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Publication numberUS1632890 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 21, 1927
Filing dateMay 29, 1926
Publication numberUS 1632890 A, US 1632890A, US-A-1632890, US1632890 A, US1632890A
InventorsGennaeo De Pamphilis
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Gennaeo de pamphilis
US 1632890 A
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.June 21,1927.




Application filed May 29,

This invention relates to wrist carried container, and its .primary object'is to pro vide a wrist container to be carried vby printers, during the perform'ancelof their daily work, said container being filled with ordinary printers paste, ready for immediate continuous use.

Heretofore printers have been accustomed to carry a certain quantity of saidppaste, directly poured over the skin of their left hand to be ready for use at any moment, collecting `said paste from said deposit by ineans yof the fingertips of the right hand. This system, besides being unhealthy for the skin, which suffers on account of the contact with the rapidly drying paste, is also impractical on account of some of said paste being lost, from time to time, through careless handling, spoiling and spotting other work, and also on account of absolute aln senr-e of means adapted to permit a certain constant amount of said paste only to be' collected by the finger tips at every operation.

Furthermore, the paste being spread over the skin in quite a fiat and large paste cake, dries very quickly and must be thrown away and renewed very often.

lt is among` the objects of this invention to provide a practical form of container of the paste, which may easily be secured to the wrist of the operator, the paste vbeing protected from contact with the skin, and the air and other objects, during the different working processes, said container being at the same time of such a construction to insure an easy and even distribution of a constant amount of paste tothe finger tips.

This invention, therefore, has for its object to relieve the workmen from the burden of carrying the paste directly collected over the skin of their left hand, and. furthe@ more,rthe purpose of ameliorating the kind of work that is possible, through themedium of said distributing container, by regulating to a constant quantity, the amount of paste that may be collected at eachy ope ation by the finger tips.

Other objects and aims of the invention will more fully appear as the description proceeds and will be set forth and .claimed in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings l have shown merely the preferred embodiment of my invention in a practical device, but I re serve myself the right to modify the details 1926. Serial No. 112,680.

oi said construction, as may fairly enter into the spirit of the invention and the appended claim.

ln the drawings:

Fig. l is a. side elevational view of a wrist band carrying the paste container shown in transverse section, and

lFig. 2 is a plan top view, partly broken. a yay, of the device shown in Fig. 1.

Referring to vthe drawings, the reference character designates the wrist band proper, which may consists of a leather, cloth or other suitable strap, having buckle di,

vice 11 for connecting` together its opposite wrist. 12 designates the lower or base meuiber of the paste container secured to strap 10 by rivets lf2-dll, or any other suitable means. Said container may be stamped from sheet metal or other appropriate inaterial, and may be shaped in any desired form, for instance, in the form of a flat cylindrical box as shown. 15 is the upper or cover member of said container, which is also stamped outfroni sheet metal, and is provided with a central circular opening` 1G The cover has an open beaded edge 17 closely fitting the boisv and forming a small circular internal chamber 18 in which a spring 19 will be secured by its natural expansion, as will more clearly be explained later.

Between said boX proper 12 and said cover 15 is enclosed said circular spring 19, the inside end 2O of which is in any manner secured to the bottom of box 12, for instance, by inserting end 20 of spring 19 in a hole 21 drilled through the head of rivet 14. The other end Q2 of spring 19 is inserted, by compression, in the hollow chamber 1S, which has been formed by internally overlapping the marginal circular end of cover 15, said spring being set thereto. permanently, and kept in place by its natural tendency to expand.

The various parts of the device are mounted together in such a way as to keep cover 15 substantially .in the position shown in Fig, 1, when the box proper 1Q is filled with the paste to be used by the printer, said cover forming a closing marginal fitting sufiicient to keep the paste fairly airtightly protected in the box.

When the printer needs to use some of the pastel-from the container, by applying a. finger tip over hole 16, and exercising a downward pressure on the cover 15, the paste, be-

ends in position encircling the workmans ing compressed in said box, will `besqueezed out of hole 16, against the pressing finger tip, so that a certain limited amount of the paste will always stick to said fingertip for immediate use by the printer.

Once the pressure on cover 15 is released, spring 19 will again expand, pushing cover 15 in the resting position shown, ready for another similar operation through another finger tip pressure.

Itis thus seen that I provide a very simple and efficient Wrist paste container anddistributor. and that saidcoutainer made in such a Way as to provide a convenient receptacle for that kind of semi-liquid substance, and very simple means whereby said .substance ma)Y be easily taken from said box in practically constant. quantities ready for immediate use, by pressure from the same finger that is due to 'conveythe paste on the printers Work. In this Way not only the kind of Work is greatly accelerated, but the Work that can be done through the use of said container, results in cleaner and honrogeneou's effects.

It will also readily be seen by those skilled in the art, that said cover may be easily removed by ordinary means, with the spring, from the box, for a general cleaning of 'the vdevice after prolonged used, or when said box will have to be refilled with fresh paste.

From the foregoing, it is obvious that my invention is not to be restricted to the exact embodiment shown, but is broad enough to cover all structures coming Within the scope of the appended claim.

wWhat I claim is:

A combined container and dispenser 'for paste comprising a cylindrical box struck from a` single sheet metal blank open at the top and having a flat bottoml` a cover having an inturned beaded edge close fitting said box, a helical spring secured at one end to the bottom of the box and having its vopposite end coil fixedly embedded in the cover bead, and a single central vent in said cover to permit passage of the paste.


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