed view taken on the line 2- 2 of Figure 1 showing the construction and operation of our improved leveling device.

referring to the drawings in detail 5 indicatesthe body or bed of a billiard-or other game table oi heavy construction having the supporting leg members 6. llt has always been a problem to accurately adjust a billiard table so that the surface thereof. is perfectly level and in order to do this various means have been resorted to, such for instance. as putting small blocks under the legs of the table and other such devices that will bring the table at the corners thereoi to the required height to make the bed of the table perfecly level, so that balls or other game. pieces thereon will have freeand unrestricted movements thereacrosss, and to Serial No. 100,965.

this end we provide in each of the legs 6 of the table a centrally disposed inwardly extending bore 7, the upper end of which terminates in a bore 8 of substantially smaller diameter in which is adapted to be held the internally threaded sleeve member 9, which is provided at its lower end with a flange 10, through which are adapted to pass. the wood screws 11 whereby the flange 10 will be bound against the inner end ot the bore 7 and the sleeve 9 will be held sei ely in place within the bore 8. This L e *e inen'iber 9 has operating through the -rnally threaded bore 12' thereof, the

threaded end 13 ot' a ack screw 14: the lower end oi. which passes through a beveled gear 15 and is secured thereto, through the medi um oi the set screw 16 carried by said bevel gear 15. The jack screw 1% is journaled at its lower end in a suitable base 17 which is preferably formed integral with a base plate 18 and is of substantially the same diameter as the internal bore 7 in the table legs whereby the lower end of the table will have sliding movement loi'igitudinally of said base 17 and will he guided thereby in its vertical movement. The base plate 18 may be square or round, depending upon the shape of the table legs (5 and said base plate is of substantially the same diameter as the lower edge of the table legs and forms therefore a support upon which the table leg rest-s when the same is in its lowered position. The base plate 18 may be suitably secured to the flooring 19 by the screws 20.

The base 17 is provided at one side with an upstanding bracket 21 which forms a hearing at its upper end as at 22 for the pin ion carrying shaft 23, which is journaled therein and which carries at its inner end the pinion 24 WlllCll meshes with the beveled gear 15. The outerend ot the pinion carryingshatt is squared as at 25 so that it may be engaged by a suitable socket wrench for manipulation, the end of the shaft being disposed in a suitable opening 26 formed in the legs of the table adjacent the bracket and arranged so that a socket wrench orv brace can be applied to the shaft 23 to cause operation of the beveled gear 15 through the pinion 2a to cause operation of the jack screw in the sleeve 8 to raise or lower the table as desired.

It will be evident therefore that we have provided an improved table anchoring and (ill leveling device which can be manipulated to give a fine adjustment in the height of one corner ofthe table and which as shown by the dotted line 27, in Figure 1, can be arranged to bring the table down or up to a perfectly level position.

It is also evident that we have'provided for heavy tables, such as billiard tables, a

suitable adjusting device which can be of-the appended claims.

Having thus described our invention what we claim as new and desire to secure by United States Letters Patent is:

1. The combination with the leg of a table having a bore in the lower end thereof and an opening adjacent said bore, of an elongated sleeve in the bore fixed to said leg, a screw operable in said sleeve, means disposed in said openii'ig for operating said screw to cause vertical movement of the table, a base for keeping the screw in vertical alignment, the base having an upwardly disposed extension which fits snugly within the bore and serves as a guide for the leg during its movement and an extended foot portion on said base adapted to be secured to the floor to form an anchor for the table and a bracket associated with the base and arranged to support the screw operating table having a bore in the lower end thereof and a. reduced bore extending further into the leg ofthe table, of a flanged, elongated, internally threaded sleeve seated in said BX"; tended bore, a screw operable in said sleeve, a base in which the lower end of the screw is journalled, said base having a foot portion upon which the lower end of the table leg may rest and having an upwardly projecting portion adapted to fit into the lower bore of the leg to guide the vertical movement of said leg, a bracket on said projecting portion, a gear combination carried by the bracket and the screw through which the latter can be operated to raise and lower the table, and means for fastening the base loot portion to the floor whereby the same formsan anchor for the legs of the table.

A leveling and anchoring device for the leg of a table comprising a base member having a foot portion adapted to be secured to the floor and to form a rest for the lower connection with the sleeve, a shaft carried by the bracket, the table leg havinga side opening into which the shaft extends, the opening being arranged to accommodate the movement of the table leg, and a gear connection between theishaft whereby the first mentioned shaft is operated through said sleeve to raise and-lower thetable leg.

In testimony whereof we aflix our signatu'res.


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