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Publication numberUS1632449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1927
Filing dateJul 17, 1924
Priority dateJul 17, 1924
Publication numberUS 1632449 A, US 1632449A, US-A-1632449, US1632449 A, US1632449A
InventorsMckessson Elmer I
Original AssigneeMckessson Elmer I
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US 1632449 A
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v 17632349 June 1927' E. I. McKESSON MASK Filed July 17 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTEI 25W A1":- TEX June 14, 1927. 1,632,449

E. l. M KESSQN MASK Filed July 17, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 lNVENTu U NEY Patented June 14,1921.

ELMEBII. u xnsson, or TOLEDO, 01:10.


Application as July 17,

" This invention relates to adaptable articles, I

semi-stable as to their form, with special readily manipulated or will automatically A duct 1 as a source of nitrous oxid and oxygen, is s ving in Y-fitting 2'having branches 3 therefrom to L-fittin s structure thereof;

conform in adapting to varying facial proportions as gas tight fittings for the administration of anaesthetic, restorative, or treatment gases through oral and nasal orifices of atients.

eferringto the drawings: Fig. 1 is a' fragmentary viewof an embodiment of the invention as a nasal mask;

Fi .2 is' a view looking into'the mask as aapted to a wide nose; v

Fig. 3 is a view similar to Fig. 2 with the, maskreadapted for a narrow nose; parts being broken away to show more clearly the mask openingrestrictin flap;

Fig. 4 is a side elevation of the mas partially pulled open to disclose the bullt up Fig. 5 is a detail view of a wire cloth cup for a mask frame lamination; v

Fig. 6 shows an embodiment of the invention in a face "mask for fitting over both the nose and mouth; Y F Fig. 7 is a section on the line VII-VII, i.6; ig. 8 isda view looking into the mask of N 9 is a partial section on the line IX- X, Fig. 8.

as supply,- say own terminat- 4 having-threaded ends as protruding t rough openings 5 in the mask walls extending to the mask interior and there engaged by a nut 6 to effect gas tight detechable' assembly. I

The mask is shown as built up of laminations, preferably rubber and wire cloth. Uncured rubber sheet .7 is placed over a dome shaped form or mold. Perforate or mesh providing metal sheet of wire cloth 8 cu pad to approximate the form of the mo] is-placed over the sheet 7, and the outer mold element is brought into position thereover for cold pressin these two plies -into assembly with the ru her to an ent hitting with or enterin into the me'shesof the cloth 8. Additiona ply 9 of rubber is then placed over the sheet 8 and cold pressed,

andlikewise a second ply 10 of wire cloth 198. Serial No. 726,476.

over the ply 9 is cold pressed therewith. A final ply 11 of rubber over this outer cloth 10, completes the assembly of the lies of uncured rubber and the metal in buil g up the mask frame.

With the plies assembled in the frame, the perforations are made for the openings 5, and the mask frame subjected to steam press action for curing. A

Studs 12 one for each side'of the mask,

are Y rivete in osition therewith. These may be engaged y loops 13 of harness 14 to extend about the head of the atient for yieldably holding the mask in t e desired position on the atients face. The twin connections 3 to t e mask, render it bi-laterally symmetrical, with no tendency to be twisted away from it's location a surgeon or attendant be holding or shifting the patients he of removal of tonsils.

'The cups 8, 10,- are preferably given a binding 15, say of tape, the so-called friction tape as used in connection with rubber repair work. This gives the wires of'the cloth a holding againet fraying out, resists working of the wire, e ds' into the rubber and out of the mask wal s, and as the plies of the rubber extend slightl beyond the wireeven though ad, say during the course mask or cup opening which is restricted by I flap 17 from the p y -7. This fla 17 is elastic, normally extending-inward y from the mask opening, and in a nasal mask preferably has a marginal extent coextensive with i the nose seating portions, but may be absent at lip engaging portion 18 of the mask, for at this portion the mask may ride up snugly in such fleshy lip portion to effect gas tight sealing.

' The mask isshown as having outlet'o ening 19 to chamber 20 as a metal fitting aving set screw 21 adjustable to vary the action of spring 22 resisting the u'nseating of valve disk 23, therebyv allowing exhalation escape ,by openings 24, 25;

The frame of the mask, notwithstanding it is largely of rubber. is rendered inelastic,

though left pliable, while the flap 17 as ainask curtain is elastic. The

opening restricting p iable properl o thev .inask to be manipulated into widely varying forms in adapting to the man types of faces, and in suchadaptation pr uces a gas tight fitting.

the mask frame permits In carrying out the invention hereof for that type of mask which may cover both the nose and the mouth the cup frame or body may be generally of the type shown for the nasal mask in Fig. 1. In practice, there ma not be as much occasion for this type of ma to be mani ulated for giving it difierent forms or s apes althoug such may be a feature thereof.

Herein, the hollow channel or head 16 with the flap gether coact 1n producin a structure which when held against the ace of the patient will, as to the rib or bead 16, conform generally to the various features of the patient, while the flap 17 inwardly therefrom as distended by the bead 16, readily lies against the skin of the facein a sealing relation. These features, accordingly, give this face mask 26 a range of effective sealing use, even for applying pressure in deliverin gases to the patient with a known relations ip of the ingredients of suchgases, say for anaesthesia, due to the fact that there is no leakage either way about this mask as sealing on the face of the patient.

In practice it may be convenient to have these masks interchangeable, say for infant and adult sizes. To this end, the mask 26 is provided with an extension 27 integral with the body of the mask 26. This extension 27 has molded therein metallic sleeve 28 which may have the tapered rubber thereon providean easy assembly .gas ti ht friction fitting as a slip joint with tu ular extension 29 as a fitting on the duct 1. The flap 17 as extending inwardly from the head 16, is

17 inwardly therefrom, to-

yieldably held in shape and does not curl on itself or have any cur ing action whatsoever. This sealing is directly against the face of the wearer as a flat engagm portion.

What is claimed and it is esired to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A mask embodyin a pliable inelastic frame including plies 0 wire cloth with its warp and woof of overlapping plies angularly ofli'set, said frame having an opemng variable by frame manipulation to retain different adjustments, said frame includin elastic plies of sheet rubber, one of whic extends beyond said frame as an opening restricting flap;

2. A mask-embod ing a pair of wire cloth cups, a ply of rub er therebetween, and a pair of housing plies thereover, one of said plies extending to form a flap at the on opening, the other terminating beyond sai cups to provide a holdin lip directed inwardly from which sai fiap extends in opening restricting position.

3. A mask having a pliable unitary inelastic body providing an openin there being a flexible elastic web integra with said body and continuous from both-the inner and outer walls of the mask body and inwardly extending from the body at said opening for restricting said 0 ening effective extent, said web. being hel by the body against curling and in mask use u on the face of a patient being directed by t e body into fiat adherent position over the patient s face as a marginal seal for the mask.

In witness-whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification128/206.24, 128/207.13
International ClassificationA62B18/00, A62B18/02
Cooperative ClassificationA62B18/025
European ClassificationA62B18/02A