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Publication numberUS1632442 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1927
Filing dateDec 21, 1925
Priority dateDec 21, 1925
Publication numberUS 1632442 A, US 1632442A, US-A-1632442, US1632442 A, US1632442A
InventorsGrubb Willard T
Original AssigneeGrubb Willard T
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Golf bag
US 1632442 A
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2 4 4, 2 3 6, l B B U R G T. W

June 14, 1927.

GOLF BAG Filed Deo.

Patented June 14, 1927.




Application medmeeember 21, 1925. Serial No. 76,698.

This invention relates to golf bags andhas for its object the provision of `a novel bag for carrying golf clubs, balls and other accessories used in the game.

An importa'nt object of to provide a whereby the iron from contacting with the shafts or handles of the wooden clubs, thereby avoiding damage'to the latter as is bound to occur when clubs of these different types are jumbled together in an ordinary type of bag.

More specifically, the object of the lnvention is to provide a golf bag provided at the center\of its open end with a ball carrying pocket which will act to define spaced com artments within one of which may be carried the irori clubs while the wooden clubs are carried in the other, the pocket serving to keep the vtwo types separated so that the heads of the former cannot chafe, mar or the invention is otherwise damage the shafts or handles of the latter.

A further Objectis to 'rovide a bag of the character mentioned w ich is of oval or elliptical shape in cross section so as to provide ample storage capacity at the opposite sides of the centrally' arranged ball pocket.

Yet another object of the invention is to provide a bag of this nature having a peculiar and novel pocket structure of such form that it will retain its sha e but which will nevertheless be capable o yielding 1n case the handles or shanks of the clubs press thereagainst, the pocket structure further 1ncluding supporting elements secured to and forming part of the frame structure at the open end ofthe bag, these bag forming or supportin elements constltuting a very oliicient rein orcement for the open end of the bag for bracing and stijening it and preventing it from becoming distorted after prolon ed use of the bag or 1n case the bag is care essly handled and thrown down or dropped. l

An additional object is the provision of a bag of this character which will be simple and inexpensive in manufacture, neat and attractive in appearance, convenientv to use, eiiicient and durable in service, and .a general improvement in the art.

With the above and other objects and advantages in view, the inventionv consists 1n the details of construction and arrariement 1y de- 4of parts to be hereinafter more bag provided with meansA clubs will be prevented scribed and claimed, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a golf bag constructed in accordance with my invention,

Figure 2 is a plan v iew` looking at the top or open end, l

Figure 3 is a central longitudinal section taken on the line 3-3'of 'Figure 2 with the carrying strap omitted and the closure flap for the pocket open, and v Figure 4 is a detail perspective view of the rame for the open end of the bag.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, the numeral 10 designates the bag as a whole which may be constructed of any preferred material and which may of course vary in size. This bag includes the 'usual elongated body "which is, however, preferably elliptical in cross section for a reason to be explained. One end is closed and the other open, as is customary, and the usual handle 11 and carrying straps 12 are provided.

In the presentinstance the bag is shown as includin a bottom member 13 and a top frame 14, oth of which are connected by stays or braces 15 which extend longitudinally of the bag and which are riveted or otherwise suitably secured to the top and bottom members. These stays are in the present instance represented as located at the ends of the minor axes of the elliptical top and bottom members and enclosed within pockets 16 formed in or secured u on the material from which the bag itsel is formed.

An important feature is the specific oonstruction of the top frame member 14, which, actually, includes a band or hoo 17 bent into the required shape with its en s preferably overlapped and riveted or otherwise secured as shown at 18. The frame or band is enclosed within a binding 19, preferably of leather, which will act to prevent` contact between the handles or Shanks of the clubs and the metal frame.

Located centrally of the open top of the bag is a pocket structure 20 within which may be carried balls and various accessories such as score cards, tees or the like. The construction of this pocket is an important matter and it is here shown as including a air of spaced parallel angular brackets 21 w ich extend transversely of the hoop .or band .iso

17 at opposite sides of the minor axis thereof, the end portions 22 of these brackets extending preferably toward each other and being riveted or otherwise suitably secured to the band or hoop so as to serve not onlyv as a support for the pocket structure but also as reinforcements or bracing elements which will act to stiffen and rigidify the open end of the bag so as to prevent col-f lapsing 'or' distortion thereof in case of rough handling or as the result of prolonged use. Secured to thek brackets 21, as

for instance by rivets 211 or the like, and

Ydependng therefrom are fiexible sheet inemof the abricwhich extends between the this feature is sheet members constituting the bottom of the pocket. The sheet members 23 or the fabric covering 24, or both, may be secured to the opposite sides of the bag as by stitching indicated at 26 though it is conceivable that some other means might be provided.

With the pocket arranged in this manner it is clear that there are two compartments 27 and 28 defined at opposite sides thereof, within which compartments ma be placed the clubs needed by the user. t is inteded that the iron clubs A be carried in one compartinent and that th'e wooden clubs B be carried in the other.V The pocket 20 is of such size that it will maintain the iron clubs in such position that the heads thereof cannot come in contact with the shafts or handles of the wooden clubs. Obviously of importance inasmuch as there will be no chaiing of and consequent damage to the handles of the wooden clubs. Owing to the elliptical shape of the bag, in cross section, it will be apparent that there will be ample space provided at opposite sides. of the pocket for the accomodation of tiliite a number of clubs.

T e pocket is intended to carry balls and other objects, and lto prevent loss thereof, one flexible sheet member 23 is prolonged or formed with an extension constituting a cover or fla 29, this Hap being equipped with a bucklia or equivalent device 30 with which coacts a strap 31 secured to the op posite side of the pocket.

The device is used in exactly the same manner as4 any other golf bag except that the two different t pes of clubs are intended to be carried in t e separate compartments for reasons above mentioned. The location of the pocket within the open end of the bag is a great convenience inasmuch as it obviates the necessity of providing a pocket on the side of the bag as is the common practice. The device is bound to be of great benet inasmuch as the clubs will be kept in better conduition and saved from being chafed, scratched or other wise damaged, a factor worth considering when the high cost of certain of clubs is taken into a'ccount.

While I have shown and described the preferred embodiment of the invention, it should be understood that I reserve the right to make such changes in the form, construction and arrangement of parts as will not depart from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the subjoined claims.

Having thus described the invention, I claim:

1. A golf bag provided with a ball carrying pocket extending transversely thereof within its open end, the pocket definin spaced compartments for the storage o clubs and terminating a short distance inwardy from the open end.

2. n a golf bag having a closed bottom and an open top, a frame located within the open top, a pair of spaced metallic bracket members secured within said frame, and a pocket carried by said brackets and located within the open end of the bag, the pocket `termina-ting a short distance inwardly of the open end.

3 In a golf bag having a closed bottom and an open top, a frame located within the open top, a pair of spaced metal bracket members secured rigidly and permanently to and locate-d within said frame, and a pocket carried by said brackets and located within the open end of the bag, said pocket including flexible side sheets and a fabric covering therefor.

4. In a golf bag having a closed bottom and an open top, a frame located Within the open top, a pair of spaced bracket members secured within said frame, and a pocket carried by said brackets and located within the open end of the bag, said pocket including flexible side sheets and a fabric covering therefor, said sheets being arranged in spaced parallel relation, and the fabric covering extending across the space between the inner or lower ends of the sheets to define a bottom for the pocket.

5. In a golf bag having a closed bottom and an open top, a frame located within the open top, a pair of spaced bracket members secured within said frame, a pocket carried by said brackets and located within the open end of the bag, said pocket including flexible side sheets and a fabric covering therefor, one sheet being prolonged to define a cover for the pocket, and means for securing the cover in closed position.

6. In a golf bag, a bottom member, a metallic elliptical top frame member, longispaced angular metallic brackets havingl iftheir end portions secured to the top membery at opposite sides of the points of connection of the stays therewith, and a pocket carried by said bracket members and extending across anal a short distance into the 10 open endof the bag, the spaces between the opposite sides ofthe pocket and the adjacent portions of the bag constituting separate stora e compartments Within Which clubs of di erent typesmay be carried, the pocket having a Width sutiicient to prevent Contact of the heads of .clubs Within one compartment with the .shafts or handles of clubs carried Within *the other compartment.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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