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Publication numberUS1632537 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1927
Filing dateMay 8, 1926
Publication numberUS 1632537 A, US 1632537A, US-A-1632537, US1632537 A, US1632537A
InventorsCharles E. Brigel
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Prick ta
US 1632537 A
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C. E. BRIGEL PRICE TAG AND TAG HOLDER June 14, 1927. 1,632,537

Filed May 8, 1926 sh 2a fli tor-hey.

Patented June 14, 19 27.



rams Malian no aotnna Application filed Kay- 8, 1928. Serial Not 107,807.

My invention relates to improvements in price tag and tag holding apparatus. One of its obiccts .is to provide. an improved price tag-holder adapted to be conveniently adjusted to position or shifted to new pos1- tions and to otherwise retain its positions.

Another object is to provide a tag-holder adapted to be constructed-of uniform di mensions and with a minimum waste of material. Another object is to provide a tag-holder to which the tag is adapted to be applied and from. which the tag 1s adapted to be readily removed so that the rear face of the tag may serve to contain information of apri'vate nature as well as to designate the price of the goods on the face of the tag. My invention also comprises certain details of form and arrangement and combination 'of components, all of which will be fully. set forth in the description of the accompanying drawings, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front elevation of a portion of the shelving of a grocery store showin my improved tags and tag-holders applied for use.

.- Fig. 2 is a plan. of a fiat blank from which my improved. tag-'holder'is formed.

'Fig. 3 is a perspective view of a finished tag'holder formed from a blank Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a sectional detail through a portion of a shelf showin the application of my improved tag and tag-holder to use thereon. I

Fig. 5 is a' perspective view on one of the i price tags detached.

Fig. 6 is a'perspective view of one of the price-tags showing the rear face thereof.

The accompanying drawings illustrate the preferred embodiment of my invention, in which 15 i represents the shelves of a grocery or other store to which the pricetags and price-tag-holders are to be applied, and 16 are the packages, cans or containers forthe oods, the prlce of which is to be made pu lie. The tag-holders are stamped from sheet metal with a r'elativelylarge and relatively heavy section 17 designed to rest' upon the top of the shelf at the front thereof while a narrower section 18 depends therefrom along the front edge. of the shelf'and is provided near its extremities with resilient fingers 19 stamped up fromthe metal of the section 18 and designed to yieldingly hold the price-tag 20 in position upon and against the front face of the section 18. The price tags 20 are preferably constructed gers 19 an fromcard-board having the numeral or rice 22 printed thereon in a color contrastmg with the colorof the front face of the price-tag, as for instance by rinting the number in black upon a white ack-ground or by providingwhite numerals u on a black back-ground. The relation of t e sections 17 and 18 and fin ers 19 are such as to enable the sections 1 and 18 to' retain their place'upon the shelf while the pricetags are sli ped intoplace between the finsection 18, or removed therefrom. Ordinarily the sections 17 rest loosely upon the, top face of the shelf with the sections 18 against the front edge of the shelf. The sections 17 are preferably perforated 'atfl; to enable the tag-holders ,to

nails, or tacks, 25, passing through the perforations 24 and into the shelf as shown in Fig. 4. Ordinarily the tag-holders are not rest loosely upon the shelf, being held in place only by their own weight and the su er-imposed weight of the cans or contamers, 16. My improved tag-holders are uniform in dimensions, without defective members, and nest compactly for shipment.

B taking the metal to form the fingers 19 rom the section 18, there is practically no scrap or wastemetal roduced in forming my improved tag-hol er. The metal at the base "of the fingers 19 is preferably strengthened or reinforced by short downward extensions 28 of the metal below the base of said tongues, thereby enabling the lower edges of the tags to register with the main portion 29 of the lower-edge of the section 18.

The tags 20 are 'adaptedto receive private notes or memoranda, upon theirrear face, as for instance, the wholesale price of the goods, the amount of stock on hand, the date and source of urchase see Fig. 6, all of which are readi y available by removing the tags and examining the records upon their rear face.

' The apparatus herein shown and described is capable of considerable modification within the scope of the claim without departing fromzthe spirit of my invention.

What I claim is:

Atag-holder comprising a substantially horizontal tag-holder section to lie flat upon the upper face of a shelf, a substantially vertical section at right angles to said first fastenedin place by means of tacks 25, but

tegral with said vertical section and adja- 10 cent to and below the bases of said fingers to strengthen the bases of said fingers and permit the price-tags to cover substantially all of the face of said vertical section.

In testimony whereof I have aflixed my 15 signature.


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