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Publication numberUS1632850 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1927
Filing dateJan 25, 1926
Priority dateJan 25, 1926
Publication numberUS 1632850 A, US 1632850A, US-A-1632850, US1632850 A, US1632850A
InventorsRaymond Lambert L
Original AssigneeBroderick Sonraymond Co
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Christmas-tree reflector and lamp
US 1632850 A
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June 21 1927. 1,632,850

L. L. RAYMOND CHRISTMAS TREE REFLECTOR AND LAMP Filed Jag. 25, 1926 VIIHIIJ F ga HH:u u NIH Patented June 21, 1927.




' Appuaaon meak January as, 192s. Serna No. sacos.

This invention relates to a Christmas tree decoration, and particularly to a. novel combination of reflector and-lamp. It is now the common practice to decorate Christmas trees and similar objects with small electric lamps, which lamps are-often of various colors. It is also now common practice to use reflectors of various ornamental shapes with Such lamps. While such reflectors and lamps have been used, the lamps of the prior art have been of uniform color or have had all parts thereof of uniform degree of light permeability, It is an object of this invention, therefore, to provide a novel combination of reflector and lamp. v

It is a' furtherobject of the invention to provide a reflector having spaced reflecting portions in combination with a lamp having portions of different degrees of light permeability, which portions are, respectively alined with said portions of the reflector.

It is alsoy an object of the invention to lprovide` a reflector of symmetrical shape aving lcircumferentially spaced reflecting zones, together with a lamp having circumferentia-lly spaced portions of different colors or degrees `of light permeability, which portions are, respectively related to 3osaid zones.

It is still another object of the "invention to provide a lamp havlng thereon portions of difl'erent degrees of ight permeability and of various ormations.

36 These and other objects and advantages of the invention will be fully-set'forthin the following description made in connection with the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters refer to the same to parts throughout the different views, 'and in which,

Fig. 1 is a view in front elevation of a reflector and lamp;

Fig.` 2 is a horizontal section taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1, as indicated by the allOWS; i

Fig. 3 vis a view in front elevation of a modified form of reflector and lamp;

. Fig. 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line 4-4 of. Fig. 3, as indicated by the arrows;

Fig. 5 is a view in front elevation of a reflector and lam of further modified form; Fig. 6 is a hor1zontal section taken on the The reflector 10 has its surface formed with lrows parallel to the sides of the star formline 6-6 of Fig. v5, as indicated by the arrows; y v Fig. 7 is a view in front elevation of a portion of one of the reflectors shown on a much enlarged scale; and

Fig. 8 is a horizontal section on theline 8 8 of Fig. 7, as indicated by the arrows.

Referring to the drawings, in Fig. 1 is shown a reflector 10 made of sheet material, preferably metal, the same having a shape, in front elevation, of a five-pointed star. The reflector 10. is curved toward the front, as seen in the drawings, the curvature being' uniform with the central axis extendin normal to the reflector at the center thereo a multiplicity of small substantially semispherical depressions 10, such as in Fi s. 7 v and 8. The surface of the reflector, inc uding the depressions 10, is uite hi hly polished so as to give a highdegree o reflection. While these depressions may be disposed in various ways and arrangements, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, they are shown as being arranged in ing the reflector. The reflector 10 has a central aperture therein anda bushing or washer 11 of insulating material is provided having a central aperture considerably smaller than the aperture in theY reflector, said washer 11 being placed against the rear side of the reflector with its central axis-coaxial with the central axis of vthe reflector. Said washer is secured tothe reflector by a plurality of circumferentially spaced and preferably pointed tangs 10 extending through washer 11 Aand bent over on the outer side thereof in a manner similar to that shown iny Fig. 4. `A lamp 12 is ro-tvided havingabulb portion 12 of g ass, 95 or similar transparent material, and the rear part comprising the threaded sleeve 12b and r the tip contact 12"l insulated from.y said sleeve.. The lamp 12, preferably, is provided with some coatin or color, as indicated by the shading. ny particular color may be used. The lam 12 is provided with 'a portion'12, and while this ortion ma be of various shapes and various y arraned; in the embodimentl of the invention i ustrated, it is shown as a zigzag band extending circumferentially about the bulb 12 sub-.-

stantially at the widest portion thereof. l n

portions 12, and these are arranged with their central axes in alinement with ordirectlyin frontof the central lines of the respective oints of the reflector 10. It ymay be stated t at the portion or band 1.2d is of different color or degree of light permeability than the remainder of the bulb 12 and while various degrees of light permeability may be used, as many different colors, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, the band 12d is shown as being clear.

In operation, the reflector and lamp disclosed will be mounted on a Christmas tree, or other Christmas decoration, in the usual manner, by screwing the sleeve 12b'of the lamp into the customary 'lamp1 socket, the reflector 10 being clamped or eld between the lamp and lamp socket. When the lamp 12 is illuminated, the color in the main portion 'of the bulb will be reflected from the -surface of the reflector l0 so that said reflector will show the color from the bulb in the shaded portion 10". The band 12d, however, will cause the surface of reflector 10 to show a different reflection about the border of the same, as indicated by the unshaded portion in Fig. 1, thus forming two zones of different reflecting-effect on the reflector. If the band 12d is clear, this portion of the reflector `will show with a very high light. If

the band 12d is of a different color, this color will be reflected about the edge of thereflector 10. A very striking and beautiful effect is thus obtained on the surface of the reflector l0. The pointed portions`12 aS stated are circumferentially alined with the points or zones of the reflector so that the border of said reflector is bright, as shown by the unshaded ortionin Fig. 1.

In Figs. 3 an 4, a different form of reflector A15 is shown having a plurality of radially extending oints 15B. The surface of reflector 15 is a so highly polished and provided with a multiplicity of substantially semi-spherical depressions 15, such as shown in Figs. 7 and 8. Reflector 15 is also curved forwardly uniformly about a central axis and is provided with a central aperture 15". A washer or bushing 16 of insulating material engages the rear of reflector 15 and is held lthereon by a plurality of circumferentially v spaced tangs 15 passing therethrough in the same manner as already described for washer 11 in reflector 10. A lamp 17 is provided having the bulb portion 17 which is coated, or otherwise colored having the threaded sleeve 17 insu-lated from the tip contact 17C. The bulb 17'* is provided w1th a portion 171 of a different degree of li ht permeability ,from the remainder of t e bulb and while this portion may be of various sha es and arrangement, in thel embodiment o` the .invention illustrated, it is shown as a circular band. The

portion 17h may or may be clear.

When the reflector 15 and lamp 17 are assembled on a Christmas tree or otherisimilar device, as already described for lamp-.12 and reflector 10, the color on the main portion of bulb 17 will be reflected from the central art of` the reflector, as indicated by the shading 15i in Fig. 3. The band 17", however, will emit light of a different coloring or intensity which will cause a different reflection from the outer ends of the points 15, as indicated by thev unshaded ortions in Fig. 3, thus giving zones of dif` erent reflecting effect. If the band `l7b be clear, `this latter portion will show quite bright and if the band 17lb be of a different color, this color will be reflected from the portion outward of the portion 15d. A beautiful and striking effect is thus produced. v'

In Fig. 5, another form of reflector 20 is shown having its periphery-formed with a plurality of semi-circular lobes 20. The Asurface of the reflector 20 isalso highly polished and provided with a multiplicity of small semi-spherical depressions 2Ob similar to the depressionsvlOa shown in Figs. 7 and 8. While the depressions 20h may be variously arranged, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, they are shown as dis- {posed in a double row about the outer edge of the reflector 20 and also extending inwardly in radial lines in double rows. Re-` flector 20 is also provided with a washer 21 extending across the central aperture in reflector 20 secured thereto in a manner already described for washers l1 and 16. A lamp 22 is provided having the -V usual bulb portion 22a, the rear sleeve portion 22b insulated from the ti contact 22. The bulb 22a will be coate colored and the same isshown as having circumferentially spaced of a different degree of light permeability than the remainder of the bulb. While the portions 22d may be variously arranged, in the embodiment of the invention illustrated, they are shown as extending radially and be either of a different color Vor otherwise portions 22 outwardly toward the pointed end'of the lamp bulb. Portions'22d may be eitherl clear, or of a different color from the remainder of the bulb.

In operation, when the reflector 20 and lamp 22 are assembled and held, as above 1.2

described, and the lamp illuminated, the

color on the main portion of the bulb will.

be reflected from the reflector 20, as indi-- cated the shaded portions in Fig. 5. The portions 22d, however, will cause ortions or zones of a. different reflective e ect onv reflector 20. The portions 22'l will be disposed with their central lines in alinemcnt with the radial line extending between-the lobes 20", at each side of whlch latter lines the rows of depressions 20b are disposed. The

radial rows of depressions 20" will, therefore, be illuminated by the li ht issuing from the portions 22, and if tlgie portions 22d be clear, these radial rows will be highlfy illuminated and a very brightrellecting e fe'ct secured. If the ort1ons 22d be of a different color from t e remainder of the bulb, this color will be reflected along the radial rows, as indicated by the unshaded portions of Fig. -5. A very handsome and striking eiect is thus produced.

The reflector illustrated is substantially the same as that disclosed and claimed in applicants co-pending application, lcd June 25 1925, S. N. 39,488.

iFromi the above description it is seen that a plicant has provided a very simple and cient lamp and reflector therefor and produced a combination having a high degree of utility and ornamentation. The portions of the lam s which emit dierent kinds or colors o light produce different effects or different reflecting zones on the reflector, 'ving al very pleasin beautiful and, ighly ornamental e ect. The lam s used are easily and inex ensively vrn e, as are also the reflectors and vice can be produced at comparatively low cost. With the use of the reflector and lamp a very beautiful and highly ornamental eieot .is obtained. ampl The device has`been demonstrated in actual practice and l oun to be very successful and ellicient.

It will, of course, be understood that vari-v ous changes may be made in the form, de-

ytails, arrangement and proportions of the parts without departing from the scope of applicants invention, which, generally the destated, consists in the novel parts and combinations of parts disclosed and defined in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. The combination with a reflector having spaced reflecting zones and a lamp bulb disposed adjacent said reflector and having portions adapted to emit light of diierent kinds, said ortions being alined with said zones whereltiy di'erent reflecting elects are secured on said reflector.

2. The combination of a yreilector having spaced rellecting zones and a lamp bulb disposed adjacent said relector and having portions of different degrees of light er- -meability, said portions being arrange in alinement, respectively with said zones of said reflector.

3. The combination of a Christmas tree reflector of symmetrical form having circumferentially spaced reflecting zones, -and a lamp bulb disposed centrally of said reflector and having ortions thereon adapted to emit light of diierent kinds,said portions being alined with said zones of the re- {lector whereby said zones have different reflectin eil'ects roduced thereon.

4. T e combination with a reflector 'having a plurality of reflecting zones and a 1am bulb disposed adjacent said reflector having portions adapted to emit light of different kinds, said lamp being so positioned relatively to said reflector that said different kinds of light produce different reilecting effects on said'relecting zones of said. reflector.

In testimony whereof I alix m si ature.


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