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Publication numberUS1632538 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 14, 1927
Filing dateAug 17, 1925
Priority dateAug 17, 1925
Publication numberUS 1632538 A, US 1632538A, US-A-1632538, US1632538 A, US1632538A
InventorsJoah Brogden
Original AssigneeJoah Brogden
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US 1632538 A
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June 14,1927. 1,632,538

J. BROGDEN VISE Filed Aug. 17, 1925 W1 TNESSES .INVENTOR- Joaiz Brogdezz, By

Patented June 14, 1927.

- f UNITiin. s'fT-Ac'iss Joan iinociniin,` or MELROSE PARK, rnnnsYLviinrA.`

` vree.

Application lediAugust 17, 1925. Serial No. 50,677.V

This invention relates to visesof the kind used by mechanics to hold work upon which they-are engaged; andit has more particular reference to that type commonly known as field vises in contra-distinction tothe heavy or bench varieties. The main object is to facilitate manipulation of suoliv vises Vby obviating the `tedious turning of the actuating screws when initially spacing the clamping jaws vto accominodate'articles of diierent widths as is ordinarilyiiecessary with standard designsl of such character lheretofore prevalent.

One way in which the foregoing desideratum-together with other objects and practical advantages-may be conveniently attained, will be manifest from the detailed description hereinafter of the typical embodiment of my invention shown by the drawings, whereof Fig. I is a plan view;

Fig. II is a side elevation of the visewith v.portions broken away to disclose important vdetails of construction; and7 f` *Fig III 'is a. cross section of the structure Ataken as indicated by the arrows III-III in Fig. I.

As depicted, my improved vise comprises a fiat elongated base 51 with an upstanding projection 6 at one end whichserves'as the :i0 fixed clamping jaw, and a smaller upstanding abutment projection 7 at the other end .for arpurpose to be later explained, said projections 6-7 `being preferably formed integral with the base as illustrated. Movh5 able in the interval between the fixed jaw 6 and the abutinent 7 is an opposing clamp jaw 8 having the 'forni of a. block with a tongue v9' that depends into a guideway 10 cut or otherwise formed iii-' 'and extending longitudinally yof--the base 5. The movabley l jaw 8 is theld in the assembly by a keeper plate 11 which is secured tothe tongue 9 by screws 12, and engages a recess 18 extending medially along the bottom of the base 5 beneath the slot 10 aforesaid. The movable jaw block 8 is made hollow as indicated at 14 to receive a head 15 at one end of the vise actuating screw `designated 16, said end terminating in anreduced port-ion 17'v that is freely revolvable in the head and prevented from axial displacement by a capscrewy 18. A pin 19 extending continuously through the side walls20 of the Amovable jaw block y at a point above the `reduced portion of the actuating screw 16, provides` a "fulcrum axiseccentric from its longitudinal axis and about which the actuating screw 16 may be swung for quick engagement and release relative to a cooperating threaded notch 21 centiallyof the abutment 7 previously referred to. v`More particularly from Fig. II,

PATENT oi=i=icE.-k


it will be observed'that the top of the abuttu'ating screw 16 has an enlargement 23 which is pierced to receive `the grasp rod 2 4 with sufficient clearance vfor. free endwise dislodgement lfrom the kthreaded abutment. At its outer end the acslidingin a manner characteristic of ordinary vise construction. u

In operation it will be apparent that by lifting the actuating screw from `engage- 'ment with the cooperating thread :21 in the soA abutment -as shown in dotted lines in Fig. II, the clamping jaw 8 may beshifted quickly, to vroughly adjust the same relative to the fixed jaw 6 in accordance with the width of the article to be clamped. After the movable clamping jaw 8 is thus approximately set at the desired distance from the fixed jaw 6, the actuating screw 16 is replaced within the cooperatingv threaded notch 21 and said screw turned to clainp the article, -the slope 21a of theabutment `7 serving at this time to oppose axial thrust of the actuating screw 16 and hold it against dis-kr placement from said cooperating notch 21. Having thus described my` invention, I claim :u

1. In a vise ofthe character described, the 'l combination of.. a base, a stationary clamp kj aw and a screw threaded abutment integral with said base, an opposing clainp `jaw movable inthe interval between said stationary jaw and abutment, and an actuating screw pivoted in the movable jaw and normally seated held substantially parallel to the' plane'of in-and half-surrounded by--the threaded abutment, whereby said screw isy the base, the axis ot said pivot being oit'set relative to the axis ot' rotation of the actuating screw.

2. ln a vise ot' the character described, the combination of a base, a stationaijY clamp jaw and a fixed abutment integral with said base, an opposingl clamp jaw mo *able in the interval between said stationary jaw and abutnient, and an actuating screw pivotcd in the movable jaw, said abutment having a screw threaded notch normally surrounding-and engaging with-the lower longitudinal halt ot the actuating screw, whereby the screw is retained against dislodgment under axial thrust attending its rotation.

3. ln a vise ot the character described, the combination ot an elongated base having an integral clamp jaw at one end and a threaded abutment projection at the other end. a relatively-movable opposingl clamp jaw, an actuating screw normallvv engaged iii-and ha t'-sinrounded by-the thr :ded abutment whereinv said screw is retained substantiall),7 parallel to the plane ot' the base, and a head wherein one end ot' the actuating` screw is revolvabl)vv retained7 said head being eccentrieallv pivoted to the movable clamp jar. t'or quick engagement and release of the actuatingl Screw relative to the threaded abutment project-ion aforesaid.

el. In a vise ot the character described, the combination ot a base, a Stationaiw1 clamp jaw and a threaded abutment in spaced relation and integral with said base, an opposing clamp jaw movable in the interval between said stationary jaw and abutment, and an actuating screw eecentrically hinged at its inner end to the movable clamp jaw tor quick engagement and release relative to the threaded notch in the abutment aforesaid, said actuating screw being normally seated inand half-surrounded by the threaded notch, whereby it is held in a substantially horizontal position.

In a vise ot the character described, the combination of an elongated base having an integral clamp jaw at one end and a screw threaded notched projection at the other end, ar relatively-movable opposing clamp jaw, and an actuating screw rotatably hinged at its inner end in the movable clamp jaw aforesaid tor quick engagement and release relative to the threaded notch projection, said notch being declined with respect to the actuating screw and normally half-surrounding-and engaging with-said screw whereby the screw retained in substantially parallel relation with the plane o't the base .so as to facilitate engagement and release ot the saine and to better retain it against dislodginent trom the cooperative threaded notch under axial thrust attendiiig operative rotation ot said screw.

A field vise comprising a base having a stationary jaw at one end and a threaded iioteli-alnit1ncnt at the other end. an opposing clamp jaw movable in the interval between said stationary jaw and abut meut. and an actuating screw i'uicrnmed at the inner` end above its sphere oi axial rotation in the clamp jaw and cti-operative with respect to its lower longitudinal halt in the threaded notch-alnitment, whereL)v the opposing thrust ot' the movable jaw is resolved downward and rearward t'or positive maintenance olE the actuating screw against dislodgment trom the threaded notch in the abutment aforesaid.

ln testimony whereo't I have hereunto signed my name,` at Philadelphia. Pa., this fourteenth day ot August, 1925.

Joan enoGDEN.

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